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  1. That thing I took from the email is that, under the boards expectations, FSS as a third leg of the stool is at this point effectively over. £250k raised by monthly subscriptions by May 2023. That equates to just over £31k a month... A 6 fold increase, starting today, on what is already being pledged monthly. Never going to happen. I'm fairly sure the initial timeline from FSS was for ownership of 7.5% of shares after a year from a starting position of 97,000ish (3%) shares. We are just short of a year and the last count I'm sure was over 250,000 shares which, admittedly using fag packet maths, must sit somewhere around the 7.5-8% mark. Does this mean the plan was always to see a considerable 6 fold jump after a year or have the goalposts changed now that the money is drying up?
  2. I can see him changing very little of the starting 11, maybe the only change being the subs on earlier. Saying that there's almost always a keeper change in this competition to keep them sweet.
  3. I had a fairly enjoyable day so good effort all round.
  4. It seems a bit random to bring up now but did we ever find out what the story was with the Gow takeover/DOF stuff?
  5. Yeah very strange to completely change what has been a steady back 4 to accommodate one player, especially when the straight swap of Henderson for Mackie was always there.
  6. The only thing that disappointed me last night was how we lost the first goal. We were right in the game at the point and to effectively gift them a goal was infuriating (not necessarily just keeper at fault, where's the midfield showing for it, where's the decisiveness to play a pass from the defence).
  7. Raith fans did say McGlynn would randomly throw in a back 3 at points with them. Can see the logic behind and with the squad makeup it looks plausible but as it stands I wouldn't change a formation that is working.
  8. There's actually a lot to like about Alegria. I think his hold up play is alright, his movements in the box are generally good. Currently, he wants too many touches, possibly trying to create an easier chance for himself because he hasn't had that goal to set him off yet. The issue is, however, how long to you persist with a guy whose not scoring when you have both Oliver and Burrell off the mark behind him.
  9. The way the players surrounded Carroll after the assist was beautiful. Tears in my eyes.
  10. If anyone is still offering to pay folks hospitality DM me.
  11. Especially that last paragraph. I hope I'm just being paranoid but reads to me like the issue is with FSS as a concept rather than a grievance between directors.
  12. Fixture list on the website looks great. Good to see the club reacting to fix it and well done to the fans who brought it up and pointed out the fix needed. Sign of things to come in terms of fan/club relationship.
  13. Fantastic. The two of them had that game controlled. The McGeady spin from Burke at the corner of the box was absolute perfection.
  14. Was Carroll the 6 or the 8 last night? Both completely controlled the game.
  15. It was good last night when McGlynn mentioned that against Clyde we would be changing to a diamond midfield
  16. Without trying to put words into others mouths I imagine the annoyance comes from the social media/website output being quite consistently sloppy. You can isolate every incident which would obviously trivialise the arguement, but there can be no denial that as a whole this is something which has been poor for a while now. Been a bit of jumping down people throats, admittedly justified at times, but sometimes there has been legitimate concerns.
  17. It is shit, but the feeling of missing out probably is the most effective way to encourage sign ups.
  18. I wonder how easy it would be for FSS to set up some sort of loyalty scheme. 100 days of membership = some reward etc etc.
  19. Yeah I don't think it is a massive issue just something that would be eventually preferable to me, I'm not going to go all pedromoutinho on this. It makes sense that the type of person who has 10k+ in their back pocket has more time available to commit themselves to a directors role, thus more likely to put themselves forward for election. Like I said, I'll give it another year or so (when I don't have a new born baby and a dissertation to write) and put myself forward and we can see what happens.
  20. Certainly would be more preferable to me to eventually have the FSS directors as those outwith the patrons group. Makes sense to have a fan owned board with some representation of the wider fan base. Give it another year or so and I'll nominate myself.
  21. FSS member. Never really bought into the BfL stuff.
  22. Sibbs was never signing for Dunfermline once Yogi left. How can you take down a club without the backing of the manager?
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