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  1. Lot of chest pumping from my fellow m9s on this thread, but the fact is this - Porto is a phenomenal defender (a fact acknowledged subconsciously by the multitude of Sevco, Hearts and Aberdeen fans who try their utmost to claim the opposite), and if we lose him we are at serious risk of a relegation battle
  2. Could Matt Hancock do the job? He ticks all the requisite boxes: - A Tory - Easily despised - Feels uncomfortable in a Jungle setting
  3. Pubs are fucking magic on a cold day. Especially old wooden ones with no tellies and only two types of beer on tap. Dirty tartan carpets. Roaring fire. Bar stools. Sorry. As you were. I have young kids, I miss the pub.
  4. I’m going to boycott the World Cup by watching it all on an illegal firestick stream. And then pretending I didn’t watch it all.
  5. Martin Luther King. Winston Churchill. Mohatma Gandhi. Abraham Lincoln. Nelson Mandela. William Wallace. Mother Teresa. Neil Lennon.
  6. I know the Banter Years will have to come to an end at some point, but I’m so glad it will never be during my lifetime
  7. Was this with the current news in mind, or does he always do it?
  8. So there’s St Mirnian… and there’s the Hidees… is there a St Mirdee? Or is that where this love triangle ends?
  9. Unless we update the meaning of the poppy. You know, to something like the commemoration of the queen. Surely no objections there
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