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  1. I had similar thoughts before the game and it stopped Stenny's recent good run. It was also the first win for Stranraer in 10 (I think) . I am glad we don't have to play them till last game. As to Dumbarton I could not see in upcoming fixtures today when it would be rescheduled. Any info?
  2. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    As I can't stand an empty Saturday I went to experience the Broadwood cold. It was so like those freezing years in the past. The game itself was quite a good one and it gave me some idea of what standard we might face in any dreaded play offs. It was fairly even for an hour and a draw was about right. Clyde then dominated and only some careless finishing and a brave goalie kept it level. They took the lead from a corner kick for 2-1 and John Rankin finished off a quick break late on. A Stirling player got a bad head knock which meant Rankin's goal was 90+8 minutes. Clyde were solid and have experience in most areas. Goodwillie still has danger moments/ Ally Love hares about/Rankin is very calm and play offs are nervy for the L1 sides. Dylan Mackin was a sub for Stirling and he appears to be even broader now. My feet have just about heated up and the Stranraer win at Ochilview was in some way a relief although maybe a draw would have been better?
  3. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    It is nit picking but Airdrieonians are not in that fishy table. I only hope they can update the data base. As far as relegation goes I am really worried about our recent slide. We have also lost twice to Brechin and Stenny, but seem able to beat Stranraer and Montrose. My guess is we will sneak through but it could be close. I got my L1 predictions way wrong at start of season but I will go for Stenhousemuir in 10th/ Brechin in 9th.
  4. A huge crowd no doubt. I will learn a few gaelic chants. Hopefully Easter time will have seen us rising up the table. Last night's late goal for East Fife was a relief to me at least. read the tiser today and what optimistic spin from the journalists. Sean McIntosh is referred to as "the constant in the dressing room" over the last three years which makes me wonder where he was until three games ago. The Dumbarton game is vital
  5. Rovers v Airdrie

    It was not the worst I have experienced-Central Park was far worse. The view was quite good( not our football) . It was quite narrow between the rows right at the back but plenty leg room from the second back row down. It did look a wee bit tired and the seats were quite dirty as I presume they are hardly used. The toilet was basic but far better than the Somerset park one, On the plus side the Pie and Bovril were very good and the guy serving had a very friendly manner. I remember the toilets under the old Broomfield stand which was an experience . Also the days when most of the bogs was the slope at the Adam avenue end but the atmosphere was super. What was shocking was our performance.
  6. Dombarton vs Airdrie

    I would gladly take that draw just now! An interesting statistic indeed and none of the games have been worth more than a draw . If Murray plays the same team and same dire strategies involving 18 year old loan players and no real attacking physique , the odds on a home win are good. If games go a certain way in mid week the bottom 6 are neck and neck.
  7. Fair enough at 40 plus. I do worry if say 43 will be needed.
  8. Yes. I have posted on the game thread but we are sinking fast as the teams below keep picking up points. We also look feckless in attacking ideas, Given that we had some weird shape and players in strange positions with Conroy "operating" in so many areas no one seemed to get up to support Duffy. As for bringing McIntosh on and then sticking him out wide right I despair. The corner kick defending still bemuses me , We never looked like even pressurising an ordinary Raith side in that last ten minutes. It may well be Findlay's side etc but the loan players and the return of Conroy has not given us a bounce. 40 points is needed but if we lose at Dumbarton next week then you have to rely on our home form which is worse than the rest of L1.
  9. Rovers v Airdrie

    We have not had a win since 2011 and although that obviously is due to the above, it shows how far we have declined in those years. The first minute should have produced a Raith goal and that ten minute spell was dire from my point of view. Watching it from the side was slightly better from then till half time . Our one decent move with Duffy's header being cleared was about all we showed in an attacking sense. One goal was going to decide it and it was a long ball fast break but I give credit to your no 8 for a great run and finish. I don't get the changes made by Ian Murray as I think our loan players are no better than what we had(including the ones we sent out ) and his cautious tactics have now taken us even closer to the foot. Ryan Conroy wandered all over the place largely to no avail. The back three worked really hard as usual and Robertson was fine in replacing O'Neil but the others were so ordinary. They now make Sean McIntosh the most effective player. As for Raith they did have more pace and did at least attack but it was maybe too close for your liking. The results elsewhere are getting even more bizarre but our form is worrying. At least I got the 100+ away support just about correct-oh for the days of Paul Harvey's chip and Kenny Black's 40 yarder.
  10. Rovers v Airdrie

    Thanks for info. I always prefer watching a game from the side rather than behind goal. If it is it makes three different viewpoints in my visits. I hope your optimism about us scoring pans out! Finishing second would be better as you say but it won't be us. A disappointing season after such an optimistic pre season scenario.
  11. Rovers v Airdrie

    Given our record against Raith recently I can't see us getting a win but a point would be desirable. We do have the second best defensive stats in L1 ( I think) but we lack real creative midfielders. Raith appear to be allowing Arbroath to go unpunished when they drop points and Forfar are the form team in second place. The play off spots might be interesting yet again this season. Which stand will our fans ( about 100?) be in?
  12. Brechin v East Fife, A90 away days.

    These catch up midweek games seem to be producing draws which might show that the competition for fourth place and to avoid 9/10 place keeps going. We have five away and four at home in last quarter but as we average about 11 points in each quarter so far, I can't see us featuring at the top end. I would see 40 points as safety so hope to pick up a point at Raith on Saturday.
  13. A View From The Terrace.

    Never knew about podcasts but I thought the half I have seen so far was a refreshing change in featuring teams I regularly see in the lower divisions. Very good points about Bobby Linn. will keep tuning in even though the guys are so much younger than me!
  14. I can't add much to Airdriemans post. Campbell and McIntosh did quite well in general but the other loan players have added very little to the squad and their age probably explains this. The first half was instantly forgettable and losing Carrick was a blow but Wilkie was really good. Montrose did miss one really good chance which led to the guy's injury. The early goal should have set us up but apart from another corner scramble we did not break through. I noticed Conroy getting into fankles inside the box which seemed to set up panic in the back three, and as Montrose went 4-2-4 we simply sat back ( The manager had us a solid back five who never got out again.) I felt we were bound to lose an equaliser but Hutton saved us yet again. Montrose were poor until that last 15 minutes and we just about edged them. The three points were crucial and given the other results it took off some of the anxiety. On form we are still bottom and the away games coming up are a real worry with Dumbarton now 2nd on form, while we rarely get anything at Raith. The first half was so uninteresting that I only woke up when noticing the officials had changed their wet gear at half time!
  15. Airdrieonians vs. Montrose.

    638 is atmosphere killing and a poor game in wet and wild low temperatures. Glad to get a win despite hanging on at the end. Well done David Hutton.