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  1. Ross Thompson Portrait... of an ass grabber
  2. Main Stand on Left, taken from Merkland. Old Beach end and corner stand in view
  3. From what I recall from my mates. There were two of them. One got plowed down woth the conversion of the beach end into the Richard Donald. I'll find a picture at some point
  4. Straight out the mouth of the manager. Leicester have a lot of defensive options that are fit so its 'best for Benkovic to co tinue his development at celtic'
  5. Looking like Benkovic will see out the rest of the season too.
  6. Yeah it is. I have a photo of it from the Kilmarnock game last season when half the south stand was shut due to frozen pipes or something
  7. Realistically, having an actual flag on a kit should be restricted to national teams only
  8. Its the same design. Look at the shoulders. Hummel really know how to make shite
  9. There's been a 'leaked' Rangers top. Not sure the legitimacy of it but the design is boggin
  10. Touchline Scotland is a Scottish Football (Shock. Who could have guessed) Discord community that is slowly growing in size. We're always on the lookout for new members and have a growing community of around 60 people. We offer many things. - Seperated Chatrooms for the Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2 - Consistently shared Scottish football news courtesy of the main Touchline twitter and The Dugout - A well populated chatroom community for live discussion of football, as well as other topics - A flair system for the team you support. So you can represent your team whenever you post We're a subdivision of the main Touchline community which has near enough around a thousand members, come check us out at the following discord link - https://discord.gg/79XRxNx We hope to see you soon
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