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  1. Sorry to miss out on the midweek game due to previous arrangements. That's my concession money lost to your revenues. I have no idea how it will play out on Tuesday but hope to get up later in the season.
  2. 2008-2009 Challenge Cup Semi Final at Firhill, as was posted. Beat Ross County on penalties in Perth. Changed days!
  3. Depends whether you're as senior as me but I do remember that Di Giacomo goal. Will research which year asap. Cheers
  4. Is the old main stand the Colin Weir.? I was being nice to the Thistle fan as I had several colleagues in Glasgow who were Thistle fans and that was better than the "big teams" .
  5. Partick poster showed that we played in 1986 and won a replay at Firhill. We then lost to Dundee in the next round in a year where Aberdeen beat Hearts. It is not beyond us to win.
  6. I just remember I was at the final with some Hearts fans but they did not enjoy an Aberdeen win. I was neutral about both of them.
  7. Thanks for info as I could not remember a Scottish Cup game between us and I am struggling to recollect those games. It is as a you say a wheen of weeks away so form can alter. Will the away fans be behind the goal or is that always reserved for the young Thistle guys? Last time I was there I think I was in the Jackie Husband stand? Best wishes.
  8. Trying to check our head to head but I don't think we have played Thistle in the Scottish Cup in my lifetime? The last games I was in a crowd at Firhill versus Thistle we lost by 0-7 in season 2012-13 ( Alan Cook at Left back!) but managed to reduce it to 0-1 later in that season . Obviously we mainly lose there but there have been wins. It was a wee bit close last season in the crowd-less games so I can look forward to a wee trip .
  9. Pity about that. My cheaper dilemma is do I go to see Clyde or the Rovers or just sit in the house?
  10. Clyde 1 Peterhead 2 Cove Rangers 2 Dumbarton 0 East Fife 1 Alloa 2 Queens Park 1 Falkirk 1 And fed up with no trip to Montrose!
  11. That does seem a likely reason as both sides think they will get a bigger crowd on a Saturday? I presume the Cup is run by the SFA so they are superior to SPFL structure. Still annoyed .
  12. Does anyone know why the Cup replay takes precedence over the League game.? I would certainly be up for a Saturday League game but a postponed midweek game some time in December hold little appeal.
  13. As I was behind that goal it certainly looked over the line for me and the lino was off up the park really quickly so the incredible save was just not enough. We played really narrow and Stenhousemuir were certainly competitive at getting the ball back and firing in reasonable crosses but it was only that late Tierney chance which threatened to make the end a wee bit interesting. I thought the RB was a good player (No 2 Lyons?) and the No 25 at the back. . Given that it was Ice Station Zebra till the wind died down, I was just glad to escape with a win. Having seen us lose at this time last year it's good to be in the next round.
  14. O' Reilly did run the ball well today as well as falling down on lots of innocuous challenges. He did play as a winger today which he rarely did in Murray's set up. Would I have kept him -no but it's all a matter of opinion.
  15. Looks like you won't be as a Scottish Cup replay somehow takes precedence for reasons unclear to me.
  16. Never heard much up in our area (D) so I presume it was from further along the home end. I was just trying to avoid the triumphalism from the Cove Coterie. Hope we can return the favour up there.
  17. Like mine that looks like another Zero. At least it's consistent? What a League!
  18. A fair analysis as usual. Montrose (A) Queens Park (H) Clyde (A) Alloa (H) is our 2021 remainder so it's an interesting pattern of games, and I expect the tightness to continue. You would be looking for 9 from home games I assume whereas we might get 6 if we play well. Clyde usually give us a tough match there and being in the bottom end does not mean you can't compete at home. I got no correct results today so I am giving up predicting till next time. We have a lot of ex players at Stenny so I expect a challenge. QOS just went bottom so maybe you can catch them out. Best wishes once more.
  19. No points today for both me and Airdrie but still near the top? I bet it is a low scoring day for most of us?
  20. Agree about the chances today and although Agnew has been very good/tidy etc in the last few games I think we do need to get McCabe into the midfield. The problem is that we lack another centre back to challenge as long as Kerr remains injury prone/Lyons untested. We did not get enough out of Easton today as he was too far back . McCabe would certainly shift him onwards during most games. It's still early days in such a tight League. I know we don't do whataboutery but just have a look at the Falkirk thread . Yep we can get back on top but it needs commitment.
  21. If we are going to rest Gallagher ( and there is a strong case for that)then McGill is the better alternative. The defeat today however did come from not scoring first, after being slow to get going in the first half. Yes there was an excellent chance for Easton and another for Gallagher in that 20 minute spell after half time, and I thought we were gong to get the opener. The poor defending at Megginson's goal was the decisive point, and we were not helped by falling asleep a few minutes later. Frustrating day but it's a tight L1 especially when you look at the other results.
  22. It was one of those days ( again) and I worry that it could be the Partick/Raith scenario of the last few seasons where we just can't beat a close competitor. First congrats to Cove because they do look like a solid leading side and if you have Megginson up front then the first goal can be so critical as it proved. The first half was very even and both goalies had one good save while we tended to be unable to break through a very tough back three/midfield shield. The first 20 minutes of the 2nd half did see us up the energy and there were a few panics in the away end. The miskick by the goalie was a real chance for Easton, and Gallagher did not have the pace to get his later chance away. Cove then had a very good spell and Currie kept us in the game . The opening goal looked like a series of poor defending from Fordyce's poor header which let Yule get in a good cross as our other defenders left Megginson uncovered. It might have been possible for a comeback but another good cross from Milne was just too easy for the in rushing Fyfie. That was very much it although we launched loads of high balls up the park all of it which lacked composure. I never got any result correct today and the tightness in the League will continue for a while yet. I was curious about how Vigurs would play and he rarely wasted a ball today whilst our creative guys just found it hard to get through. On the Referee he was a wee bit fussy but he has been like that for many a season. I think our next League game is away at Montrose and that's another tough place to go. Maybe time for a Cup run!
  23. If it's anything like the exciting play off last season I will be happy (as long as we win) . Two very good sides now that the season has settled and any result is possible. I have predicted a home win but I lost my top spot in the prediction League last week so I am maybe not the best oracle.
  24. I never knew this about Bertie Auld, having been convinced Hughie Gallagher had been sent off by a Mr Fogg but Wiki shows that as being a League game in England. Gallagher was never booked for Scotland despite his quick reactions to fouls. Wiki then appears to show Billy Steel being sent off in 1951 against Austria also for retaliation.
  25. I think it was on a point of order-the BBC had gone back to Joco etc-and he always scurries away in case it's about him. I think the Speaker is supposed to be the servant of the house etc but he must be getting fed up with how the PM evades any answer to the questions put to him. I know all leaders can be spinning/evasive about many things but he is brazen.
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