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  1. Dailly afc are looking for opponents for a friendly this coming saturday 10th october , we have pitch at dailly and all covid restrictions amd guidelines in place , if any teams interested can they drop me a mail ?? Thanks
  2. Agree with that , cumnock got out the blocks quick and were far better team , dailly changed shape just before half time and better team 2nd half , thought draw was a fair result in horrific conditions , also thought rab hunter had a decent game as ref but both clubs played in correct manner n not many big decisions to make
  3. Was at game today , dailly never turned up but all credit to tarbolton , decent team with experienced players who knew what was needed n deserved the win , dailly a young team who i hope will learn a few things from todays game
  4. Dailly 3-1 st mungos in scottish replay
  5. Newton vale 2-3 Dailly Andy hainey Bailey fairbairn Sean scobie
  6. Is there a reason why junior teams can sign boys from youth football on dual forms but amateurs can’t? I think if this was available more amateur teams could benefit from naming youngsters in there matchday squad if short and similarly the youngsters could get the experience and also play sunday for there youth teams
  7. Hey folks , just a quick post to get an idea of costs for 4g hire , south ayrshire council are quoting us £100 for two hour hire and then another £50 to cover the school janitors wages and we can only book it if they can find one to work , i thought these pitches were there to get games on but they prices seem crazy
  8. Thanks guys , we’ve now had the juniors manager on at us asking who gave us permission to speak there player and there not happy about it , the boy in question is friends with half our team , he is on a professional contract tho , surely our club can get in trouble for this ?
  9. Hi folks , looking for some advice , if a junior player has asked his club to release him to come to play amateur but said team are not playing ball and holding his registration, is there anything we as an amateur club can do or the player himself can do ??
  10. Top of the table 1st division clash this sat new farm loch v dailly , should be a good competitive match
  11. Dailly with a well deserved 6-0 win away at castle rovers in cup
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