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  1. Good to see the game back and Gerry never disappoints with the coverage.
  2. Rhys is a very good player who is also comfortable playing at right back. Whole hearted guy who will be a good addition to the team.
  3. I would be astonished if these players don’t improve Arthurlie to challenge this year.
  4. Darvel assembling quality all over the park and will have a right go at taking over the mantel of Talbot.
  5. A top guy who has tremendous ability.
  6. Sad to see Dingus not running out in a Cumnock jersey this year. All the best to a very good player.
  7. Glens really getting there work done early with a mixture of youth and experience.
  8. No doubt Eddie has done a great job with the pitch like he always does. True gent that he is.
  9. A very good player and top lad as well. Very comfortable in the top league and will bring a lot to this team. He will pitch in with a few goals as well.
  10. This is a big club that has lost its way a bit but is capable of getting among the top clubs again.
  11. Good quality in there.Think Jay McKay will be among the goals this season as he has the pace to trouble most.
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