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  1. We did until last season's second game when Montrose "segregated" the home and away fans, after some alleged minor unpleasant remarks from some Airdrie dafties at the earlier match. It was a long and pleasant walk around the streets to reach the far end gate. Always enjoyed the new stand at Montrose so it was no burden.
  2. String of signings keeps us interested, but who knows what you can learn from video clips. Will welcome him regardless
  3. As before I rarely see "returners" positively ( except Coyle) but watching Leitch in the Peterhead games last season , its a no from me.
  4. Thanks for info. I taught in the West End during that period but our paths never crossed.
  5. A good point indeed and that was also said of much of the initial Labour worthies from the start, maybe even continuing until today. As the anti devolution party it's not surprising that Westminster is their target, even if curiously it's the PR system of Holyrood which allowed the Tories to recover from the disaster of 1997.
  6. Spot-on, I suppose it really then depends on her age. Born in 1976 so I would guess she was there between 1988-1994. I think they had a green uniform -blazer /pleated skirt etc which matched up well with the local schools variety of school outfits.
  7. I'm pretty sure she went to Park School in the West End. Carol Smillie attended Hutchie. I think she did but the "Laurel Park merger" closed in 2002 and they became part of Hutchies which might explain the different posts.
  8. Fair point Diamond 10. I had not seen the fixtures but from going to Peterhead last season it was much better with the Aberdeen bypass:and the Stonehaven fish supper is top notch. I suppose Cove is the other and it will be ground no 41 so worth it for that alone.
  9. Tom Petty released "Refugee" in early 80s. I can't say if the other Tom is a fan?
  10. Still a wee bit detached from the football scene until we actually get to see a game. The three game scenario does seem to have favoured Falkirk/Partick but some of our best performances were away last season . At least we don't have to go down the Stranraer road!
  11. Well well Andy I would never have known that until tonight. For my suffering 40+ years of season ticket I forgive you. Does look like very good news in both ways.
  12. Gordon Parks strikes again. It could be a sign of things to come or it could be tomorrows fish supper wrapping.
  13. Allen McKnightmare instead of John Martin ! No more needs to be said.
  14. If accurate, the white is classy: the red is a bit difficult to quite grasp: like the third as it is sort of T Shirt. I know we need sponsorship but I'd buy that one if it had no logo. Will just need to wait for the real start!
  15. Ally Roy as the modern No 10-there we have it? I remain old fashioned 1-11 but recognise that those days are gone. Like others I am happy at progress but there is a midfield puzzle there. Good luck to all the new guys and anyone pulling on a Diamond.
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