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  1. That's the important thing for me too. This opportunity had to be taken to get fans representation on the Board (we have seen FFC boards manage to wriggle out of fans input on many occasions). As an aside, In an ideal world once everything has settled down, I think it would be nice to have the directors from FSS to be representative of the wider organisation, and consequently the wider fanbase. The sort of people who wouldn't have a spare 10k to put into the patreons. End of the day though if the current guys chosen to represent FSS do a good job of it then why would it need to be changed.
  2. You've got us all wrapped round your little finger mate. Impressive how you keep this going.
  3. I'd imagine his sights are a bit higher than Falkirk now. Maybe at the end of last season he could have been persuaded but reckon that boat has now sailed.
  4. Honeyman or Rankin the no.9? No.6 showed up well too.
  5. Don't think it's going to change either. Only a few weeks ago we had the CEO on Twitter acting like these volunteering positions were to help people rather than accrue free labour.
  6. Right this is the start and that's great but this time we have to make sure that this time the fans are the ones leading the club.
  7. He's been at every development game I've watched too.
  8. Does anyone know anything about Gordon Wright? He's not been vocal at all but that means he is just about the only one, other than the Rawlins, who hasn't shown himself to be a complete arse.
  9. Wouldn't want Brown either. His fan communications are really poor too. Has them run well but I'd have the exact same problems with him as I do with our current mob.
  10. Recruitment, tactics, investment etc etc all shit that I have an opinion on but understand it's an opinion that holds very little weight. The one thing I know where my opinion means something is opposing the continued contempt that this board hold for the fans. Every single time they opens their mouth the priority is to attack us. Colburn and Deans last night, Sheerin's last interview, online Q&A, season ticket statement. All had within them a moment where the fans were derided. I fact if we go right back to when the chairman of this football club was appointed, his opening line was to have a go at the fans. That just shows you where his and therefore the boards loyalties lie. They are not with us.
  11. Worst part of all this is I'm struggling to get angry. Every chance this is start of me falling away.
  12. Stop trying to make Babe Ruth happen, it's not going to happen.
  13. Reilly has been a 1 in 3 striker at this level and the level above without every really being the main man. Would be absolutely fine to come in and challenge Keena.
  14. I reckon you've hit the nail on the head with that. Dowds to me is decent in possession but a huge part of Sheerin's game is the high press and he's not quite agile enough for it.
  15. Nesbitt was running that game today. Lost count the amount of times he turned on the ball, drew 2/3 players to him, skipped away and fed Morrison with a 1v1.
  16. Mad that there can actually be a bit of disappointment there that you didn't win that. Ali McCann looking like another missed opportunity for Scotland.
  17. Until we get a steep, low terrace along the empty side TFS will be shite.
  18. I'd have taken that before the game but after that performance it feels like one we should have won.
  19. If they can get the right player in to wear no.9 then I reckon we just about have enough quality for the starting 11. If Holt gets this wrong it's a failed summer.
  20. Agreed! Although technically last year the kids were in the red away strips and this year it won't be a Falkirk kit at all (just a generic light blue puma top) which is a bit of a shame.
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