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  1. We got a bit slack towards the end but that was probably the best performance this season. Some really nice attacking moves.
  2. When you started playing Nat Wedderburn as a no.10. That's a very Tony Pulis move to make.
  3. I love listening to Sammy. Understands what's happening in the game and throws out the same one liners my old man. Much rather listen to that than Andy Thompson screaming at the ref for a non-existent foul.
  4. Saves us having to process 10k refunds when the stream fails.
  5. Jeans a legend and Telfer better watch his back if he steps out FK5
  6. Once that I can remember. We got beat by Livingston who may even have been in league 1 at the time but I'm not sure on that.
  7. Nah we are world beaters now and I won't hear any different
  8. Maybe it's just my ocd but it makes me feel better seeing a left footed centre back.
  9. I must be thinking of a different Austin? Injury prone for sure but did he not have the best goals per 90 ratio in the league? The only reason he left in the January was cause we needed players out to get players in. Austin was one of only a few who was decent enough that another team took them without us paying off the contract.
  10. Not great at all today. Maybe it's just out of hope but I really do think we will look a different team with Connolly out on the left.
  11. Feels good. Hopefully his shareholding will be gone shortly too.
  12. Maybe just cause I've had a good few cans but that was such an enjoyable game.
  13. Get a rb in who's happy to be backup for the season and the defense is sorted.
  14. It does feel like we need Connolly back in to give a bit of balance to the side. Surprised we haven't seen Laverty on yet as I was sure he was a left winger?
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