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  1. The Raith TV edit shuffled the first half around. Look at the sun - it's bright, then the sun has set, then it's shining brightly again. Ben Williamson appears in two moves before Max Anderson's last appearance, even though Ben replaced Max. The last action of the half in the Raith edit was Robinson hitting both posts, which actually happened after 22 minutes. This offends an old school pedant like me. Given the current interpretation of the handball law the penalty looked a reasonable decision, as I thought at the time. I have my doubts about that interpretation, but the ref was always going to give it if he had a clear view. The booking was ridiculous, however.
  2. I am highly opinionated. I am also on the club media team. That kinda restricts my activity on social media. If I were to speak my mind freely I'd have long since got my jotters - at the insistence of the SPFL &/or SFA. Them's the breaks.
  3. He played 45 minutes for Blackpool at Dens in a friendly in 2019. I remembered him because I had to spell his name correctly for the match report.
  4. I agree about the youngsters. I think the young players breaking through are better than the equivalent signings we could realistically have made from the lower divisions. Anyway, some context. The last two seasons we have been promoted we have shipped an average of 5 (FIVE) goals on the opening day. So a 5-0 scudding from the Jags will actually count as a good omen. We will be bang on course.
  5. Fixed it for you. My official position on the club media team means I show grovelling respect to those who may or may not deserve it. Anything I publish on social media does not necessarily reflect the views I express in the pub with fellow Dees. I usually don't really count loans as signings, which is pure prejudice on my part, and that's why I fleetingly overlooked Williamson (but you'd pounced before I could make the correction. If the loanee is a success they can get pulled back. If it doesn't work out they get sent back.
  6. Dundee are going with the same squad they had for the second half of last season plus the youngsters (and Jakubiak) who were on loan. Tyler French, a 23 year old central defender, is the only signing (so far). He came from Wrexham and as a kid played for Bowyer at Bradford City. And there's also Ben Williamson on loan from Rangers. In the first league cup game, against Hamilton, all 20 players listed were on the books last season. 10 came up through the academy, 5 starting and 5 on the bench.
  7. It's hard to sack two managers in a season. I reckon the only thing that might have saved him was staying up. Aside from his non-existent man-mangement skills this was a guy who couldn't see that Glen Kamara was his best player. I couldn't believe it when I had to type these words at Pittodrie just before Christmas that season. "The Dee made two changes from Saturday’s defeat at Kilmarnock. Nathan Ralph and Lewis Spence came in for Andy Boyle and Glen Kamara, who were both on the bench." I mean, how is anyone supposed to write that without several expletives or at least a "FFS!!!"? Kamara only got on the pitch that night when the match was dead and he replaced the injured Spence.
  8. McIntyre was destroying the club. I would probably have given up on football if he had stayed. He was forcing out people who loved the club and bringing in people who couldn't care less.
  9. I found Ross's attire personally distressing, even at 50 yards range and without the dubious benefit of TV. I was scruffy, but at least I achieved a harmoniously pleasing level of Rab C Nesbittry. And I wasn't visible to the cameras.
  10. Hence what I said about learning. He's 17. I've no problem with him being tried out in that role in friendlies. It wouldn't have happened in a competitive game. McGhee and Forster had just been taken off . The back three was Mulligan, Ashcroft and Kerr. They lost the runners for the equaliser (I think - I've not seen film of it). Ashcroft blew his top. He was furious. That's just about the only good thing about a lack of supporters. You hear what the players are saying.
  11. Mulligan has played centre back before, for the reserves. There's a difference between playing centre half, and being one of three centre backs with the freedom to start attacks by carrying the ball forward into midfield. Mulligan looks like he's got the physique to cope at centre back. It will be interesting to see whether he can learn to play that role.
  12. Hearts were unbelievably awful that night at Tynecastle. They obviously had some decent players, but a few duds as well. Their team selection was wrong, but in the post-match presser Levein blamed the players rather than accepting responsibility for picking the wrong team and formation. He even blamed players' fitness, as if it was someone else's fault he'd sent out unfit players midway through the season. In hindsight it was a preview of Hearts dismal performance last season. I reckon a few of the smarter members of the press piled a lump onto Hearts getting relegated last season after watching the way they lost to Dundee and listening to Levein in the press conference afterwards. Any team can have a bad night, but Levein's attitude offered a big hint there was something badly wrong at Hearts. Insert other media
  13. My favourite memory of Erich Schaedler. When we were promoted in 1981 we cuffed St Johnstone 4-1 at Dens in April, a decisive win as it turned out. We came from behind and stormed at them in the second half, attacking the Provie Road end. Erich made one of the goals with a fine cross, but was then wiped out by a shocking late tackle that would have been a straight red nowadays. I remember him lying on the ground, obviously in pain and unable to get up, but punching the air in celebration. Top man.
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