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  1. Not much to add to that and I hope your League record continues. However all the games this season have been really close, so although I have predicted a home win, it's still a nervy game for me.
  2. All the points you make are endorsed here by me and no mention of Dylan Easton shows how good we were!
  3. Airdrieonians 2 Queens Park 1 Alloa 2 Peterhead 0 Clyde 1 East Fife 1 Dumbarton 0 Falkirk 2 Montrose 1 Cove Rangers 1
  4. On the Milne red card, if they don't appeal, is it just one game? He is certainly the best LB etc and our 2 away wins have kept the season interesting. Montrose may hold the key role for both of us. I am still regretting our Clyde recent points lost. Cheers.
  5. Overall a fine win and had we our shooting boots on in that first 25 minutes we could have been at least two up. I was not sure who scored our first but he got lots of space and seemed to surprise Mutch. After that the Falkirk midfield were hardly pressing ours and that defence was as shaky as many posts on here ,suggested. There were some good headers from the one Falkirk tactic in sight, but Currie did well. Airdrie looked more determined all the way through, and the 2nd goal let me relax. For a team that plays via the 3 midfielder's, there was loads of space for our full backs. Must goals are a mix of bad defending or good attacks and Gallagher's third was that. The same could be said of Griffith's header and although he does seem to be there for corners and free kicks, that was a surprising substitution. It was great to see us win back the ball many times and McGill's 4th let me sit back in contented style. As many have said Falkirk look worse than those earlier games and I have no idea why they appointed MR. All to play for now that Cove have ended their home runs!
  6. Saw on FB that there is pay at the gate but I will check with the official site. Cheers.
  7. Was in Falkirk today for a successful car service and hope our visit on Saturday will be a celebration. Have gone for a narrow one goal win but it's once more a tough one to call. There were times in the Alloa game where we might have conceded after scoring first. Is it online tickets or PATG?
  8. Cove Rangers 1 Clyde 1 East Fife 2 Dumbarton 1 Falkirk 0 Airdrieonians 1 Peterhead 1 Montrose 1 Queens Park 1 Alloa 1
  9. Really enjoyed all the segments even Kevin's footy tales. The Airdrieonians computer was just like one I had 15 years ago. The Dad with his wee boy was a good watch. Dick Campbell was so good to watch several times.
  10. Posted elsewhere but the turning points went our way with that exquisite Easton move and set up, and then a deflection. Alloa had better spells in first half and might have equalised on another day. Smith also might have scored earlier and it was a relief to kill the game with 2nd. I thought Niang was good but felt sorry for Taggart having to be moved all over the shop. Henderson not as influential as last time.
  11. A tough one on paper and for spells we looked really good, especially when Easton escapes their press: that shimmy and pass for Smith's goal was worth the tenner ticket in itself. There were spells in the first half where they came close and Currie had to make good saves. In many ways by bringing on Sammon AlLoa gave away a passion of game for direct but ineffective moves. Mind you I was relieved when that deflection got the 2nd. Frizzel was our best player, and usual plaudits to McCabe ,Fordyce and Paterson was very good. Gabby ran out of puff and again Agnew did a defensive job but!!! A bonus three points on a day when Cove might have thought we'd drop behind. Last quarter could turn on next week's games and the fact that Cove then face 4 away trips to the rest of the top 5. Hang on in there baby!
  12. I was at the game that day and had bought the programme and it was so obvious that some guy had no idea that it was Wermacht troops, probably our then chairman had sent an underling to search the internet. I may still have it somewhere in the loft. It did get the club some grief from my other footballing mates.
  13. I have gone for an away win, more in desperately hoping to reel in Cove, but we were way off last time at Alloa. Getting shot of Barry would help most clubs, and I want a more assertive midfielder to take the game up the park. So out goes Agnew and Smith must start. It will be tough whatever side appears.
  14. I can't imagine much of a queue on Saturday but I have the e-ticket anyway. Will be interesting to see who gets in quicker. It is curious that the website did not seem to suggest PATG but maybe I needed better specs.
  15. When we were there recently it was online tickets but I have a feeling you could also PATG but it could be slow? Take a point at least please!
  16. Did away fans have to buy online as I did since I could not see any mention of patg info? I thought it strange as I was sure I paid in at the last game Maybe a change to a phone ticket will see us reverse that defeat! It will be a tough challenge again.
  17. Given that my predictions have been quite good this season, I will have a go. Our dropped points against Clyde will seriously impact. Champions: Cove Rangers I think that somehow Falkirk will catch QP to be 4th while Airdrieonians will stay ahead of Montrose. East Fife look to have too much to do so relegated. In 9th Dumbarton as Peterhead have improved. As to play off games at top and bottom, I will bide my time.
  18. Alloa Athletic 1 Airdrieonians 2 Clyde 1 Falkirk 1 Cove Rangers 1 Peterhead 1 Dumbarton 0 Queens Park 2 Montrose 2 East Fife 1
  19. Being actually at the game I never noticed much of that: some degree of frustration when the back pass lost the forward momentum, I will give you- it was probably me!We do need to get behind the team but it was chances missed. On to a hard game at Alloa.
  20. If I were a neutral I would say that was a fairly good watch in that Clyde did begin the game with a much more assertive style than I had seen in the previous matches. However as I am biased I found it a frustrating performance by us. We could well have been a goal down inside the first two minutes and Clyde had much more of the open play while we were too narrow and unwilling it seems just to shoot. Hard to tell if any of our penalty howls were more from desperation than good eyesight. With 5 minutes to half time I was glad to be drawing so it was a real sickener to concede even if it was a cracking shot. At least Murray made one change as McGill had toiled but the flaring error was to keep Agnew . I can't remember him passing the ball forward, and his free kicks , although going forward, were gash. Clyde ought to have made it 2 and that nightmare looked on but he sckaffed ( this was a spelling error but sclaffed a kick might be better) it. Too late in bringing on Gabby McGill but it did work and with a bit of composure some other free kicks should have been converted. I don't blame Clyde for their approach in that last period It's up to us to get through the barrier. We do look to have a bit of a dip and it will be hard to pull Cove back. Pity Alloa didn't hold out and we will need to be much better next week. The Afolabi guy I remain puzzled by his contribution but what do I know?
  21. Gone for a 2 goal home win. On good form and due to get a pay back for that drop of two points in the recent game . Clyde have also been in reasonable form so it will be another challenging game.
  22. Now that I got them to score one tonight, here goes for Saturday. Airdrieonians 2 Clyde 0 Alloa 1 Cove Rangers 1 Falkirk 1 East Fife 1 Peterhead 2 Dumbarton 0 Queens Park 1 Montrose 1
  23. I think I'll wait till I see if Peterhead can score from their several chances.
  24. Not long back from a long day. The weather was very pleasant and road conditions comfortable on the game I think we were very lucky to get the win mainly because Peterhead simply don't take any of the many good chances which came their way. The error from Kerr which let McLean gangle through should have been converted but for good work by our 2 best player's, Currie and Fordyce. Peterhead looked miles faster and energetic with our midfield vanishing in 2nd half. I had thought we would play better with the sunlight behind us but it never happened. Only our back 4 let us grind out a valuable win Hard to work out what Afolabi offers apart from scoring a calm goal.Thought we missed Smith a lot. On Peterhead Scott Brown was again very good and he must be frustrated at your position. Think it's not beyond you to climb out of trouble but it must be a worry. The fish supper from the Carron in Stonehaven was again vg
  25. I certainly would like to have an early announcement around 10am. It's not so much the pitch etc but road travel prospects up north!
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