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  1. We will disagree on the softish penalty but it was close. A scabby goal would do me as well. Enjoy safe travel
  2. Good to hear it was not as first feared.
  3. I agree it is an odd league. It would be true to say it is not "super form" but I think the last five games have you in 3rd place which would no doubt delight many in the final week. We have now managed to beat everyone at least once, bar our bogy Raith, so I hope we can do a doubler on Saturday in keeping your chances unconverted. Enjoy the trip if you are coming-cold weather back again
  4. I have tried not to predict because I always get the football wrong. However I think you are very close with the Libs and Labs but I think the Conservatives will hang on in 9 seats but will be delighted when Kerr and Graham are gone. Masterton seems less of an ideologue and I think he might win. If Jack went it would be even better but I think the grey demography of Dumfries will save him. It kinda reminds me of the times of Labour's feeble 50 with an incoming Tory majority. (Sorry)
  5. I agree and it shows how weird this League is that Peterheid are now a form team. Forfar also appear to have stopped the rot by not losing. Have Clyde stopped scoring which could mean we have an interesting next 2 games?
  6. He'll definitely get a warm welcome. Presumably Leitch and Stevenson could play so they will all be welcomed. The last game featured him and he was quite good, if given space. That will not happen this week if we keep pressure applied as in recent form. That depends on how we recover from the knocks at Raith. We have drawn with Stranraer but beat them recently, so it will be another close game. There was one a few years ago (I think) where we led 3-1 with 12 minutes to go but lost 3-4. December 2015? I hope it does not happen again.
  7. Airdrie 2 Peterhead 0 Falkirk 0-Raith 0 Forfar 2 Dumbarton 1 Montrose 3 Clyde 1 Stranraer 1 East Fife 1
  8. Largely happening in a restricted area. Will Ian Murray be allowed in front of the family friendly area after his fall out with the officials yesterday?
  9. He is quite representative of many Referees indeed.
  10. Sinn Fein was founded in 1905 and does have abstention. The nationalist movement parties took their seats in Westminster before 1914 and were crucial to the Home Rule Acts of the Liberal Government after 1906.
  11. For the first time yesterday he actually burst into the box but overstretched which made it look like a "going down easy" scenario. The Ref gave him the benefit then. I wonder if we ran out of ideas because we had all of the ball, 11 against 10 , rather than counter attacks. For a laugh I would move him back to CB for Fordyce and bring back Nat who is as slow as Conroy.
  12. Watched both clubs TV highlights and I am glad the debate continued on all the cards and incidents. So many viewpoints but in the end it's only the Ref's decisions that count. It was a close match and we need to move on. Freshening up next week looks likely but Murray should retain the shape that has worked well recently. I saw that Conroy had scored 2 yesterday so I am ready to greet him warmly.
  13. Hope that Roberts is not injured from that assault by Davidson. He was limping at the end. I agree another driving midfielder would be good and McKay should have been taken off today rather than Millar. I am not convinced that Hawkshaw is enough of a threat. I think Fordyce will be out for 2 games unless we successfully appeal. Does Kerr come back in to CB and Nat must be thinking his days are numbered even as a sub. It was a miserable day but the time did pass by really quickly!
  14. I agree about the atmosphere inside the ground and we did have a feeling that the team would keep the run going. IT was right to applaud the players at the end today for all their recent efforts, It's only 16 games in and no one is running away with the league. Our next two games before Falkirk are winnable if we approach them correctly. There are some grounds where Stewards are a bit fussy but in general they do a good job, As to the "half time chuff" I do hope your wee girl is missing out on that aspect!
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