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  1. 2, but you still have to score them. Baird did say in an interview (possibly FTV) the way Fowler wanted him to play wasn't his best position/game. I think every Falkirk fan has been impressed with Baird and he links perfectly with Loy. Looking forward to tomorrow's game after finally getting the night off. I'd be tempted to go for a 5 man midfield as Morgan looks gash but this blocks the path for the fullbacks going forward.
  2. Same question for the away end? Waiting to hear if I can get Friday night off work.
  3. You could really be doing with a third striker right now. Someone like Baird?
  4. I'd go with this as well. I really do expect Morgan to start though.
  5. We could and probably should have won that game. Thought we were decent in the first half and there was some excellent first touch passing in the final third. Loy's header looked a peach from where I was. Second was probably the worst half of football I've see for long time. A couple half chances and long ball galore.
  6. I'm more concerned that many think of him as an arsehole.
  7. In all honesty a point away in Kirkcaldy is not bad at all. The Queens result plus losing a last second goal hurts a lot though.
  8. Really had hoped this would miss tv but I should still make the start of the game. Just.
  9. Anyone else finding loads of decent players selling under their quick sell value? Just built this team/bench (bar Kroos who came in a free pack) with around 12,000 coins. Eta - for PS3
  10. Dreaming of another Alston moment. Hopefully the game misses tv and you're looking at 1000+ away fans.
  11. Through and that's what matters but my god that was pish. Can't really give any players pass marks but at least Smith did something positive. Alston needs to be dropped. Ref had a shocker.
  12. Been one of our best players during the good run. I see him much like a young Fraser Wright.
  13. Thought we were the better team but Dumbarton took there chances very well. It's a cliché, but we've played worse and won, I view this much like the Raith game at the start of the month. A blip.
  14. This. With supposedly no need to sell, let's do the unthinkable, and not sell anyone.
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