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  1. Two trophies. We've won two trophies since Sevco were formed.
  2. Who to punt? Would need to weigh it against current salary. Doidge and Newell would probably save us a bit cash. Campbell not so much, but don't rate him anyway. Can't get rid of Miller already. Can we.....?
  3. The hatred for Porto is bizarre. I think some people are jealous of his good looks.
  4. Sky News reporting it was Ukrainian sabotage groups within Crimea: I think what is clear is there is at least one - if not two - Ukrainian special forces groups operating with Ukraine sympathisers in Crimea to disrupt Russian operations No mention of specific weapons though.
  5. Might have been that, though I'm sure I saw it somewhere else. Quick Google there shows that Tokayev recently mentioned the possibility of Russian invading the Russo-dominated regions of Northern Kazakhstan. Sorry, but since when has geopolitics been as black and white as 'those guys invited those guys to help with this thing, so they're all best buddies now'? The relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia is far from simple. Georgia is a far more obvious target - we all remember the invasion of 2008 - but a psychopathic dictator such as Putin, determined to secure his place in the pantheon of psychopathic Russian dictators, will not have ruled the Central Asian nations out of the equation. Surely.
  6. Sure I read that Kazakh and Georgian governments had received word from Western intel that they were next in line. Georgia would be easy. But I’d imagine China would have something to say about the Russians taking a central Asian nation
  7. I completely ignored this game, and very glad that I did. It appears, however, that Hibs secured one strand of victory today…[email protected] Malonga has them all on a piece of string.
  8. Both the Satanic Verses and Midnight’s Children could be considered the best pieces of literature written in the latter half of the twentieth century. Phenomenal books, from a phenomenal craftsman. In addition, the angry chav who thinks he can go and stab him fifteen times just because he feels offended, has just ensured the author’s lasting legacy and undoubtedly boosted his book sales by a shitload.
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