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  1. Seems strange to have such a small initial allocation. Hardly the clubs fault that the SFA won't release tickets until the allocation has been sold out though.
  2. When did you hear this? Guessing within the last week?
  3. Really liked the way she answered the question of if she thought she was ready to be a MP. Think it was on STV but cba looking for it. The jist was if I'm not good enough I'll be voted out.
  4. Looking quite a bit forward here but the club has more or less finalised a pre-season tour of Ireland. Not The Netherlands like I was hoping for but it will do nicely.
  5. Yeah, you'd be as well letting us win the cup so we're both in Europe...
  6. Edinburgh South the only one in doubt you'd imagine.
  7. What's this protest vote shite I'm hearing.
  8. Just joined the action after work. Anything I need to catch up with? Edit - Danny Alexander
  9. They were certainly supporters of David over Ed but then again so were many in the Labour Party. There's a real lack of understanding about the SNP from many living in rUK and it's something I feel you just can't get unless you live up here. Perhaps it's similar to many here (myself included) who don't see the appeal of UKIP down south...although I'd hate for that to look like a comparison of SNP-UKIP.
  10. All my immediate family voted yes and are voting SNP. I've got number of relatives down south, all Labour voters and despise us voting SNP. They are certainly on the 'right' side of Labour.
  11. I'll be here. Anyone got some good suggestions for election night grub?
  12. Pretty much the AC Milan 2005 Champions League final team. Replace Dida and Gattuso with Kahn and Edgar Davids.
  13. Where would you suggest? Was it not the west stand we were in for the semi?
  14. Would I be right in saying the West stand is the place to be?
  15. Missed the boat but that Ronaldo goal will have a few cheesing.
  16. Both look like fantastic strips. Very similar to the France World Cup kit.
  17. tbf most of our fans, especially in the main stand, are complete morons. Wouldn't surprise me at all if the reaction was justified.
  18. The only thing to take away from today is the fact we have to stay away from Liam Craig. Far away.
  19. Did the Police not stop ticket sales 3 hours(?) before kick-off for the Hearts and Rangers games? I imagine they've done the same here and there's really no point opening the shop to close it at 9.
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