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  1. I doubt I'd even be that arsed these days about FFC if it wasn't for the 'Yogi Years'. Time for the club to do something for the fans and being him home.
  2. You quite often see footballers being labelled as a role model for kids but when you get someone like Will Vaulks he's just a role model for everyone.
  3. That's a couple Aberdeen fans I've spoken to who rate him as an u20s coach. I can't quite remember his last season at Arbroath, was there not talk that he was already leaving to join Aberdeen before the end of his final season? I suppose it's one of these appointments which is a bit of an unknown, he's not a rookie and has had success in management but it is also a bit of 'black mark' getting Arbroath relegated.
  4. His Da told him off for leaking his meeting with Deans and he's banned from using the internet.
  5. I'm sure when the Rawlins do come over they will be really pleased to see their chairman spouting off in some random meeting.
  6. That's Yogi continuing to prove those idiot Falkirk fans wrong again.
  7. All I ask is we have a team that scores goals and celebrates with me.
  8. As a fan base we need to get one collective message across. I suggest we forget about Deans, Holt, managers and players. This summer all the focus is on Martin Ritchie and Sandy Alexander holding no more influence on the club. Get that across loud and clear and we can finally start again.
  9. I actually hope we do scrape into the playoffs. That gives one final home game for a protest. We've got to make a big enough fuss that the Rawlins see what's going on.
  10. I got the impression the share issue was more an attempt to shut up some current shareholders who were vocally opposed to the MSG and board. Hope it hasn't had that impact...
  11. Around 18 years ago I started showing an interest in going to matches, my Dad gave me two options. We can see St Johnstone who were more local or we can go see Falkirk who were my Papas team. You boys really make me doubt my decision every single day.
  12. I know quite a few St Johnstone fans and incredibly all of them dislike their board.
  13. Completely agree. Looks to me like another cross our fingers and hope project from the board.
  14. Seems to be a lot of confusion as to what a DOFs job actually entails. My take on it is Holt should be setting up a system, or couple of systems, which will be used throughout the club irrespective of the head coach. Sounds like he's already started that to a degree talking about playing with a 6, 8 and 10. Next job is to identify which players currently at the club have the ability to fit into those systems and get them signed up. Now scouting begins on the remaining positions. At our level I'd imagine their would be a shortlist of somewhere between 5-10 players for each position. All this should be done with likely minimal involvement from a head coach. This shortlist will be presented to the coaching team and together they will set an order of preference in line with the budget, before Holt it will have Lex Miller involved with this so no wonder our signings have been a shambles. Therefore whoever comes in as our head coach will likely be someone who is regarded highly as a 'coach' rather than a 'manager' and also has the experience of coaching the same system Holt wants to implement.
  15. Makes sense I guess. Whole point of a DOF is to have a set system throughout the club which doesn't change when you lose a head coach.
  16. I've cracked it. O'Donnell and Cregg from St Patrick's. Already got some experience in management and look like they are on an upwards trajectory. 2 players who know what's expected of Falkirk sitting in the top league which is where we want back to. Paddy Cregg was for a long time in my top 3 favourite players. I'll let Holt know that's who we want.
  17. I'd be telling the Rawlins to start getting on those contacts at Stoke and see if Dean Holden is in the mood for a project.
  18. If Neilson isn't fully fit that's probably the team I would play.
  19. I mean that's what you need to coach the 'fun fours' part of the foundation. This guy was doing much more than that.
  20. Stay the Friday night and come home on the Wednesday.
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