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  1. Sixty years of supporting Airdrieonians and I have enjoyed this season as much as any of the 20th century , and since 2003 etc , this has been so good. However we failed again and it's not a good place to be today. But many of us have been in worse close season prospects so I will stick to being fairly optimistic again. I have no idea what's going to happen but Pie and Bovril is my first port of call. Now to go to the Scotland world cup game and desperate for a wee summer booster.
  2. was it not Frizzell who was dispossessed by Jack Thomson? It was indeed from a poor pass by Easton. Two of our best players this season but that's the irony of football. On QP I also thought Fox was outstanding and just the type of CB we should have looked for, and the midfield changes made by Coyle from the first leg certainly caught Airdrie out. Still feeling sore but that's life in the seaside leagues when you miss out again.
  3. Just back in so first congratulations to Queens Park. When you win two away games in these play offs, it says a lot about your committment and playing ability. On the day it was our goalie who had to make the better saves . We never really got going even when taking the lead. Queens Park did not appear fazed by it and stuck to their game. Down the right again proved a weakness for us. We can ponder why we were not quite there in tactics all day but what I feared happening several weeks ago, has come to pass. I do feel let down over these two games and I don't know if all the good stuff of the season will make up for it. Wonder where some of our players are headed but it won't be a trip to Firhill or Lesser Hampden for me next season.
  4. Little to add to the many posts on summing up the game. It was always going to be a difficult watch. Cup tie at home where we have been so much better? I think I would take that but it will be nervy . We only had a spell of successful attacking possession round about the 85th minute and we'll need a lot more and a lot earlier of that.
  5. Apart from a gentle disagreement over the penalty, I endorse your views.
  6. Too late for much reflection but I hope we play better on Sunday. Watch the highlights just now which will not take long . Probably the poorest passing game of the season. All to play for.
  7. Posted on the game thread and I have just recovered from Saturday. Roll on more success on Thursday. I also would make some changes to the starting line up but am keeping it secret from Spider eyes
  8. Apologies to the earlier poster, s search of Wiki shows the bold Owen as assistant manager in 2004-5. That must have passed me by. Senior moments.
  9. Owen is also in my top three of Airdrieonians players, and a good guy.
  10. I could be wrong but I don't think Owen was ever manager at Airdrieonians. Sandy of course was and got us promoted so I wish him well but hope he fails this week. It will be close but ticket bought today.
  11. I have speculated on Queens Park doing a Brechin with draws and penalties wins. That was broken yesterday so its down to skill and heart in these 2 legs. All the games were close until the most recent one and clearly Queens have earned the chance to go up. I was impressed by Fox in all the games but the absence of lots of goals apart from that Falkirk one, makes me think it will be Airdrieonians that get the job done. Should we give up the openings that Montrose got, that would make me worried, but I think we will tighten up. Still nervously confident but quite capable of a challenge to the other horrible clubs in the Championship, if we keep the quality players.
  12. When ready they will be on Airdrie FC website. Usually up quickly but maybe lots of goals takes longer!
  13. My sinking feeling was at 1-3 but I did tel my mates we'd score 4 or even 5 at half time. Amazed looks at my idiocy but 6 was unexpected.
  14. Time to digest my curry and now time to digest an impossible game. I thought we had the wrong team for a winning style in the Agnew/McCabe debate and felt Watson should have been RB. The Montrose game plan of targetting our right hand side led to two dreadful goals from our point of view, but very wise by them . Given that Murray made the right changes but I still don't get the need for Agnew slowing it all down, especially with that amazing use of Friz. at LWB . Although Callum Smith got us back in, I did think it was over at 1-3. Fair dos to the extra fans who stuck by us whilst others might have gone home. Callum Smith was the man as well as Montrose thinking it was all over. CJ and Gardyne going off was the sign for amazing attacking and brave defence in case of counters. Will have to watch highlights for that last 20 minutes but you could feel the energy drain from Montrose. I can't recollect how the 4th came about but the sheer delight of grovelling over Afolabi will stay with me forever. That goal for 6-3 after a difficult shift for Gabby was near tearful. Montrose players deserved credit for getting a 4th and I thought Steeves was excellent for most of the game, but some of the bench were a bit moody. The games had been tight for us and I am glad I was there to see that. Now pick the right side for a determined QP.
  15. Thanks for info and I now know that my 3rd vote might have elected Mr McBride and not the other one. Airdrie North is not my fault. Perhaps the guy above senses that being inside Labour is now the strongest place for " the blessed union" . What a strange world.
  16. Airdrie South. Voted SNP 1 and 2. Gave a 3 reluctantly to the Labour guy who was not known to me as a prominent Orange official. Don't know who got through yet in the later transfers. The Conservative guy did hand me a leaflet last week but I could not reward him with even a 5.
  17. Dillon's last ditch tackle was so crucial indeed. Hope you enjoyed the vocal atmosphere as it was quite lively. Still poised as you say
  18. If you were a neutral it was a good match. Clearly Mo fans were happier at the end but I confess to being a wee bit annoyed. Still only half time. Whatever happens I want to see Dunfermline relegated.
  19. As one of the pensioner advance guard, I hope the bus guys did behave We had a fine fish supper in the town and were in plenty of time for what seemed to be a large home and away crowd. All my winter preparation was not really needed! On the game I was impressed tho not surprised at how quickly Montrose got into the game Craig Johnson is new to me in playing that role and it was as uncomfortable a night for our defenders as they've had this season Montrose also were able to stay solid at the back, and Steeves also surprised me at how he played there. Maybe that's what explained how we failed to press them. Those long diagonal balls certainly caught us out and was a part of our defensive howler. There was at least one corner which might have seen us two down. It was as close as I thought and on the night we made a lot of poor decisions in the final third . There are two schools of thought around Agnew/McCabe axis amongst our supporters, and Ian Murray has a right puzzle for Saturday. I think there will need to be several changes by us. All still to play for , and hope Montrose fans come down to back what is a good team . Just a shame the top 2 just don't go up!
  20. Expecting a tough game, maybe less end to end than previous game. I don't want to have to chase the game in Airdrie. Having a player of the season might just be the tipping point for us with both well organized teams. Could be good travelling support and get there in time!
  21. It's always hard to judge still images. I can only think the Ref sees it as "on the line" and goes to lino to check. It did concern me that Josh got kinda bullied by his opponent. Anyway Brown's miss let us have a pleasant debate.
  22. I was a lot younger then as well and McGowan was a solid, brave, competitive defender. He is on my bench.as is Jerome.
  23. That was also my combined team after a bit of swithering. Jerome Vareille was close and on bench, and Dylan Easton sending Willie McLaren onwards would have been a delightful prospect.
  24. Well done to Willie Brave heart. A bit like Cove, once in the lead strode on to the title. Great fun and thanks again to BWA.
  25. Well done on remaining undefeated. When I heard East Fife were leading , I have to say I was delighted! Montrose here we come
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