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  1. Consistently the best fixture every season, but is it being shown on the telly box?
  2. Don't think he has enough personal issues for our chums up at Dens, unfortunately.
  3. Don't get the Neilson hair hatefest. I think it's majestic. Plus, he looks ridiculous with short hair.
  4. This place looks phenomenal. Anyone remember Casey's sweet shop on St Mary's street in Edinburgh? This look like that, except for coffee. Could even tempt an earnest cafephile into a Dundee trip
  5. I grind several times a day. The trick is to always clean up afterwards, so your house isn't covered in brown goop.
  6. In my experience, two out of every three people who continue smoking weed into their adulthood become google-eyed, anti-vax fruit loops. People who drink coffee become winners. Unless they drink instant. Then they probably end up cleaning the filthy rat-infested floors of the factories in places like Hull and Bathgate where their 'coffee' was birthed.
  7. Just seen a photo of him in his new team's kit. Absolutely gutted. Will miss him. Ma a-asaalama, sweet khalif xxx
  8. You lot are having a fucking laugh. Instant coffee? Coffee bags? Illy? Fucking Nespresso? Look, if you want to be a proper coffee c**t, you need to visit one of those obscure hole-in-the-wall coffee shops that try their hardest not to be noticed, buy yourselves some whole beans from a made-up country (like Burundi or Suriname), grind them in your kitchen at 5 in the morning so your neighbours know you grind your own beans, then squeeze them through the arsehole of a Costa Rican coffee sock (see below). If you're posh like me, you'll accept nothing less.
  9. Pls dont encourage him i beg you It's either: A) He reckons he's so well known on these forums that we're all meant to know his underlying political/social/cultural calibration; Or: B) He's an unapologetic narcissist. Either way, it's the hijab for him.
  10. 0-3 Hibs, with a hatrick from Osama bin Boyle
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