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  1. guess that means you wont be in for Mochrie then
  2. Beat Dundee United 3-2 in a closed door game yesterday
  3. Heard a rumour it was starting up again, anyone heard anything ?
  4. you've just sold a player for Millions why are you begging loan players from a rival
  5. yeah like him, quick and very good driving ability which is rare in Scotland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE3wTj7dnW8
  6. a lot of good kids at Dundee United ? been linked with Chris Mochrie a few times, would you take Fotheringham back ?
  7. did anyone hear Jim Duffy and peter Grant? a couple of absolute dinosaurs
  8. looks like Hearts Fucked up with the Lewis Neilson Transfer, thought they were getting him for nothing
  9. No they wont, contract offer was too late, he leaves for nothing
  10. what about Chris Mochrie ? didnt get tonnes of gametime at United last season and now a couple of years older then he was last time
  11. Very true, lot of panties getting wetted over nothing
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