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  1. Win was everything today but getting it with those injuries and still keeping a clean sheet - very satisfying. McRorie had an excellent game, and not a huge issue today but Longstaff seemed absolutely honking
  2. If we'd kept McInnes where do people think we would have been today? Probably would have ended up with a similar caliber of signings? I think we'd have got past Raith and be losing to Celtic tonight in the LC and roughly the same in the league? Hopefully Glass has us on an upswing soon
  3. Looks like a first goal the winner job - wouldn't fancy either side chasing the game if they go behind
  4. Fingers crossed Ramsay gets his head down and strives to achieve all that the mighty Callum Booth has accomplished. We can only hope he sets his sights so high.
  5. While you may well be right, I don’t think anyone knows what we’ve actually got here yet. We’re playing better football, but clearly not matching with any sort of ruthless winning mentality
  6. Seems like a decent performance and a horrible result coming. Luckily the xG will show we deserved to win today and that's what really counts. Reality will remain if our defense leak a clumsy goal every game and our forwards miss a few chances then we'll be inconsistent all year.
  7. That was the first AEW PPV i've actually paid for and enjoyed the whole show. Great stuff. Never been that high on Moxley or Miro, but enjoyed Punk's match and the main event. The cage tag match was superb apart from the everyone superkick each other circle of pish that spoils a lot of young bucks matches for me. Excited to see how all the pieces fit together moving forward now, and just hope they have some stories to tell that make use of the amazing roster
  8. Giving up on McCrorie would be idiotic and I’m not sure we’ll ever develop any youngsters if that is how quickly some can give up on someone like him. His first proper run of games as a CB in years and we haven’t even lost a league game and he should be binned!? How many bad games in a row will it take for us to give up on Ramsay - will one bad month do it do we think?
  9. If Glass had played the strongest team against Raith and we'd got through, everyone would have been complaining today that he should have rotated the team against Raith as they all looked tired losing last night... At least we'd still have been in the cup though.
  10. Any chance the 500k release fee was only if Hibs didn't offer him a better deal when a bid was received? Looks like we've just done him and his agent a favour and cost Hibs a bit more money. Did anybody really think the 500k bid was a genuine attempt to sign him?
  11. Watkins for free feels a better fit than Boyle for cash. All depends on whether Watkins is getting better offers down South but would love to see him back.
  12. Sounds like the end of an era for NXT - as someone who never watches Raw or Smackdown, the only reason i used to pickup the network would be to catch-up on NXT. All i really want is a couple of hours of wrestling a week with decent matches and NXT used to fill that gap perfectly without any of the cringy pish you have to sit through on the main shows. Apart from the Rumble for nostalgia and Wrestlemania for the hype i can't see the network interesting me at all any more. AEW is filling the gap nicely for a decent weekly show, but i'm a bit worried about all the other shows they seem to be planning in the future. Don't water things down and spread them out into 8 hours of TV a week please.
  13. Just googled if others recommend reading it, and it clearly splits opinion. Some describing it as like the Old Testament for Middle Earth (which seems to match your description quite well), others saying it reads like a phonebook. Will give it a go i think.
  14. Should i finally read the Silmarillion this year then before the show comes out? Have always feared it was just a dull history book.
  15. Agreed. Was a spectacular few years - didn't think it had peaked back in 2016 - thought they'd be unstoppable for a few years but nobody really turned into the superstars i thought they'd be (maybe apart from Bryant?).
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