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  1. I think he is decent enough though not really an individual game changer but would contribute enough to be worth having around. I do think the fascination goes way too far though.
  2. Seems like it might be. There is a lot of positioning going on.
  3. So Sunak's given an interview to the Express bigging up his "low tax Tory" credentials, meanwhile Truss was making sure she got a photo-op on a Tank while she was out in Estonia for a NATO thing. Looks like both are positioning themselves for a leadership run sooner rather than later.
  4. McFadden struggling to find something good to day about Brechin there.
  5. Man advantage for 70 mins, and still lost. Somehow better than scudding them 11 on 11...
  6. The thing I loved about the old grass pitch was the worn bit on the left hand side of the box (from the South stand) from all the times Grant Anderson had checked his run and played in Jason Thomson on the overlap. Was basically our only real attacking move for a couple of seasons.
  7. Aye, pretty sure crowds are down everywhere. Last two away games: QoS was 980 and Hamilton was 1303... say 100-200 of us for the Dumfries trio, 300-350 for Hamilton
  8. I'm still largely in denial at even the possibility that we might be part of a title race.
  9. He'll be shiting it if Arbroath are top after the next round of fixtures then given his luck with the Pars and County.
  10. Was Campbell not also sacked as County manager when he had them top in the old 2nd division?
  11. Well, barring one move that we scored, we've been fairly pish. Happy to be level at this stage.
  12. Scott Roberts and David Syme were Locke signings. Hughes wasn't in at the Rovers until February when his two signings were Pavol Penksa and Danny Handling. Not that it changes your Maths any...
  13. McGlynn gets manager of the month... away win tomorrow then.
  14. I think so. It's an interesting setup, a bunch of no hoper misfits with meta-human powers hiding away from the world with their own traumas and eventually forced into trying to save the world. It's funny, often quite darkly so. Brendan Fraser does the voice of Robotman, a perenially frustrated former NASCAR star who's brain was kept alive in a hulking robot body. There is Rita Farr, a former 50s actress who has an uncontrollable power where she turns into a lving blob, a former air force test pilot who is radioacitve and bonded to an alien 'negative spirit' and there is Jane who is the primary personality in a young woman suffering from multiple personality disorder and where each personality has it's own unique power. The team is led by Dr caulder played by Timothy Dalton. In season 1 the chief baddie is a 4th wall breaking alan Tudyk. There is a talking cockroach that preaches the end times and a sentient, living street that cna hop around locations and identifies as genderqueer.
  15. It's still amazing how close we got with a playing squad where the wide players were Iain Williamson, Scott McBride and Allan Walker being shoehorned into right mid.
  16. Hamilton is a pain in the ass to get to. Into Glasgow then transfer or stop nearby and a taxi. In the pre Covid times there was a cross country franchise service to Glasgow from Edinburgh that stopped at Morherwell. Then a short haul to Hamilton from 'Well. Today though everything has a change at Bellshill or Cumbernauld. Imagine there must be engineering works somewhere.
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