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  1. Pointless threads like these enhance the widely held view that Rangers should be back in the Premiership. Focus on good football and stars coming to Scotland!
  2. I was referring to the times I've seen Dundee but yes he's from the West. Are you repelled by the sights of Dundee or is it a nice place filled with model-like people?
  3. Not actually racist. It's an observation that I've found but it might not be true. I know that Ricky Ross is from there so that adds support to my argument doesn't it?
  4. I noticed that quite a few Dundonians are physically unattractive people. During the referendum I needed to shield my eyes from the street parties. Of the two clubs I think Dundee United are maybe less repulsive en masse than Dundee but it's a very close run thing. Those are my non political observations on Dundee which is an awful place
  5. Yep. Always the seekers of justice against outrage till it's them in the dock
  6. I assume he's a Rangers supporter? Lambert's Dad was too I think and he's from there. There's a cracking Linwood flag and that showed up well at European nights.
  7. Pyoor traitor so I am. Do me a favour and start looking at things rationally. People are exactly the same everywhere irrespective of nationality. It's quite ironic that you lot never shut about "a free and equal society" and yet it has to be kilt wearing, bagpipe playing, shortbread tin bollocks. Superficial, stupid and dangerous. That is a less obvious reason why I and a majority of people voted No
  8. Oh no doubt...........but you still got pummelled
  9. That's actually very accurate but he did so in a calculated way. He's a demagogue who knows how to stir things up but his economics background is largely absent from his White Paper. He does realise this so he told his followers that to think and ask questions was for the "Negative" No voters. However he's also a failure and will continue to be so. He doesn't bother me.....he's an irrelevance
  10. I did mention 1917 and I would have thought it was implicit that I was talking about the last 100 years. As for your following statement, by "credible" you mean historians that match your opinions. You set yourself up as an intellectual heavyweight and a lot of your posts contain a narrow mindedness which refuses to budge from your concrete set opinions. You come across as a deluded and tedious individual with a penchant for childish arrogance. You need luck and lots of it
  11. Amy McDonald's a pig who sounds like a cat screeching. Brian Cox is a good actor who f**ked off back to Hollywood after the Yes campaign's utter humiliation and had no intention of "buying a house in Dundee" . You're trolling and you're bad at it. Away and talk to SSI. He seems like a thicko
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