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  1. 2 minutes ago, Florentine_Pogen said:
    3 minutes ago, smpar said:
    A Henderson to deliver moment?

    Hermes to deliver mairlike...

    Presumably you mean the courier company instead of the God.


    Because Gods are quite fond of crosses. 


    Note to self: work on this one later, when not pishd. Great potential. 

  2. 9 hours ago, VincentGuerin said:

    Baseball's not bad, to be honest. But not a patch on the cricket.

    Were you watching the IPL? It's a much shorter form of cricket. The purists hate it, but I enjoy the full-fat test format and the shorter ones. Room for both, for me.

    Yep, it was IPL. Hyderabad v Mumbai I think. Very fast paced, very 'branded' - very entertaining! 

  3. On 16/05/2022 at 16:40, Shtuggie said:

    Hi everyone. I am lucky to have been given a framed and signed Hibs top from the 2013 Scottish Cup final. This was donated by the club, as I am looking to raise funds for a local brass band.


    The Dalkeith and Monktonhall Brass Band rehearse in Prestonpans, and have a history tied to both the Dalkeith Burgh band and the Monktonhall ‘pit’ band. Until the 80s/90s (and the closure of coal pits), Brass bands were synonymous with miners and predominantly based in mining towns. In March, Dalkeith and Monktonahall placed second in the 1st Section Scottish Championships, and have as a result been promoted to the top ‘league’ of banding for the first time in ten years, as well as being invited to represent Scotland at the British Brass Band Championships in Cheltenham in September.


    The band is made up of amateur musicians who all pay an annual subscription to help with the running of the band – rehearsal space, heating, electricity, conductors fees, instruments, music, insurance etc. We perform concerts throughout the year and also help at local community gala days. It will cost the band around £10,000 to go to Cheltenham and the players will be asked to help with a lot of this cost.


    We are also trying to fundraise as much as we can. That brings me to the signed Hibs top. I know it may not be too desirable as we lost the final, but at least it wasn’t from 2012! I am hoping there is maybe a collector out there who would like to have it – it really is presented quite nicely.


    I am holding a silent auction for it. If you are interested in bidding and helping out a local band and charity – that would be great. I do have a ‘reserve’ on it, and if that isn’t met it will be entered into a wider raffle including other prizes like overnight stays at Archerfield and a fourball at Duddingston Golf course.


    If you want to bid please send me a direct message with your name and bid, and I will post in here when the deadline of 31st May is over. Hopefully we make the reserve and someone gets what is a great collectors item as a Hibs fan!






    On 16/05/2022 at 17:01, Hoose Rice said:

    The irony being that the team was full of trumpets.

    Good luck. 

    You think that's bad? I've got a signed and framed shirt from the year before. 

  4. 12 hours ago, VincentGuerin said:

    The Scottish reflex to dislike cricket is baffling. It's the perfect spectator sport.


    I'm sure it is VG, and to be honest I'm not one to talk - my favourite sport is baseball...


    Actually watched an hour of Indian cricket on the telly this evening. Seemed faster paced than that tweedy English malarkey. Different kind of cricket? 

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