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  1. Not on ordinary games but I did go to see Motherwell lose in a European game. It was pleasing indeed. It's amazing to see how Brechin gliding through those play off games ( all draws/pens?) has gone on to such a situation.
  2. That's what I would have guessed. I have a friend who would never go to Cliftonhill for anything other than a derby. I did go to see Clyde win against Annan in the play off a few years ago. If only we could see live spectator games soon.
  3. Given the trouble I have often found with PPV is the lad 2nd from the right having the same trouble with logging on? Good initiative by the lads.
  4. Thanks for info. This chase is going to be butt clenching, but it looks as if Forfar are doomed? With Brechin's current status, and Arbroath looking as if they could stay in the Championship, it would be changed days from the Angus L1 of a few years ago. Do fans in Angus go between the teams if one is away from home or is it a bit "tribal"? I have been known to give Albion Rovers an occasional visit.
  5. I can sympathise with you but it's still a real chase now for that top 5-tough games for Montrose I know but nothing can be taken for granted in this crazy season. Is your other goalie Scott Gallagher who was with us last season? He also had some howlers for us and I preferred David Hutton. Your 2nd half was nearly all about hanging on and maybe the fitness over all these games caught a few players out. I Have no great prediction skills but think Thistle and Falkirk will get there and feel Cove will not stumble so its EF/A/Mo to tough it out.
  6. I almost agreed with you until the last para. as I am still so unsure about Murray. I give him the benefit of the doubt because in his time he came in midway/ had us close last season till shutdown/ is not that far away now : The OTL podcast pointed out that he has a far better win record ( in lower League mind you) than almost of our post 2003 managers. So if he gets us into top 5 first, and then gets us into top 4 , I would take one more punt on him.
  7. Presumably if we beat Forfar and as they have no game we go above them with 26 to their 24. They then play Peterhead at Methil and a home win takes them back above us. In that situation it looks like winner takes all for top 5 place as only a win would keep Peterhead in it. But Montrose have Thistle (A) and Cove (H), whilst Cove have Falkirk at home and Montrose away. it's all in the hands of the bravest team/manager. Thistle of course have Clyde (H) and Dumbarton (A) so I think they will be in top 4.
  8. I am still puzzled about that line up but thought we did dominate the 2nd half and those stats sa y a lot about how many slashed shots we had in that half. all wildly thumped over the bar. The one great strike we had was a goal till Lennox blocked it-so it was apt that he had that howler at the end. I was glad we got a point obviously as it still keeps us in that chase, but as Bradley often says: You're a better player than that. This does not apply to Jack McKay who appeared to be there just to keep Steeves out of attacking. The real puzzle for me was dropping Ritchie to shoe in Dale in Midfield, but then give O'Reilly this weird back up role to a front two. It was only late on that he got on to the wing, along with Thomson: I don't fault the player but it was weird. Thought Gallagher worked really hard and assuming he scored the goal, it could see him more confident. All to play for now as the top four positions are in the balance for many clubs. Could we do a Brechin and finish 4th/draw every game/ and go up on penalties! ( Not if it then produces what happened to them) Had a smashing Curry takeaway and a haircut today-life is good so far.
  9. First praise to the quality of the stream, presumably benefitting from a higher position, and a delight to see almost all of the pitch at the right times. I liked the commentator ( sorry forgot his name) who was quietly informative and very fair. I missed how he reacted to that last minute howler as I was in delirium at Sean's salvation. On the game itself Montrose did edge the first half and probably deserved the lead because they got a shot on target. We had breakaways and corners but it never looked to dent Dillon etc. I was very doubtful if we would recover from Sean's own howler, especially so close to half time. Did Montrose decide to sit in or did Airdrie finally take the passing game into the final third? All a matter of opinion, but I was desperate to see an equaliser since we had so many chances. I have no idea if Gallagher played for the "felt a contact" foul but the Ref had a better view than me. Lennox made an excellent save to keep the lead but that high cross should have been dealt with-maybe it was the snow on it that caught him out. I was delighted of course. It was a good game between 2 teams trying to win but Montrose will be kicking themselves. The top six chase for a top 5 position is now on. Our home form is shady but you would think we will beat Forfar and then it's the Fifers, for a fitting decider.
  10. Thought we had a much better 2nd half and Montrose looked like just sitting back. That final cross by the superb Sean Crighton has rescued my day. Off for the Curry and later thoughts as we still keep interested. Was it a penalty? New referee to me but he was ok.
  11. Not much in till that good bit of footwork and shot from CFB, but we have offered a few shooting chances from the box as we don't really have a midfield today apart from Turner. O'Reilly/Carrick appear to be in the same area, and the McKay guy wide right , could be sitting in the stand for all the use he is. All the positives are that we have worked hard but that is surely the minimum. Montrose are much m ore composed and capable of working openings, and of course ex Montrose, Crighton, forgot he was supposed to defend for us and not score for them. To be fair we should have stopped Webster's hopeful cross. This was a team I did not want to have to play again before the 18, but what does that say about the post split prospects? coming back from 2down I have only seen once in the last 5 seasons!
  12. Have taken it to 40 minutes but KO is approaching so I will confine my comments to : Very enjoyable and covered much of what I have been thinking about- I was just about to say "what about the club's communications" and Emma then set this up for listening later. I agree with much of what Mr November posted above , and am desperately hoping for at least a draw today!
  13. Thanks . I never knew that could be done. But a great result for both Clyde and Dumbarton as it tightens up across all the League.
  14. East Fife lose away to Dumbarton who score 2 goals! Forfar get thumped by Clyde. East Fife have a very poor away record and Forfar are being cut [email protected] all this makes our visit to Montrose really important. Up against a well drilled and compact side but they could not score at Dumbarton so maybe up front they are not so great?
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