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  1. Indeed and many of them have historical origins as cricket clubs.
  2. I didn't realise the Republic of Ireland had become British again. Certainly the competition was needing freshened up and the Welsh/NI teams did get far in it but they were parachuted in after many of our own teams had gone out which hardly makes it a Scottish Cup competition. Maybe they should be in the earlier stages. I await the day when Thistle are back in the "lower" divisions to experience your optimism.
  3. Can't make my mind up on going bearing in mind the weather report, but surely Boateng will not be brought back in given his defensive lapses, to replace McIntosh? Yes I hope Ryan does play and concentrates on everything but the officials. Half expect /hope that is cancelled so I can go later in year. Jeff Stelling awaits.
  4. If it is looking a bit worse for wear that would be down to the stadium Company owners rather than TW? I was amused to hear phone in callers saying how good it was for Airdrie that the Rovers were playing Celtic at the stadium in the cup. Gordon Dalziel did not point out that Airdrieonians don't benefit financially or am I wrong. As far as Livingston I had to walk all the way around it last week to find where we were seated and it looked depressingly empty on three sides externally. Maybe Broomfield looks the same to visitors?
  5. Agree about our low crowds but don't think many of those who have disappeared over the years went to see Sevco.I also know many who came to those games did not come from Airdrie but from all over Scotland as do most Old firm fans, which in itself has always been true in Scottish football. I also lived away from Airdrie for a few years but always came to Airdrie games, home and away. It's a matter of choice based on a whole load of factors, some pleasant some not.
  6. Higgins did not come on but Loudon had a few good contributions but that shows how weak our squad is. Another post said no compensation has been paid for Watt/Cadden-do we know if this is true or are negotations not completed yet?
  7. We'll just have to wait and see later in season. Hope you don't get any throw ins!
  8. First time today I saw the club site confirm he was red carded. This is pity as he did well against Livingston and it leaves a record on his disciplinary season so he( as has Russell) may well suffer later. Not much sympathy for him but if I had to be "reffed" by Northcroft the Red Mist might well descend. Looks a tough game on Saturday no matter who played.
  9. I agree with DBM on the general lack of organization.
  10. I did get my eyes tested last week but I think DBM may have been unfair on MacDonald at the second goal as I am sure it is Conroy who is out on the edge of the box as the No 5 makes that rehearsed run; MacDonald wearing our 5 is the next guy in. It makes little odds as they were all day dreaming and pushing out against a free kick which never came as they expected.
  11. Watching the Boateng second card again I am not sure he did not head the ball first before taking the player down with momentum. The Ref was at least 60 yards away but according to Mark Wilson it was said by the Assistant Ref that it was a goal scoring scenario. Is that not a Red card? Given that the defending was really poor at all the goals.Next week should be interesting with so many enforced changes. I don't think I have seen a win at Livingston and a draw would be fine!
  12. We lost for footballing reasons yesterday but Northcroft is a poor Referee for all the teams. I am sure he had the same colour top as Stenny a few years ago and had to switch at half time. It would be interesting to research how many times Airdrie have won when he was the Ref?
  13. Hugo must rate as one of the poorest signings in many years but good luck on his return to Portugal. I swear I saw his doppelganger in Madeira recently during his" suspension" and after all he had played alongside CR7. Wonder what Ian King etc now think. Don't see either of the central defenders returning but good to see if Leitch can continue his good form.
  14. Smokeless zones in Airdrie so Lums have been unused for years, but I would like to see QP doing well and replacing one of the far flung teams in the top four.
  15. That will be the Airdrie side you have failed to defeat this season and now much improved on the squads you failed to defeat. Look forward to setting the pace to see if you can stay ahead of Albion rovers
  16. I look forward to Petrehead beating Alloa while Airdrie finally beat Stenhousemuir when I am at the game. That would set up a nice clash against our former players at Livingston
  17. I know where you are coming from because a lot of chances were created and not taken but I enjoyed a win at last in Peterhead. Don't quite agree with the 14-3 comment as I am sure you spotted we did score 4 of those many chances. Your pies are also excellent. Two soft penalties also but who am I to complain when I count the number we got against Queens park. I was surprised to read that Peterhead have only won 2 games at home mind you.
  18. Just seen this story Does Alex Smith not know that Airdrie and Clyde don't own the attractive stadia he values so much? As for the Old Sevcos running other teams I would stop going and none of the Sevcos would turn up
  19. Away just now but I would sneak a narrow win but a full squad could never have anyone who played on same pitch as CR7.
  20. Largely agree Cooper81 but I don't quite agree on Leitch who vanished as they piled on the pressure when Ryan started to tire after his knocks. It's all a matter of opinion because I thought he was good as we controlled the first half. If Brown had played at all well on the left then Mcdonald would have been excellent but he keeps getting let down by the laziness of Brown but just as I was castigating him he did have a great shot and a cross that Russell should have finished. It was quite a sweat at the end but "winning ugly" is the name of the game at this stage of a season, especially as the others in top four all won. I thought it was the number 10 who sparked off the melee?
  21. As I understand it a "clear goal scoring opportunity" has to be denied so the Ref thinks the No 10 can evade No3 and shoot accurately past the goalie. In league One? I felt he was conned a wee bit by the No 10 as all forwards tend to do. Maybe he was evening up but Idon't think that happens. He was bad for both sides especially in that first half scuffle with Ryan/Fitzpatrick and their No 4
  22. I agree with you about the Referee-he seemed to think that we were there to watch him. It was also a laugh when the Stand Lino waited till he saw the Refs decision before he could decide who to award thrown in to. Given his booking of Airdrie No 2 for just a foul in first half meant he was always under pressure and that explains Pages's card-however he clearly verbally abused him and players have been told about this so he let down his team mates by his petulance; indeed he continued it on way off. Well done to eat Fife for the fight back and thanks to the post for Smith's free kick. I agree we toiled after the sending off off Mcintosh( for what?) but it might be because our midfield shape was broken up as Fitzpatrick went to Full back. Methil will be a hard place to take many points from. I also thought Nasmyth was very good for you but who is your number 4?
  23. I agree. My initial sentence was from another post but I don't yey know how to edit a long original post
  24. we beat the worst team in the league. I think you will find whilst not very good QP are at present not the worst as Stenhousemuir occupy bottom spot; they have beaten Livingston at Hampden but don' t travel very well.
  25. Glad to see it was just a wee joke. I always appreciate your comments
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