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  1. Been watching a few of these recently. (Research for a trip home early next year). They do have their uses. Anyhow what I've noticed is that most of these guys actually use points to pay for the flights, which makes the entitled attitude all the more galling.
  2. This thread makes my day on a regular basis but this pic in particular resonates. Nothing staged about it, just like a bunch of your mates ready to give it everything.
  3. Sorry, but this is just rubbish. Pretty obvious to me when you look at his reactions (including the save from the initial free kick before the Kane goal) that he could hardly see anything in front of him. Looking directly into the sun.
  4. I totally agree, you get the impression he's just trying too hard to make it work. Love to see him doing well.
  5. Really uncalled for, the guy is obviously committed to the cause. But quite funny all the same.
  6. Ok , I' m not sure how many points are required to progress but surely its best to get them sooner rather than later
  7. Really, I think this is a must win, get it done and over with.
  8. Actually. I don't think we would miss Robertson. I reckon he has been awful the last few games. I understand he is regarded as a great captain but I really don't see what he brings to the team
  9. Nah, no worries, didn't take it personally. Usually enjoy your posts. And, yes I'll make it, tomorrow will be pretty tough I think but l'll get there
  10. Not a glory hunter, just a long time lurker. trying to stay awake for tomorows game. 2 hrs to go and cant wait
  11. And 2 hours later I.m still listening to I can feel it, absolutely nothing better.
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