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  1. Meant to say that was another ticked new League venue, and I quite enjoyed sharing a good old stanchion with Kelty fans of a similar demographic. We agreed to differ on the "penalty" call in second half. The view was quite good at the area outside the main stand as it was higher up, although I did not enjoy the result. I think they will out perform Clyde over the season.
  2. I get the point about Simon Vella but Drew Jarvie had Scotland cap in 1971 with Airdrieonians after Ian McMillan. Interesting thread.
  3. Boy did I get the first bit wrong and the second proved too true. Hard to see any positives after the first twenty minutes. Can't see why Telfer and McCabe are doing in those areas, where it's so slow and no width created As to starting the front line with no Gallagher again, suggest that something is not quite right. Fair play to Kelty who won all the possession scraps and should have been ahead with that Austin lob. The disallowed goal was a foul but we got away with a real penalty challenge from those stupid pass backs. The 2nd half was all Kelty and once more we failed to match their subs refreshing. Quite what Devenny and Watson have done to be "rested" is a mystery and more so when we lost that goal. So dissatisfied at losing to the two promoted sides. Feel there's a wee touch of arrogance about Rhys in playing brave football but not battling to achieve it. Fordyce looking half the player recently and a few ghosts in the lineup who deserve a rest. Still a win at Montrose takes us top and 17 points in first quarter would be great. I will report back on how I see it on Tuesday!
  4. Watching Politics Live today and again wondering why GB news "journalists" such as Tom Harwood, are given air time. Do any BBC " journalists" get slots on GB News?
  5. It's a narrow away win for me just to set up for another hard game at Montrose. Definitely need Friz and Kelty will be a hard challenge.
  6. Thanks for info and it's unusual to be able to move.
  7. Planning to visit on Saturday and saw online ticket info. but is there a pay gate for away supporters? No idea how the game will go but as it's my first visit I'm sure I'll enjoy adding it to my grounds tick list.
  8. Dunfermline Athletic 2 Peterhead 0 Falkirk 3 Clyde 0 Kelty Hearts 1 Airdrieonians 2 Montrose 2 FC Edinburgh 1 Queen of the South 1 Alloa Athletic 1
  9. Taking chances seemed beyond us last night, and we might have lost more in that first half with the risky pass it out tactics. The absence of Friz and Smith meant all our width came from the full backs. They rarely got much linking with our spare midfielder or Gal and Sal up front Alloa clearly stepped it up in the 2nd half and Scougal/Cawley were much more creative. I know it was a dodgy corner which led to the goal but you always thought Sammon would annoy us. On the pre season talk of Taggart coming to us he was very impressive at CB. I could never say I want to lose and I hate this bizarre cup competition, but it's the league that matters. On that Wylie will not do a McInroy and it would be no loss if he goes back. I'll give him that audacious back heel near thing last night but he offers very little. I could be wrong of course and will grovel when reminded of my view.
  10. It was a game of lots of chances and although I thought we just edged the first half, there were real scary moments where our young goalie set up Alloa's best chances! I don't blame him as such as we appear to want to "play it out" but it's often scary. Thought Alloa were more active in the 2nd half and always felt Sammon would come in to score. I also saw Graham and Taggart as central rocks whilst our midfield never really got going in 2nd half. I've disliked the changes to this cup competition since the colts etc so no great loss but good luck to Alloa and a good draw. Enjoyed being able to pay at gate, and thanks to the club for letting me know!
  11. Little to add but so glad Gabby got the 2nd as he'd missed a real pinch before that and might well have deserved subbing. Clyde needed to nick a goal when they got a few chances and Henderson did save us twice. Not sure about Jamieson at CF but I'll take that score anyday.
  12. Just glad to be at a game. I have gone for a home win but have no idea how it will be gained. It's maybe right that having avoided a tricky trip to Montrose, that a home game is a good platform to recover from FC whatever. Smith must score surely!
  13. Interesting chat on this. For years I thought Little boxes had been written by Pete Seeger, given his socialist leanings, only to find out it was written by Malvina Reynolds. She also wrote Morning town ride, which must have some hidden meanings.
  14. Airdrieonians 2 Clyde 0 Alloa Athletic 1 Montrose 1 Dunfermline 1 Falkirk 1 Peterhead 2 Kelty Hearts 1 Queen of the South 2 FC Edinburgh 1 Game on!
  15. If it's 4-3-3 how about: Watson McCabe Fordyce Ballantyne Telfer, Devenny, Frizzell Jamieson, Gallagher, Smith. That's flexible for any formation switching in a game? As Ballantyne is suspended , then Euan plays LB. One loanee and reasonable bench. Who'd be a manager!
  16. I know there's always players that we just don't value as loan players and that's where I see Wylie. I could be wrong of course but IMO Justin Devenny is much better there, but at least Rhys now has player competition in most areas.
  17. Bought tickets and feeling a close game yet again. Last week was a sore one and Montrose will want to add to the pain. I have gone for a draw but will the fixtures now go ahead?
  18. Clyde 0 Dunfermline 2 FC Edinburgh 2 Peterhead 1 Falkirk 1 Alloa 2 Kelty Hearts 1 Queen of the South 1 Montrose 1 Airdrieonians 1
  19. Well I got that absolutely wrong but my brief comment was because I have yet to see us perform well against FC. That continues today and clearly the red card and penalty had a decisive impact The five minutes before it did show that FC were quite direct, and I thought Robertson and Handling were so much better then, and throughout the match than Gabby McGill and our stylish but inneffective forwards. Yes it was hard to take the double whammy but we were so poor in losing that 2nd goal. Felt sorry for Friz having to play alongside a weaker partner in Wylie. Not convinced Justin should have been displaced. It was also bold to go so bare at the back but once Gal missed that chance at 2 down whilst FC took theirs, surely we could have sorted out a defensive formation. Also the young goalie was let down by comical defending! Many years ago we surprisingly lost by 5 to Stenny and in many ways this was so unexpected . Rhys needs to reflect seriously on this. Congratulations to the twenty away fans who must have enjoyed another visit here. FC Edinburgh look a solidly organised team and they will be no easy touch. Will I go to Montrose!!!
  20. Airdrieonians 2 FC Edinburgh 1 Clyde 1 Alloa Athletic 2 Kelty Hearts 0 Falkirk 2 Peterhead 1 Montrose 2 Queen of the South 1 Dunfermline 1
  21. Fair comments but the Shyberry etc is often referred to unofficially as Broomfield and there also appears to be something called "New Broomfield park" in the website. What's in a name mind you. On atmosphere you're right about what a few thousand sound like in old stadiums compared to today's box grounds.
  22. I enjoyed that game today and the posts above have been equally thrilling as I ponder what to say. Thought the wide areas of Dunfermline gave us real bother and that's as well as I've seen Edwards play. The best looking football chances came from much of Airdrie's play but there was always danger from those long throws. As one poster said, some of them verged on foot over the line but thems the breaks. It's so far away that we had no idea who scored the first, nor expected that disallowed goal . It's hard to see in the wee clip and taking McKays account in face value I wonder if a Ref really admits that. He's not the worst I've seen in the seaside leagues so just wait and see some of the others. Dunfermline certainly are the best side we've played and given some of our guys were a bit off the pace up front, I remain content with a fair draw. On to beat whatever that Edinburgh team is called, for the first time!?
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