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  1. Always prefer an away day but for progression you can't ask for any better than a lower league side at home.
  2. Just not Rangers, I imagine the feeling is mutual with their fans. Eta - Qots would be pretty pish aswell.
  3. Cheers, not really sure how this method works. By popular does that pretty much mean BPL or guys with pace?
  4. Anyone here do much trading? What do you think of buying up Choupo-Moting from Schalke with the expectation of him getting in totw.
  5. Don't agree actually. We got worse but even before Biabi went off we were struggling. Game changed when we dropped deep after scoring the 3rd.
  6. Was actually quite proud of my team before I came on here. Built a Super League/Turkish team and it's probably as good as possible without IF players. Sneijder and Muslera are just fantastic.
  7. Add Alex Cooper to the list aswell.Edit - should add that's Neale Coopers son.
  8. Didn't expect anything different from today, should have been more than 1 in the first half tbh. Although he was probably our best player I thought Vaulks performance caused us problems, not helped by a hopeless Taiwo. There was just no protection for the back 4, against the 'big 3' Will has to be more disciplined, if I was Houston he would be told not to cross halfway. Getting something out of the Hearts or Hibs game important now. 3 defeats in a row would put the team under massive pressure.
  9. Neighbour's last name is Bowyer-Bower, she asks everyone to call her Bow Bow and doesn't respond until you say it. Folk stopped speaking to her a long time ago.
  10. Today was a complete opposite performance from two weeks ago, thank god! We pressed high, strung a number of passes together and scored some pretty fantastic goals. Every player had a good game and all the positives have been said, but I have one harsh criticism. Shaughnessy and Grant seem to struggle with distribution, not that it led to poor performances. Both players need a man under no pressure before they'll pass otherwise it's played down the channel or to Loy. Not a bad game for the 250 fans with a free ticket.
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