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  1. Once found £25 on the pavement outside Olorosso in Edinburgh when I was a lad. Spent it on beer, then got home later on to hear that my Mum had lost £25 after having been at Olorosso all night. Strange world... strange world.
  2. I live approximately 4311.8 miles from Easter Road, but no-one ever seems to call me a glory-hunter.
  3. Eh? Are we looking at the same kit? It's like Big Bird having a period.
  4. In other news, Hearts fans may have heard that David Obua was in a horrific car crash over here last week, and his situation was described as 'serious.' Have just been told by someone in the pub that he is going to be fine. Not much Scottish-related football news over here, but it's good to hear that he's alright...he's an idol in Uganda to all the slum kids, and - yes - they are aware that he played for a team called Hearts in Scotland...sigh...
  5. Still have bad memories of this fixture after McFadden's wonder-goal against the French was rendered meaningless in Tbilisi. Still, I certainly feel more confident about this Scotland team than I have for many years. Time for a bit of revenge?
  6. Do you think the airbags were activated? I certainly hope so.
  7. There are eighteen people in the world who were alive when we last won the cup. Wonder what the odds are on us winning it again before the last one expires....
  8. 1. Hibernian. 2. The Govan Sh*te. 3. Raith Refuse 4. Greenock Morturd 5. Fartkirk 6. St Manure 8. Dumfarton 8. Alloarse. 9. Livingstool. 10. Queef of the South Special mention to Shart of Midlothian, who managed to squeeze their way out of the Championshit last season.
  9. So...if Morton now join our list of enemies, do they automatically enter into an alliance with Falkirk? Perhaps a Hibs alliance with another Championship team would be sensible...Hibernisaints?
  10. Jeezo, it's like a conversation at a nursing home in here. "Are they singing We Are the People?" "What?" "Are they singing We Are the People?" "I think it's We Are the Steeple." "It's We Are the Steeple." "Is it We Are the Steeple." "It's definitely We are the Steeple." "Will someone please confirm that it is We Are the Steeple?" "I think some of the fans are singing Thine Be the Glory."
  11. Must be the only person in Sub-Saharan Africa sitting at home today, listening to the game, clicking the refresh button on the BBC coverage of the Scottish Cup Final, instead of attending one of the numerous English cup final parties. But with an Old Firm-free final, and a noisy Hampden, it's one of those days when you realise that Scottish football is f**king fantastic compared to that corporate guff down south. Good luck to both teams today!
  12. I wonder if tear filled nights watching old Falkirk games from back when they were good is behind all this Falkirk seethe. Oh. Hud on a minute.....
  13. As Sevco fans (and their Rangers ancestors) have been telling us for a while now, the Premiership is a load of bunkum. The EPL...that's where Hibs belong.
  14. 5 bear A chubby homosexual with a lot of body hair. Scott Cape is a bear. by Todd "Loves Scott" Kozuki August 10, 2003 1125 766 SHOP
  15. I'd imagine Labour will put forth a woman this time. Liz Kendall?
  16. Oh for feck's sake...Ian Murray again? I said to my family, I said...don't be moving to Liberton. Stay away from Liberton. It'll only end in tears. And now this...
  17. Are these plastic pitches nowadays the same as they were a few years ago? My abiding memory of playing at Riccarton is the massive burns you'd get on your elbows and legs from attempting slide tackles. Surely this isn't the case on the real pitches?
  18. Sigh.....even the part about the accumulator in the 90s wasn't accurate....
  19. The longest you can ever hope to stay in Singapore for is two days. At a push. Very little to do. If Thailand is out of the equation, then why not try somewhere like Zanzibar or Mauritius? If the budget can stretch a wee bit further, Seychelles or Maldives. Of course, there are the Caribbean Islands too, but I've never been so can't comment on costs etc.
  20. Singapore is a dreadful shout for a honeymoon. Thailand is the obvious choice for that time of year.
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