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  1. Because you westcoast c***s go out and do it, after 90mins we go fir a pint wi them, ya minter.
  2. Was probably wearing the wrong flavour jacket to chew on
  3. Sign Lafferty's cock but it fails to score away from home
  4. /\/\/\ He was happy in the haze of a drunken hourBut heaven knows he's miserable now
  5. Like Jamie Oliver's cooking, the main ingredient in your posts is saliva. 4-1 the Dee, pump these diddywanks.
  6. Old Firm forum for this pish.........a Dark Blue Friday indeed DDYB
  7. £60 in bets at work wi three oh them..........................have £60 bagged in one pence bits for them.............so they don't spend it all in the one shop..........
  8. After we pump them 5-0 they going to call us The Dee Sannies wi Jam.
  9. Gunmakers share prices rose today, following the shooting.
  10. Beardy gets laughed at a lot but never knows why.
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