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  1. 1 hour ago, Newbornbairn said:

    Are you seriously going to try to defend this shite?

    I'd defend it. It's one of the most consistent ways to encourage a deep lying defence (y'know the sort we are constantly faced with in this league) to press you and create space in behind. Of all the things going on with the team this would probably be the last thing I criticise.

  2. 43 minutes ago, LatapyBairn. said:

    I’m presuming the AGM won’t be announced until the club has a clear picture of the numbers they’ve been able to raise via these recent fund raising/ investment initiatives that have been pushed, that and/or finalising agreements with shareholders for any soft loans that have been needed. There’s no point in calling us all to a meeting if all that information isn’t finalised and available, shareholders need to be given an accurate up to date position of where the club is and what needs to be done rather than a “we don’t know yet” or we’re “still in discussions with” such and such. 

    Honestly you'd save yourself a lot of time just quoting BPM each time you post.

  3. It's pretty common for folk around Falkirk to know at least a few players in the squad each season. Over the last 10 years or so the team, a transfer, injury has been brought up on a Friday night. Never been an issue because you know that information goes no further.

    Sounds like, assuming the Larbert HS origin is true, there is a potential young player who needs reminded of the pitfalls of high school gossip.

  4. 10 hours ago, NUMBER 7 said:

    I’d try and keep Hogarth as No 1 through this season. I prefer him to PJ Morrison and we’d need to make sure he was 100% and not break down again before the season was out.  New keepers needed from next season in my opinion

    Yeah? I don't think he's a bad keeper but hasn't felt like a considerable upgrade on PJ Morrison, if an upgrade at all. Albeit we have only really got to see Morrison in the league cup games.

  5. 7 hours ago, Duncan Freemason said:

    He brought next to nothing today, and absolutely last week. His weaknesses far outweigh his strengths. Sadly, there’s no stats for checking out of games, missed chances, misplaced passes, and rotten decision making.

    There are stats. Checking out of games? About average. Goal contributions (>66%), defensive duels (>33%) and wins (>35%). Missed chances? Absolutely. Underperforming his xg contributions. Misplaced passes? Nope. Better pass completion rate than 85% of the league. Rotten decision making? About average. Dangerous passes (>44%) and progressive passes (>66%). 


  6. 18 hours ago, Bairnardo said:

    Yes, I was idly watching the Spurs game there having the exact same thought about Williamson.

    Another thing..... How come Carroll and Mackie weren't on the bench yesterday? Carroll specifically, I can't think of seeing g him quoted of late. Is he injured?

    Ankle injury with Carroll I was told a couple weeks ago.

  7. I get that a lot of focus is on what FSS is bringing to fill the current financial 'black hole' - completely understandable too for obvious reasons.

    However, I'm really excited to see what FSS can look like moving forward. I'd imagine an increased membership, with not just the weight of money behind it but a strong voice, really could push for changes that benefit the fanbase. Real potential to be something big.

  8. The result and first half was truly awful but I have to admit that second half was, at the very least, fun. Been a long time since I was as pumped full of energy when we were pushing to get back into the game. Yeats epitomised it and played exactly as I would have if on the pitch, although also with some actual footballing ability too.  

  9. 2 hours ago, PedroMoutinho said:

    A cynic might even say the FSS have been given a task and deadline we all know is impossible to achieve…

    I (and believe a good few others who are within FSS) had a similar thought after the initial email. My worries have been eased that if 'Plan A', the 500% 6 month increase, is not achieved then the effort will be placed in finding a way of holding these shares until FSS catch up.

  10. My biggest concern since the email on Friday was a feeling that it was inevitable that FSS was being sidelined. 

    The podcast and a few emails I've had back and forth with club have eased that, although it's still clear the FSS needs to up the monthly contributions. 

    Assuming the full 'investment gap' is not met by FSS May 23 I really do hope that the main effort is placed on finding some way of 'ringfencing' the shares, as the alternative is devastating.

    FSS will come, but it needs time.


  11. That thing I took from the email is that, under the boards expectations, FSS as a third leg of the stool is at this point effectively over.

    £250k raised by monthly subscriptions by May 2023. That equates to just over £31k a month... A 6 fold increase, starting today, on what is already being pledged monthly. Never going to happen. 

    I'm fairly sure the initial timeline from FSS was for ownership of 7.5% of shares after a year from a starting position of 97,000ish (3%) shares. We are just short of a year and the last count I'm sure was over 250,000 shares which, admittedly using fag packet maths, must sit somewhere around the 7.5-8% mark.

    Does this mean the plan was always to see a considerable 6 fold jump after a year or have the goalposts changed now that the money is drying up? 


  12. 1 hour ago, HopeStreetWalker said:

    Players of the quality required will have better options not helped by having a reputation as not seen as a reliable employer and understandably so.

    Look at it from a potential signings point of view. 2 - 3 clubs after you so looking at the player churn at Falkirk will tip it in favor of another club.

    I'm genuinely a bit worried about you.

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