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  1. I apologise in advance but there are a few cinches there?
  2. I enjoyed this from the kick off to that daft Turkish defending at both corners. I kept saying to no one in particular that Turkey would never score and apart from that header saved by the Welsh goalie, I find it hard to remember much else. The Welsh drive and spirit was first class and it does help having two really good players in Bale and Ramsay in attacking positions. Most of the rest I know little about but given I only see seaside L1 players that's my fault. Good to see Wales have a realistic chance to go through.
  3. Hard to add anything in to all these posts but I ought to have known better about our prospects today. Yes we did miss chances and had Robertson scored first then who knows , but too many players in wrong positions for too long--missed Tierney big time . We do have weaknesses at CB and RB and today showed it up. Always optimistic so hope for better team selection/attitudes on Friday .
  4. I had not reached that point when I saw the first post so thanks for updating me. I once saw an Airdrie Clyde game at Broomfield where Clyde led by 4 at half time but it ended 4-4 -great days. Looking forward to our games this season, indeed any live game i can go to. Best wishes.
  5. I was at a Rovers game a few seasons ago and Vic was there at half time with so many well-wishers , including this Diamond. Interesting to see the old language on "coloured" player in the news report,
  6. It was certainly not this shortened season when so many were scored by the Diamonds over the Bully Wee. ( 8 I think)-it was either skill and daring or a poor Clyde defence, and a windy Broadwood. I can't remember a season of 4 0-0 games but some research might reveal it.
  7. Thanks for explanation. I am glad that the officials have such an approach and I just have to guess.
  8. I will wait to see how our squad actually plays before I lose the plot and for the time being I will watch some boring internationals. McCann is a good L1 player at present so best of luck to him with what looks like a better contract/money-it's what most players seek as a career if FT or as a good add if you play PT.
  9. I had just finished the takeaway curry and put on the TV to discover that Erickson situation. It was really shocking . Still can't quite believe they are now playing the match, and endorse what you say.
  10. Thought the quiz and food section was very entertaining and I was gagging along with Joel over that jellied eel dish. One of the few times I have watched it on transmission and it was worth it just for the Spanish ending.
  11. France/Italy shared top spot.
  12. You could be correct. Having watched it last night and not spotting he was off the park, it used to be an offence if a player came back on the field without it being part of an active attacking situation, and a foul was awarded-sometimes a yellow card: so I guess that's why he flagged, but it was the only Italian move that went wrong. Early days to be commenting on the Refs etc.
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