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  1. Liked this quick comment but a bottle of that probably lasts me a season, since I have been follically challenged for many a year. Hopefully submitted the form today if my internet skills are successful. Take care
  2. Will certainly do it but wondering which head and shoulders photo shows my best looks!
  3. Finally caught up today and bizarrely I had not noticed that big clock in the first half. When you pointed it out to me that was about all I did see today. How physical was that game? : it was as if the Ref had decided to keep the game moving no matter what-maybe the new rules protect players more these days but on the other hand they all seemed to just get on with the situation and not roll around a la Neymar. Have enjoyed reading all the posts on here. Discovered on Wiki that we lost 0-2 at Tannadice but can't remember if I was there on the day.
  4. I have just watched the first half today and I was puzzled at all these boards. It's only when I spotted Airdrieonians that I had a clue about the "route to the final" but I honestly don't remember that game/defeat. Need to go to Wiki. So far I boo every time I see Davie Sime. I did not watch it on TV back then and even now it was quite a physical first half-there would have been many yellow cards by half time in our "modern game". Ian Angus was a Chapelhall boy so I had reluctantly supported Motherwell (just)No screen clock either so it was like being there- forgot I could FF to incidents and RW as well as pause! Will watch the rest tomorrow
  5. I endorse what you say and the last bit about highlights, or even lowlights, is one I had not thought about. It's what I tend to check across the League we are in. I think club websites have also improved.
  6. It was indeed a good read. I think Kenny was one of the four red cards for Stranraer at Broadwood in late 1994 when having scored first, they were eventually beaten 8-1? He was a tough character of the old school. Glad to see he has recovered.
  7. I did say I was an old fuddy duddy but I agree with you that in the modern world, it makes a lot of commercial sense. For years other fans had no idea who our players were because the numbers were too small to see, even if you had a team sheet. The names do matter to the upcoming fans and I have reluctantly endorsed it. I did notice on the Chase today that numbered jerseys only came in ( in England I presume) in 1933. Maybe my Dad who was an Airdrie fan then was also a traditionalist! The other big change is that the facilities in our stadia are miles better , although the standing terraces did have more "atmosphere" . Hope that Scott Stewart had a good intro to Gayfield sports, Take care
  8. Agree on the positives and despite going to nearly all games I detest the 10 team set up. There is a staleness about playing 4 times and often more. Even the split might be less tedious. I know what you mean about Bosman and the disappearance of the transfer market resources for smaller clubs but the previous contract laws/holding registrations was a real restriction on the ability of the worker to change jobs. I think I remember Airdrie making life really difficult for Chris Honour to move on in the early 90s. Its a question of the power of a business over the economic freedom of a worker, and we will all have differing views. The other bugbear for me is squad numbers beyond 1-11 ( and subs are ok to 18/19 if you don't like 13-an old fuddy duddy I am )
  9. I should have spotted the word planner! I realised eventually that it was BBC Alba. I did record them at the time but unlike you I got no pleasure from reruns. Spotted some you tube stuff about those games and it could be interesting to see who played for the teams. I did notice that it was quite a big crowd in the away stand-changed days for both us now. Take care
  10. Clearly you would enjoy it and I was less pleased in the other stand, but I wonder how likely it is to find it on the Sky planner, as I dislike watching "Non Scottish" old games.
  11. Keeping safe indeed and rewriting some of my adventures this season, as well as reading my long list of unread books. I even watched Scotland's loss to Kazakhstan last night and surely things can only get better? Our chats on real games are a miss . Take care
  12. Callum Smith on loan from Dumfermline and I never like to give an award to loan players. I made an exception a few years ago with Scott Fraser from Dundee Utd. ( now somewhere in England) As to Callum he certainly has great energy and pace and pesters defences, but he lacks the finishing touches of Gallagher or Carrick . This is only his first full season and he will develop.
  13. At Airdrie it's a tie between Fordyce and Carrick but given his all present record, I vote for Fordyce. As to YPOTY it can only be Leon Mccann
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