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  1. Never knew that about Bullen. Two Stuart Robertsons and the goalie had been with Airdrie. as had Colin Mitchell. Tom Hendrie who went on to manage St Mirren? John Colquhoun -great winger and I think Graham Armstrong might have played for Stirling as well. Oh the days of reserve football with young guys/veterans /guys coming back from injury.
  2. Hope you can get to do it, and that's a fair old mileage each day. Best wishes
  3. It was indeed breathtaking from Brendan, but for my sins I came across some Brexiteers on the Express online , complaining that the BBC "Remoaners" were not letting Brendan develop how great this was for NI, although no one on the show pointed out that the rest of the U.K are therefore at a competitive disadvantage. I have largely given up on QT for other reasons.
  4. Just spotted this today but if you gotta make a fool of somebody, here I am. Greenie from me as well.
  5. I have no idea either what that comment was.
  6. Praise to you for that first day! We thought 4-5 hours walking was about right. I was a hillwalker but the good lady was less of one but fit. We practised distance walking around Chapelhall and a wee ascent of Meikle Bin in the Kilsyth hills ! The food was really good wherever we ate especially the Drovers /Bridge of Orchy with good Red wines. Curious to see you referring Seville as I was at an SQA Markers meeting that day and there were grumbles from some markers desperate to be home for the TV ! I did smile at your last comment. but I hope no one gets upset.
  7. I know it's not appropriate but that's exactly what I said as I watched.
  8. He did say it was over that time. I knew of Ian from the early film debut and I think his brother was a pupil where I taught . Yours is a tough schedule and my good lady and I did it over a leisurely 7 days:! Milngavie/Drymen Buchanan Hotel/ 2 Rowardennan Hotel/ 3 Stayed in Rose Cottage opposite the Drovers/ 4 Short day to Crianlarich/Bridge of Orchy Hotel/ 5 Stopped at Kingshouse but 2 nights in BnB Kinlochleven-pick up and drop off / 6 Kingshouse to Kinlochleven/ 7 Then last day to Fort William. It was during Easter school break and the weather was good . I once wrote up an account for my mates but lost it due to I/T probs so I might revisit using photos. I hope to get a wee bit fitter after lockdown (!) but might settle for canal walks! I f I think I have any good photos i will post a few! Cheers
  9. I watched both episodes and he did give a good guide to what happens, and has a dry sense of humour. Mind you he adds in a wee jaunt up Ben Lomond and Ben Nevis, which would have stopped me on Day 2! It has sent me back to revisit all the photos I gathered from my 2008 Walk. We did it via BnBs and hotels so Ian appears to have done most of it in overnight tent-again not for me nor the good lady! Worth watching it on catch up etc.
  10. Finished it late afternoon and I enjoyed hearing his tales. Well worth tuning into for the long serving supporters, and maybe young ones who would like to know that we had good days in the 90s.
  11. A summer deal being speculated on while we can't even stream-the press need something to "report" and it opens up our debate on how much money the Club can make. Good luck to Robert whatever happens.
  12. When I finish listening to it tomorrow , it will be easy to sum up how much I enjoyed the podcast. As a son of Leith and Bonnyrigg Rose connections, does that put him on a par or superior to Sir Sean ? And one of the questions I suggested was admirably asked by CD.
  13. All a matter of opinion but I think Edwards has played more at Championship level after his L1 time with us, compared to Kyle's reserve spell at Motherwell and a season + in L1 with us.? Still it gives us something to post about in this no match times!
  14. It did surprise me to see this transfer. He is a solid full back who can play both sides but he is not the quickest FB in L1-Cammy Ballantyne is ahead of him IMO -but he will be a good squad player and is a bit ahead in experience than Edwards was when he left. Good to see some money and if the leagues are in danger of stopping, it does give a wee bit of financial cover. Good luck to him whatever happens.
  15. Agree on your final summing up sentence, and general player analysis- and the other one I would not have kept kept on- Thomson- runs but no end product. It is however the midfield which still lacks the edge needed. As to being a young team I think Edinburgh City might well have been just as young on Saturday. Will just need to rest for the next three weeks ( and maybe longer)
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