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  1. 17 minutes ago, Forever_Blue_ said:

    Anyone heard anything about Sibbs being on the move? Heard a ridiculous rumour he wants to come back to us.. Assuming it's complete boll*cks right enough.

    Queens Park and their huge signing on bonuses might have scuppered it. 

  2. 1 hour ago, HopeStreetWalker said:

    The Board either leaked the story or posters on the forum are bullshitting. Either way it has damaged the clubs search for a manager

    Utterly stupid as all it did was tip the wink to RR to get their finger out to keep McGynn.

    Sadly all to typical of the goings on at the club and not a good look for the new board.

    What should have been done. Falkirk contact RR asking can we talk to McGynn. RR most likely say ok but wait till the end of the season and keep it confidential. That's showing respect to RR and McGynn and integrity by Falkirk. 

    RR fans have every right to be angry can you imagine if the boot was on the other foot that another club had been doing that to Falkirk.

    I can't tell if you've got us all on strings or just some thick c**t. 

  3. 17 minutes ago, Burnsythebinman said:

    A friends lad who was in the new FFC pro-youth setup was invited to a meeting last week where the CEO jamie swinney told them they were folding their pro-youth as they had no money in the budget to continue with it. is this just some age groups or is it the whole pro-youth setup? He's gutted after sepending 5 months training where they were led to beleive that they would be getting a place in the scottish eleite youth setup.

    From what I understand there is only 1 pro-youth team, which is effectively the best players from Gairdoch and Syngenta + a couple others. 

    Interesting you said they were told next year they were joining an elite academy setup. I didn't think the players were ever deemed strong enough to be at that level. Sounds like promises were made that would never be fulfilled. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Zbairn said:

    ......and I know this one is going to get pelters, but I would play Ompreon as a wing back or wide player on the right....not as a centre forward. He had the full back on toast earlier in the season(Dumbarton or Airdire ? when Morrison was absent) and slung in some good crosses on one of his rare starts, until they kicked him off the park before half time.  Might be worth another chance in this position from the start on Saturday just to check if it was a one off  ?

    Heard he was unavailable Saturday. Something to do with Nicki Minaj's farter. 

  5. 53 minutes ago, latapythelegend said:

    ATS instead of McCann? 

    ATS looks terrified of the ball and has no pace about him whatsoever. McCann is ideal for that role if we can get the ball out to him quickly so he has the opportunity to run into space. At Alloa last week, ATS was that so slow to take a touch and find McCann out wide that by the time the ball got here, he was already on the back foot and being closed down. 

    McCann is the better player absolutely no doubt about that and if we were a team always playing on the front foot I'd prefer him in there. My thinking is right now we are really struggling if a team has any sort of competent press and we need to have more reliable outballs. 

  6. I'd be tempted to go with Williamson and ATS high as the wingbacks and use them as the out ball for the back 3, got to make sure you had a midfielder and striker close to pick up the second ball. You'd like to think that the majority of the time they would win an aerial duel with a full back/winger. 


  7. Rennie has had 2 main objectives left this season. 

    1. Reach the playoffs

    2. Win the playoffs

    I believe he has done enough to set us on course for the first of these. If we were to continue beating the teams under us, hold QP, and lose to the top 3 we would make 4th.

    The issue I have though is there is nothing here to show we can win a playoff if we continually lose to the other teams occupying the positions. There's a week or so left to get loan players in, it would be some terrible management not to pull something off. 


  8. 26 minutes ago, Back Post Misses said:

    There can’t be a poll on everything. It doesn’t work like that. The Fans reps are elected to make their judgement and the can consult or not as they see fit. Of course if they don’t consult they would likely not get re-elected. I hope this is the last of these polls personally. 

    I think it is pretty obvious that there won't be a poll on everything, FSS said as much in there initial email regarding the poll.

    Personally, I think FSS have handled this impeccably and if this is how the organisation continues to operate then there is the potential for a very powerful fans organisation.

  9. 1 hour ago, fuzzydunlop said:

    Last time I'll mention it, but I was best mates at School with Martin.  We lost touch when we left School and I haven't spoken to him since but still pretty mental for me he's now managing the club.   Probably been mentioned elsewhere that he was a big Falkirk fan(think he was Ballboy at one point)....  In fact I dont imagine many previous managers have been on the Elliots supporters bus which he sometimes went on with a few of us in the early 90s.  The one game that sticks out is 1991 v Partick Thistle away(1-1 I think it finished?).  Loads of trouble after the game and the bus windows got put in -Martin was with me on the bus that day definitely.   

    Not an exciting story I know but still pretty mad to think he's now at the helm!

    Good luck to him..he's going to need it!

    Love it!

    That's me right behind Rennieball now. 

  10. 1 hour ago, Back Post Misses said:

    At least give things 5 minutes to settle. I am sure the structure will settle down in time. 

    That's the important thing for me too. This opportunity had to be taken to get fans representation on the Board (we have seen FFC boards manage to wriggle out of fans input on many occasions). 


    As an aside, In an ideal world once everything has settled down, I think it would be nice to have the directors from FSS to be representative of the wider organisation, and consequently the wider fanbase. The sort of people who wouldn't have a spare 10k to put into the patreons. End of the day though if the current guys chosen to represent FSS do a good job of it then why would it need to be changed. 

  11. 26 minutes ago, HopeStreetWalker said:

    Another manager and his background staff binned and the resulting clear out of players. Not only the financial implications of all the hiring and firing but the damage it does to the credibility of the club as a reliable and trustworthy employer. The more often the merry go round the less chance the club has in attracting the caliber of applicant required to stop further decline. 

    You've got us all wrapped round your little finger mate. Impressive how you keep this going. 

  12. 21 minutes ago, NUMBER 7 said:

    In Dublin with lads from our depot over here, talking about predicament of Falkirk, one of the lads, an ex FIFA referee and now observer / assessor in League of Ireland mentioned Stephen O’Donnell who has just won the Irish Cup for St Pats, apparently very highly rated over here. Thoughts ?

    I'd imagine his sights are a bit higher than Falkirk now. Maybe at the end of last season he could have been persuaded but reckon that boat has now sailed. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Bainsfordbairn said:

    Lemon, Krasniqi, Weekes & Ompreon all started. The rest were U18 players. Two goals from Ompreon, two from Luke Rankin and one each from Ben Weekes and Scott Honeyman. I presume the club will put up a report at some point. 

    Honeyman or Rankin the no.9? 

    No.6 showed up well too. 

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