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  1. A game of 2 Halves in Costa del Fries. Had to wonder how it would pan out after Currie spilled out that free kick, and not getting a second ,allowed Queens to change tactics and guys. There had been so much space for Ballantyne and Jameson which all largely vanished as a different left back and the other sub gave a more solid back four.

    We also persisted in daft kick outs conceding much of the midfield . I don't really mind clever intricate passing but we over played at times.

    At times in the first half we made some daft errors and a more clinical side could have done damage.

    Queens deserved the equaliser and but for a great save , might well have won.

    Years of watching Airdrieonians means we should not get carried away with our start . Goals are there in the team and I think a point was a fair result.

    Never saw any stewarding issues but there appeared to be some kind of chat going on at far end?

    Thought we lost the break throughs from Smith for much of the game. Still to see us win at Palmerston in many years and I hate 4 game fixture's!

  2. 7 hours ago, Otis Blue said:

    Strange how I can't remember what I did yesterday yet I can remember some things from decades ago quite clearly.  I recall Airdrie taking the lead and Queens equalising at 1-1 around 30 mins in.  Then the roof fell in ... everything Airdrie hit flew into the net and it was 1-5 by half time I think.  The second half was about damage limitation and trying to keep it in single figures.  To be fair that was a decent Airdrie side - think Derek Whiteford was the main man back then (captain?), not sure if the likes of Jarvie and Jonquin were in that side though.

    Jonquin and Whiteford yes but Jarvie had been at Aberdeen for some years before that.

  3. 1 hour ago, Otis Blue said:

    Despite the decent 0-0 away to Montrose last week I'm still struggling to hope for a positive result for Queens here.  A combination of Airdrie having started the season on fire, a number of ex QOS players at Airdrie wanting to put one over on us, our continuing abysmal home form and still being without key players in Connelly and Todd (possibly) aren't helping to quell my negative vibes.  Plus to this day I keep getting PTSD flashbacks from an utter 1-7 drubbing from Airdrie at Palmy in the 70s.  I'm hanging what few hopes I have on the fact that my predictions have a habit of being total bollocks though ...

    I was at that 1-7 game and pretty sure it was an early game for Sandy Clarke so late 70s. 

  4. 46 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:

    You beat us on the last game of the season a few years ago. 3-0 I think, when McCall clearly did you a favour to avoid relegation and threw the game emoji57.png

    Can't find it yet but in his first season in 2006, Airdrie finished above Queens and were relegated next season. I do remember a Lovering free kick and was there. 

  5. 39 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:

    You beat us on the last game of the season a few years ago. 3-0 I think, when McCall clearly did you a favour to avoid relegation and threw the game emoji57.png

    Thanks for update and I'll need to check the archives to see if I was there. 

  6. 36 minutes ago, 18BAIRN76 said:

    He put in a bit of a lunge on a boy and the ref played on. Didn't think it was too bad tbh but was all the more confusing that the ref didn't book him until about 3 minutes after it happened; he'd even forgotten who it was himself.

    I agree with that analysis and it did seem strange. A lot happened to keep play going after the lunge and maybe the Ref was checking with the lino ? 

  7. Delighted at how we got ahead at the right time and it was quite even for much of that half. Falkirk wasteful of some quick counter attacks but once we put in pressing on their long serving wasters, it was a much better 2nd half. Great to see Gal/Gabby and Salim get the goals. 

    Many Falkirk PB blaming the referee but don't do that when you lose by crumbling.

    All that and seeing the car park emptying at 3-0 wa

    s a moment to savour, almost as much as my Saturday curries. Cheers 

  8. It's not for me to post much here but I thought it was quite close today in first half , and  had Nesbitts shot gone in , it could have been a game changer. But the 2nd half saw Falkirk over run in midfield. That might well be due to how bad Heatherston has become.  In many ways it was not a four goal loss given the ten men but it will be a worry. Hope the two injuries are not too serious. It's a long season 

  9. 2 hours ago, Mr November said:

    How did we set up today? The lineup made it seem like 3-5-2 but I saw someone mention McCabe playing in the holding role.

    It went from 4-1-3-2 through a very fluid shape when in possession, which was most of the game, to have McCabe able to play anywhere as so many of our players could be the attackers and have defensive cover. It was easier against a mediocre home side. It was as comfortable a win as I have seen. Delighted!

  10. Despite the nonsensical traffic hold up at Dundee, we were in enough time to park, buy tickets speedily and get some good pies and hot tea . Hard to believe how warm and pleasant it all was pre kick off.

    Got the score right and but for some really good saves from Newman it could have been more . It was as easy as some posters have said and you'd be worried if you support the Blue Toon

     I thought McGill was much better if only his shooting was pin point, and he led the line really well. Smith deserved his goal and must have covered every bit of the pitch. Lots of possession and fluid changes of positions was great to see.

    At last we scored from a corner and we did have lots of them. Managed the game well in 2nd half even if the big no 9 did cause us some scares.

    Peterhead did improve defensively with Ryan.Strachan but I struggled to identify many of the side.

    Wylie looked busy but he'll need time to find his role in our shape shifting approach. Good to see squad being improved. 

    Stonehaven fish supper was excellent as usual and home trip was traffic smooth.

    Surprise result from Clyde so it's going to be an interesting league.




  11. Gang of four seniors on the road again. I have predicted a 2 -0 Airdrieonians win but that's based on us actually shooting more accurately than last few games. Basis of squad is as good as last season but it's uncertain whether we can keep edging out the Blue Toon. There's always Stonehaven's chippy on way back. Interesting season for all the club's.

  12. 6 hours ago, Glenmavis Diamond said:

    Strange reading a few of our own fans suggesting Justin Devenny as a weak link in the team, yet he scores 3 goals in 3 games and has Arbroath fans saying he stood out to them. Similar with Gabby. Yeah if like him to add goals but he still had 3 assists in 3 games. Better than Smith or Gall. 

    As others have said, yes a big week for us in terms of recruitment. Loans into lower league clubs is not a new thing. It's just part of the game now and a way to flesh out a squad and add potentially add some quality, albeit young players. However if you get it right, it can make a huge difference. 

    Looking forward to seeing the mighty pen appear soon! 


    I wonder if it's the mix up over two players with same surname that had some people being unimpressed by the young left back? Mind you I think he is a solid enough squad player to develop. Justin has started well but probably needs an experienced partner (,McCabe?) to let Frizz attack!

  13. 1 hour ago, DUAFC said:

    I was impressed with Airdrie up to the 2nd goal which killed it as a contest. 

    They're a better passing team than half of the championship teams I've seen recently.  In fairness they lacked the cutting edge you really need up front.  Suspect they'll be up near the top of an interesting League 1.

    Early chance passed up by Smith and my view from the away end meant I could not really work out if Hutton was at faul for the first. Even then there were two other one on ones which we squandered and you can't do that against a very good Arbroath side. 

    It was evenish at half time but that quick 2nd goal let Arbroath stroll it . Nicky Low was really good and I was impressed by the way the ball was moved. Always liked Bobby Linn and he had so much space that he remained dangerous. I thought Hutton did well with his many saves to keep down the score. 

    Don't like watching from behind goals but it was a pleasant day weather wise, even if the early Bovril lacked the essential ingredient -hot water - but the pies got high score.

    A tough test for us but it's the League that matters and we need some more competitive players.

    Good luck and best wishes to the Red Lichties again this season.



  14. 10 hours ago, lichtgilphead said:

    In the League Cup, you haven't beaten us at Gayfield since 1988/89, I believe.




    Of course, that was when you were nominally based in Clydebank

    Fair enough information even if I have never  myself been based in Clydebank. Hope it's a good match.

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