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  1. After a wee rest the only thing I've heard is a new pitch will be there soon as the current one gets lifted. Wonder what they do with the old bits? All the chat about manager changing leaves me ready to start commenting but I need a close season to get over another failure.
  2. Pretty much sums up my own feelings. Time for a wee rest. Best wishes.
  3. I sympathize and I think the dreadful league cup begins in July but it's not regional this time?
  4. Sixty years of supporting Airdrieonians and I have enjoyed this season as much as any of the 20th century , and since 2003 etc , this has been so good. However we failed again and it's not a good place to be today. But many of us have been in worse close season prospects so I will stick to being fairly optimistic again. I have no idea what's going to happen but Pie and Bovril is my first port of call. Now to go to the Scotland world cup game and desperate for a wee summer booster.
  5. was it not Frizzell who was dispossessed by Jack Thomson? It was indeed from a poor pass by Easton. Two of our best players this season but that's the irony of football. On QP I also thought Fox was outstanding and just the type of CB we should have looked for, and the midfield changes made by Coyle from the first leg certainly caught Airdrie out. Still feeling sore but that's life in the seaside leagues when you miss out again.
  6. Just back in so first congratulations to Queens Park. When you win two away games in these play offs, it says a lot about your committment and playing ability. On the day it was our goalie who had to make the better saves . We never really got going even when taking the lead. Queens Park did not appear fazed by it and stuck to their game. Down the right again proved a weakness for us. We can ponder why we were not quite there in tactics all day but what I feared happening several weeks ago, has come to pass. I do feel let down over these two games and I don't know if all the good stuff of the season will make up for it. Wonder where some of our players are headed but it won't be a trip to Firhill or Lesser Hampden for me next season.
  7. Little to add to the many posts on summing up the game. It was always going to be a difficult watch. Cup tie at home where we have been so much better? I think I would take that but it will be nervy . We only had a spell of successful attacking possession round about the 85th minute and we'll need a lot more and a lot earlier of that.
  8. Apart from a gentle disagreement over the penalty, I endorse your views.
  9. Too late for much reflection but I hope we play better on Sunday. Watch the highlights just now which will not take long . Probably the poorest passing game of the season. All to play for.
  10. Posted on the game thread and I have just recovered from Saturday. Roll on more success on Thursday. I also would make some changes to the starting line up but am keeping it secret from Spider eyes
  11. Apologies to the earlier poster, s search of Wiki shows the bold Owen as assistant manager in 2004-5. That must have passed me by. Senior moments.
  12. Owen is also in my top three of Airdrieonians players, and a good guy.
  13. I could be wrong but I don't think Owen was ever manager at Airdrieonians. Sandy of course was and got us promoted so I wish him well but hope he fails this week. It will be close but ticket bought today.
  14. I have speculated on Queens Park doing a Brechin with draws and penalties wins. That was broken yesterday so its down to skill and heart in these 2 legs. All the games were close until the most recent one and clearly Queens have earned the chance to go up. I was impressed by Fox in all the games but the absence of lots of goals apart from that Falkirk one, makes me think it will be Airdrieonians that get the job done. Should we give up the openings that Montrose got, that would make me worried, but I think we will tighten up. Still nervously confident but quite capable of a challenge to the other horrible clubs in the Championship, if we keep the quality players.
  15. When ready they will be on Airdrie FC website. Usually up quickly but maybe lots of goals takes longer!
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