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  1. Off hand apart from Kyle Turner/McCann? I can't think of other ex players doing well elsewhere but you are right we are not quite firing yet-this seems to be true of all Ian Murray early season sides, even allowing for Covid /injuries etc. Will not be as easy as last season and Clyde will compete especially with Goodwillie always a threat. Let's hope your defenders give us some space . I have gone for a 2-1 home win but no betting either from me.
  2. Airdrieonians 2 Clyde 1 Alloa 1 Cove Rangers 1 Falkirk 3 East Fife 0 Peterhead 2 Dumbarton 1 Queens Park 1 Montrose 1
  3. I was obviously at the home game and that Texaco run was so exciting. My Dad was at the away game as well. I regret not playing truant from my first teaching post!
  4. If only Logan had done a sideways pass I would have left happy! Watched the DTV highlights today and much like Cove22 the edge was with Cove in 2nd half. We might well have signed good players but too many were just too flat on Saturday. I suspect Fordyce might have reacted better to put Neill off but it's a wee bit grasping at straws. I agree largely about Vigurs but that switch of play did open up the move for Logan. Clearly L1 is so tight and the final first quarter against Clyde will tell me a lot. On the seated area I had thought it had to be booked as such so stayed at ground level.
  5. My days of bus travel are gone if only so I get my own wide ranging music ( and my passengers) and chat for away trips, but glad Airdrieman still enjoyed your day non football . I also think that a front two has meant pushing Frizzell out wide where he does not have the pace/drive and we lose his other skills . Given the lack of players yesterday then it's understandable but we need some pace out left. I watched Hartley's interview and he also said it was way more scrappy than either team offered, but they kept attacking. Still to see any highlights just to be sure.
  6. There was very little that was superior in Cove but home advantage probably drove them forward in the 2nd half. I mentioned the Ref as well in my other post. The Macaroni pie ( sold out meat ones) , although adequate was a sign that Italian cooking should not be put in a Scotch Pie shell.
  7. Don't usually do this when we lose but that Referee today was abysmal for both sides. Hardly a bad tackle but lots of yellow cards!
  8. Posted on the Cove thread but we were all saying that we'd settle for a point around the time of the late goal-so an unhappy and annoying end to a pleasant trip up and nice weather. The performance was a bit flat in an attacking sense from us. Will need to get back on track against Clyde.
  9. Maybe I should wish the actual game had stopped for me around the 60th minute and my first visit to Balmoral was in the end disappointing. Cove were the only side going for a win in the last 10 minutes. This might well be down to the wind having a driving on effect in the 2nd half, or maybe it was that our attacking/creative players rarely featured in breaking down a good back four. I think Cove probably deserved it because the Currie save and hitting the bar shows that they were more active. They are a good side although I think they were better last season but clearly are still a top four team . I could blame our guys for not stopping Logan's cross but we had survived a few earlier scares. It could well be that missing Fordyce in defence might well have had an effect. I also wonder why Murray again played no subs till that goal and it maybe shows the dearth on our bench with so many absentees. Our back 4 was good and a couple of penalty box sclaffs might have been better used but I can't recall McKenzie having a save. It is a tight league and obviously I expected a draw but not seeing a game out again? As to our trip it was all going swimmingly until we got mixed up as to what industrial estate it was, so a tour and a few questions got us back to the right retail park in enough time. A few locals were sending us to Pittodrie but even I knew where it was! A neat ground but standing at ground level is maybe not the best viewing . Had a smashing Fish supper in Stonehaven so it was a good trip home.
  10. Thanks to Cove staff(Angela) I now have printed tickets via the wonders of PDF! Hope it's worth the trip.
  11. I will wait till the first quarter is up so we can judge every side, but of course-Yes, as well avoiding which question I answered!
  12. Cove Rangers 1 Airdrie 1 Dumbarton 1 Alloa 2 East Fife 1 Clyde 1 Montrose 1 Falkirk 2 Queens Park 2 Peterhead 0
  13. There is a pay at the gate but I bought mine online. Helpful guy on Cove club phone when I got I.T. confused.
  14. Thanks for info and maybe we will actually recognise each other.
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