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  1. Not quite sure that’s what’s happened. The username is a give away
  2. GS11


    Can you never tip danderhall to win please
  3. GS11


    Good win indeed guys. Meadowbank will feel hard done by but didn’t take their chances. Bit of a battle today but the young lads brought in this season handled it well. Big win for Murieston today!
  4. GS11


    Danderhall won’t be folding mate
  5. Hi Gordon. You’re taking this well[emoji85] Roond ye finport
  6. Sensible post mooms. Always said you were a good guy [emoji1360]
  7. Beautiful scenes my man. Apologies[emoji777] Surrender[emoji777]
  8. GS11


    Another classic prediction mate lol. Tell me who’s on your coupon today so I can avoid 🤪
  9. GS11


    Correct Burty. Although sandys have been consistent for the past 3/4 years now. Seems like tollcross is their kryptonite! Wonder if the same will happen to your new team when they come across decent opposition in the cups [emoji102][emoji102]
  10. Brucey my brother. Back again I see? You should never assume. You know what happens when you assume. You make an ass out of u and me because that’s how it’s spelt.
  11. Despite decent results for Scottish clubs against English opposition in recent years I would prefer to avoid wolves. Legia is probably the easiest of the ties if they progress.
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