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  1. Airdrieonians 3 Clyde 0 Alloa 2 Peterhead 1 Dunfermline Athletic 2 Montrose 2 Kelty Hearts 1 Falkirk 1 Queen of the South 2 Edinburgh 1
  2. Late night post as I was out in the toon for the first time in years. That was the best performance this season and as many have said , could have been so much more. While much of this was due to our speedy attacks and recovery of the second ball, I had to agree with someone who said Alloa's front three and weird defence , let us grab the game. Donnelly had a few chances from far out but his lack of engagement in that position was wiped out by McCabe. I did think it might be high scoring but will settle for four as Hogarth did make some great saves. Ten out of ten, now turn it up to 11 over Clyde.
  3. Went to see how the English cup was going and missed the 2nd and third but back in time for a cracking fourth.Cove look as if they're in real trouble.
  4. I just meant a draw does no favours to either but as you say there's still loads of games left. but like you I want us to win to stay in touch.
  5. Gone for a home win but constantly nervous despite our good home record. It could be a high scoring game given how good both sides are at counter attacks from defence and defensively suspect. Probably a must win for both .
  6. Airdrieonians 2 Alloa Athletic 1 Clyde 0 Dunfermline Athletic 3 Edinburgh 1 Falkirk 2 Montrose 1 Kelty Hearts 1 Peterhead 1 Queen of the South 2
  7. Think Alan Lawrence rescued a draw in last minutes but being a true professional, I avoided a long wintry drive and put my job first. My nephew did go and it was quite a hairy experience. We lost in lots of snowy play. Think you can get it on you tube for the penalty shootout .On the other red card guy the one this oldy remembers was John Friel at the old Methil in 1985 ISH.
  8. What's the odds he gets released and surely that Red Card would be some club career record? I can think of one other who made his debut and got red card and never played again! Over to the oldies.
  9. Willie Steel was manager for nine years and was well thought of. He did indeed go to Thirds but got out before their owner wrecked the club.
  10. Somebody on another thread said they'd found me as the oldest poster on P/B so I was happy to see Rio 2. You'd have loved the years before Kenny Black and since he got as much advice on the old Stomp it might have helped us win that play off, if he'd listened. Welcome to the Diamond experience.
  11. Snap as that's my support history as well. I think he went on to better things at Third Lanark? It's great fun to chat about how we'd like the team to play.
  12. I think he always shows it as correct score -3 points and correct results -1 point, so you got four results correct which would be 4, and with three correct scores, you get two bonus points for each one, you get six more , equalling ten. Please help me BWA! It's all great fun. Cheers
  13. Alloa won, so no points I hope? I'm not making a takeover from BWA!
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