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  1. Today confirmed we really don't need Gary Miller sitting infront of a back 5. Tidser or Gomis could do that job and be much more effective going forward.
  2. I'd agree with shouts for Longridge as a second striker. Asked to do a bit too much defensive work just now.
  3. f**k sake. I'd seen much less of a bigots Twitter love in from our players the last few years.
  4. Seeing as the best atmosphere at TFS was in the gazebo, then I think a low, covered terracing would be absolutely perfect for the 4th side.
  5. Thanks. I really appreciate your faith that we will lift the cup.
  6. I'm pretty raging they didn't let us keep the tickets. Wanted to frame all the tickets on our run to lifting the cup.
  7. Pretty much all the academy standard players leave before they are 10. Quite often if a player leaves for an academy the Foundation do get a fee, we'll more of a donation really.
  8. I must have been at a different game last night. Thought we were poor and didn't think the deliveries from Doyle or Dixon were anything particularly special.
  9. I'm not so sure. Back 4 Dixon and Doyle should still have been able to get forward a lot in this game.
  10. I was about to say 100% Dods has to be in the team.
  11. I quite like that but my biggest fear is leaving Dixon 1 on 1. Any half decent opposing manager could target Dixon if there wasn't a player infront of him.
  12. Let's test it. Alan Gow take charge until the end of the season before stepping back into a DOF role. 14/1.
  13. Young is the obvious choice but I really don't see us paying compensation for anyone.
  14. Struggles to kick from hand and is a bit naive when playing out from the back but other than that he has been good. I'd agree on future No.1.
  15. I'd take that chip off your shoulder Scotty. You won't find me having a go at any clubs attendances. Said on here more than once that we should be looking at teams like St Johnstone or Hamilton with envy. Without having any figures to hand I'd suspect Hamilton have one of the lowest budgets in the top division, probably not in the top 12 across the whole SPFL? . Outside looking in keeping Hamilton up by any means up represents a success to me. I'm not suggesting Canning is anything special but for a club currently 4th in League 1 he would be a manager I'd be happy with.
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