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  1. Glens really getting there work done early with a mixture of youth and experience.
  2. No doubt Eddie has done a great job with the pitch like he always does. True gent that he is.
  3. A very good player and top lad as well. Very comfortable in the top league and will bring a lot to this team. He will pitch in with a few goals as well.
  4. This is a big club that has lost its way a bit but is capable of getting among the top clubs again.
  5. Good quality in there.Think Jay McKay will be among the goals this season as he has the pace to trouble most.
  6. Andy McFadyen is a true gentlemen who has been around the game a long time. Don’t be fooled by his u 21s pedigree as he has been in touch with junior football just as long. More importantly he is a great people person who had opportunities to take other similar jobs in the past. The time is clearly right for him. He has seen players progress to all levels in the game and I’m sure will gel the dressing room when the season starts.
  7. Fair play to them,great attitude to just get on with it.
  8. Ultimately the decision should be to cancel the game now.The bankies have to make preparations for the game.It would be fair to say Talbot would be in no position to play the game given the respirator issues ithe players have.
  9. So sad for the gent.Lots of people trying there best to help him in awful conditions. Game irrelevant.
  10. Agree and well done to the Neilston for getting this game on.Very sad to see an elderly man collapsed and in real trouble at the entrance. Hope to god he makes it.Football takes a back seat here.
  11. I also want to see the game on but don’t want to see it called off during the game and yes the forecast should always be considered for everyone’s benefit.
  12. I hope consideration has been given to this afternoons forecast and the game has been put on just to get it on.
  13. The right thing to do with plenty of notice to all.Well done.
  14. Agree,hopefully everyone makes a early decision for everyone’s benefit.
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