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  1. I reckon I must have about 12 but remember being completely convinced he was Mark Stewart's Dad. How he was only 20 when we signed him I'll never know.
  2. Queens Park and their huge signing on bonuses might have scuppered it.
  3. You called? Nothing Yogi does at any other club will stop me wanting him back.
  4. I can't tell if you've got us all on strings or just some thick c**t.
  5. From what I understand there is only 1 pro-youth team, which is effectively the best players from Gairdoch and Syngenta + a couple others. Interesting you said they were told next year they were joining an elite academy setup. I didn't think the players were ever deemed strong enough to be at that level. Sounds like promises were made that would never be fulfilled.
  6. Mad that you were dead for the first 5 months of 2009.
  7. I hope those who are actually on the board have a bit more about them to understand that their decisions will rightly be critiqued by the fans.
  8. Rennie has, to this point, undoubtedly failed but I don't know if I'm quite ready to completely write him off as a diddy.
  9. Heard he was unavailable Saturday. Something to do with Nicki Minaj's farter.
  10. McCann is the better player absolutely no doubt about that and if we were a team always playing on the front foot I'd prefer him in there. My thinking is right now we are really struggling if a team has any sort of competent press and we need to have more reliable outballs.
  11. I'd be tempted to go with Williamson and ATS high as the wingbacks and use them as the out ball for the back 3, got to make sure you had a midfielder and striker close to pick up the second ball. You'd like to think that the majority of the time they would win an aerial duel with a full back/winger.
  12. Rennie has had 2 main objectives left this season. 1. Reach the playoffs 2. Win the playoffs I believe he has done enough to set us on course for the first of these. If we were to continue beating the teams under us, hold QP, and lose to the top 3 we would make 4th. The issue I have though is there is nothing here to show we can win a playoff if we continually lose to the other teams occupying the positions. There's a week or so left to get loan players in, it would be some terrible management not to pull something off.
  13. Anyone got a link round the paywall? Not a chance I'm giving that walloper my hard earned.
  14. Have just totally missed this Griffiths texting school girls stuff? When was this?
  15. Yeah you've got my backing here. No glaringly obvious mistakes like in previous games but he is just a dreadful footballer. Don't think he managed a clean connection with the ball all game.
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