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  1. We'll lose this but it's the taking part that counts.
  2. Got to admit, the last few decades haven't been kind to Hibs fans in terms of the derby. However. We still have the upper hand in terms of cultural sophistication and warrior poetry. For your consideration. From Kickback: Bazzas right boot Posted 8 hours ago I reckon Our gaffer deserves a song. Bob the Jambo, Can he fix it, Bob the Jambo, Yes he can! Bob the Jambo. He has fixed it, Bob the Jambo... **** the hibs!
  3. Yes, I was sorry (if unsurprised) to hear about that. Though the silver lining appears to be that our fans have as bad an aim as our strikers.
  4. I'm not in the 'Maloney Out' camp, but I'm definitely a bit concerned that almost every step of the hierarchy is new, unproven and hired externally. Bring in someone like Yogi at some capacity - someone who knows the club and reconnect with fans.
  5. I have County fans in the family, so absolutely chuffed for them, especially given that start to the season. Aberdeen - bottom six. Thats what happens when you steal signing targets from a bottom six side.
  6. Once @sairyinthat gets 'back home from the match wink wink', he will surely explain to us that the Hearts fans were booing something else entirely.
  7. Hearts fans drive Rovers, wear cardigans and wipe their willies after doing a pee. Discuss.
  8. Have we ever had an Edinburgh derby hot potato game in recorded hot potato history?
  9. The alliteration of 'say' and 'Celtic' clearly makes this order the best one, and shows Frightened Rabbit up to be cretins.
  10. VAR is sh*te, and anyone who doesn't think so probably has one of those stupid Peaky Blinders haircuts and watches Love Island... ...is my take on the matter.
  11. You laughed because I put Motherwell in the top 6. It appears you should have been laughing harder that I put Hibs there.
  12. Sounds a bit like the old "if the West hadn't been such a dick to Putin, he wouldn't have invaded Ukraine" argument. Yes he would. He's a c*nt.
  13. Bogging. Poor shirt, poor crest. And McGinn is easy good enough for Manchester United.
  14. Fuckin hell, did Philip die again? News is full of his picture.
  15. Ehhh, well Boris Johnson has one too, are you also calling him an arsehole?
  16. There's a reason why Patrick McPartlin has a fancy blue tick next to his name on Twitter, while Scott Burns merely has a profile photo of himself masturbating discretely next to the 'Abbey Road' streetsign
  17. Seeing as the 'modes' haven't cottoned on to this one yet, my challenge is this - who can post the most outrageous thread title on Premiership forum and not have it removed for the longest? The winner gets a bottle of the aforementioned Takamaka spiced rum* *may no longer contain rum, but guaranteed to be at least 50% full of respect and admiration
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