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  1. Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2018/19 Thread

    Well done on that result but as we visit you next week , can you stay distracted by the prospect of playing another team in red/white? No one knows how this league is going apart from Arbroath. I might seriously think about going to that replay as I had a soft spot for Aberdeen in the Gothenburg times. Will we be kept out of the stand on Saturday?
  2. Thought Crighton was really good and we did compete well in the first half. hard to tell if it was a dive at the penalty but the players were remonstrating with Izaguirre. Hutton did well to save it but we let Ralston dribble too much just before the first goal. The stramash at the far end was too far away for me to judge but no doubt I will see it on TV. Had it gone in that would have been an interesting 2nd half. So much possession and pressure from Celtic that a goal looked likely but to lose it from a corner was disappointing. Some nice breaks in the later stages and I missed the build up to the third as I was making my way back from the bog. ( despite the steward saying NO, a kind police officer over ruled him.) great to be kept back for 20 minutes probably because of the pre match trouble which I missed cause I was early. Super support but how many will be at next home game but thanks for the money today. Young Dundee United guy looked quite good wide right so League challenge is now back on.
  3. Question Time

    Derby voted to leave by 58-42 in 2016 but that audience , judging by the serious applause for No deal , looked and sounded around 80%. I think their MPs are both labour MPs ( becket and Williamson) who must be worried about their seats in any GE if Labour don't deliver Brexit as No deal. Diane Abbot should be instantly removed from QT . Interesting to see that Rory "The Cairn" Stewart sees Freedom of Movement as the crucial red line, which will keep him sweet with Theresa, Must be a lot of EU migrants in Penrith? The most factual info came from the Professor guy who managed to silence the "No deal" brigade by explaining what No deal means. No one came back to disagree. Also interesting that Rory described the "Backstop" as a "Red Line" , and was corrected by Fiona Bruce, as it is not May's "Red line", but as it has been signed up to by Rory's government, surely he should resign now? Kirsty Blackman like most SNP speakers on QT was unlikely to make any impact on such an audience , but calmly answered the questions. I thought Fiona Bruce was good at getting them to move along
  4. Airdrie v Rovers

    Anyone know why Sean Crighton was wearing a No 20 on his jersey or is my eyesight gone? Hope we are not going to squad numbers as a grump old traditionalist. I think the equaliser is just onside but as Kenny used to say just stop the cross? ( with little effect mind you)
  5. Airdrie v Rovers

    I can see how David Hutton got MOM for those saves but it was a close run thing for Keiran Mcdonald who was really good in defence and attack. I wonder if the injury (assault?) on Scott Stewart left us with less of an attacking edge on the right ; he has been known to miss chances but I think he would have taken the Robertson chance. Great saves by Raith goalie as we almost got a winner. Two hand balls to stop attacks by Airdrie but no cards? had not seen the ref before but heh hoh it was an OK show by him
  6. Airdrie v Rovers

    Not much to add to the post by Diamond 8 but I enjoyed the game. I thought he was onside but a guy in front was sure he was offside. Highlights soon
  7. Airdrie v Rovers

    Just £16 or if you are like me a "senior citizen" then £10 will do. You do get the food stall all to your selves mind you, and the south toilets if the Bovril is too peppery. Hope it will be as good as the last time ( up to 83 minutes) from my viewpoint but you will be hoping for that last 7 minute repeat. Enjoy the match.
  8. Airdrie v Rovers

    Look out for the yellow tape .
  9. Supporting yer local

    Thanks for the info. I had forgotten about East Stirling ground but was there at least once . I don't know if being left crumbling is worse than becoming a supermarket?
  10. What can you possibly mean in this year of optimism? Seriously your view was what I almost put in the post at that point. I also missed our 11-0 win as I was out of the country. I was at Aberdeen when we lost 8 in the cup and did we not also lose heavily at Brockville but can't remember the score. ( 7 or 8? down to 10 men in 2nd minute?) Hope we do well tomorrow and next week.
  11. He was a fine player but as I watched him coming off for high spending Burton last night, in a 9 goal defeat, it shows how far ahead the money in the English PL takes you. I can't remember seeing such a heavy defeat for a long time.
  12. Supporting yer local

    I know what replaced Broomfield/Douglas park/Muirton /Brockville ( Supermarkets I think ) but what happened to the others? The view at Meadowbank was dire , especially when Alan Lawrence scored to beat us! The cold wind at the new Peterhead ground two years ago was the worst experience ever. Loved Brockville under the noisy enclosure. The bench seats at Clydebank? The mountain climb at the modernised Love street. Greasy pies at Bayview. I did like the terracing at Boghead. Am I the only one to have seen Airdrie play at the sadly lost Cathkin park- a marvellous bowl shaped amphitheatre? Nostalgia indeed
  13. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I think it's a given mate Having suffered a 7 goal thrashing on my last visit to Firhill, I hope we can sneak up via a penalty kick play off and pass you on way down . More likely that you are right.
  14. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I did, Cheers... Will change my post You are welcome. Does it look as if we might both be in League 1 next season, which might be easier to answer than the ongoing questions about Brexit/
  15. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Agree, but the Irish have a few per yr too. Any change to their referendum must be ratified by the people. I think you meant change to their "Constitution" ? Sorry to be pedantic!