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  1. Ruth Davidson.

    I agree. She can avoid doing anything before Thursday and if the next one is not till 2021 she will stick to the usual soundbites and photo opps.
  2. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    very often the employees look really fed up ; if it were a career ending for May I would be happy. I had listened to John McDonnell on Ch 4 and as he rambled on about how clear Labour were on Brexit, he said they would oppose Theresa Dales Meal.
  3. Ruth Davidson.

    She does not have to because she will avoid any interviews and her leaflets will already have pleased her base in this election. She will certainly find a way to spin in once the results are announced. The Spectator view of her as a "One nation" Tory will help her to stand as the Champion of British Nationalism. I know that historically the phrase had nothing to do with the concept of National Self determination. and is about opposing "Class politics", but she is good at spinning and flip flopping.
  4. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I had switched over as she started and was flummoxed by how often she kept glancing up-was she looking for inspiration as the Vicar's daughter? was she looking out for milkshakes? Was she looking to see if anyone was really superior to her? It put me off listening and it was only later that I found it was in PWC building and all the employees had been rounded up to suffer. The content will take a wee while to grasp but I can't see her getting this strategy through as who would trust a departing PM to deliver anything.
  5. Good to see Hutton sign back with us. He had more than just one good save at Parkhead and like most goalies he could make mistakes but I see it as a good move. Any time I had looked at QP on BBC line ups etc this season I had thought it was Mark Roberts as Player Manager so it is good to see it is a different guy ! The puzzle about our signings at present is that we don't know yet how they fit in as PT/FT roles. Will wait to see how it continues to develop.
  6. Annan v Clyde/ Clyde v Annan

    The biggest league crowd I have been at for many a season and it was a good game to watch as well as having atmosphere of things about to happen. Annan just sat back for most of their well organised plan. Clyde were by far the better moving team and at least they made the Goalie make some great saves. There was lots of space for those players who could pass and run such as the young lad Banks. As far as time wasting etc it was obvious that Annan were going to do that to keep their lead but once they lost the first goal, they never really altered. Clyde did over play the ball at times given how much possession they had and yet, it was the long ball into the box for a change which gained the penalty. Thoroughly deserved on the day and having spotted many fellow Diamonds in the crowd I look forward to next season's derby games. It looks a really tight L1 already.
  7. He did say he wanted to sign back on but that was all he said in public. Given how we were all taken in by all the hype last season , I am keeping quiet for now
  8. I was at it and it was a fair turn out in number terms. I missed last year in Stadium and I suspect more were at the one I went to 2 years ago. As said David Hutton/Josh Edward got the awards and stressed that they were also disappointed at missing out/not achieving what had been sought. The highlights of the evening were seeing most of the 1975 Cup team whilst players of a later era were there as well. There was a good Q/A with the 75 Cup team and manager Mr McMillan. It was a tribute evening to Ian who spoke of his 60+ years involvement with the Club.George Caldwell and Norrie Anderson inducted into the Hall of fame with Norrie saying more about how much he valued his time here until Ally Mcleod sent him on his way ( only to reappear 6 months later as Ayr boss!) . The meal itself was very good and the Bar was always busy! It managed to avoid the sense of the differences between the Trust and Board.
  9. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I thought Farage supported independence when he was leading UK Independence Party? Did the wee lad speak out during 2016 to support Vote leave?
  10. Yes I knew it was over Newhouse way but got it mixed up. The earth did not move for me!
  11. Thanks for list and I have now had cold shivers at being reminded of Butcher Munro/Gary McKay chasing Tom Hendry down the tunnel/ how Jimmy Bone was inspiring but escaped some difficulties There have been some real duffers so maybe I should revisit Jackie Stewart-did we win the Spring cup? I think Ralph Collins worked over at Honeywells as well? So many short tenures never mind the guy who "managed" in the first half at Cliftonhill with a derby win, but got punted!
  12. It will take me some time to find the 50 managers but I do have vague memories of Willie Steel at the start of my teenage years of supporting the Diamonds. Excluding some of the dross recently I voted Jackie Stewart as the worst manager I had ever experienced and wee Doddy as the best. As to Ian Murray I will bide my time, We used to sing a song about take me back to the Ashy hills of Gartlea , being inspired by Doris in Calamity James.
  13. Takes a good half hour off your journey Thanks for info. It was that bit through Aberdeen that seemed endless. Hope it is not mid winter (whenever that is) as one recent visit was the coldest ever where hillwalking layers proved essential
  14. No wish to intrude too much on Stenny disappointments as I thought you would survive, but the chance to get some points from either Annan or Clyde and new additions to L1 at either end might just freshen up my grumpiness. If I am right did you not finish 4th last season and get promoted so Annan could do the same? Long journey to Peterhead but does Aberdeen City Bypass ease that now? I suspect had we finished 4th rather than Montrose we could also have been gubbed by QOTS, so thanks again Stenny
  15. Question Time

    It was when Fiona Bruce described the Breaking point poster as "relatively ancient history" that I had a sharp intake of breath of the dumbing down of debate. I do feel it is a kind of zombie programme and I was addicted for a long time to that other post apocalypse genre, (Walking with the Dead?)so I keep watching. It was curious that as the only Election candidate it could be a breach of broadcasting conventions ?