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  1. Go for a 4-6-0 in homage to that Jambo legend?
  2. 1636 cases, 7% positivity and 25k first dose.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jan/21/covid-cases-may-have-stopped-falling-major-english-survey-shows Quality. Should be noted that there is a lot of pushback on these findings amongst other public health experts
  4. Presumably you have to ban drunk people from trains as well.
  5. More flexibility with a train. You can choose to stick around for a bit after. Train is more comfortable as well.
  6. Aye. The problem being that policy makers, particularly in treasuries baulk at lockdowns because of the economic impact, then that delay means they end up imposing far longer lockdowns than if they had just done so in the first place. Over reaction is far safer than 'wait and see' in this context. There was obviously a lot of naivety about this in the West, vs. Asia where they have dealt with SARS and then Bird Flu and have standing policies for how to deal with public health emergencies.
  7. I must have missed UBI being top of Corbyn's policy list.
  8. So, none of the squad have trained at all during the isolation period?
  9. I would certainly say that slaughtering wild animals for food is asking for trouble. At least in a farming system you have a chance of regulating the animal's welfare and are exposed to regulatory commitments including vetinary care. At least then there is less chance of passing a hitherto unknown virus into the human population.
  10. They reckoned at the height of the spring 2020 lockdown that emissions were down about 25% over the previous year. That was with, in the West, all but air freight grounded, and practically zero commuter traffic or office use. Just gives you an idea of how deep changes have to go to decarbonise society enough to get climate change under control while allowing some variation of normal life.
  11. Might help to briefly restate your views on "such polls" and to explain what particular reactions you were expecting to see.
  12. True enough. I actually think they do some good stuff on the technical aspects, and at least start to generate some interesting ideas occasionally.
  13. Should probably read "Robin was told he had to ask to step down before he sunk the whole fucking operation"
  14. And by letter you mean giant steaming shite on the Resolute desk?
  15. You've got to remember that a guy like Osborne has a similar outlook to Mitch McConnell - he isn't there to elevate the art of discourse, and he certainly isn't there to practice any type of moral consistency. His is just a narrow outlook of achieving whatever short term goal is required, regardless of the long term impact.
  16. Not likely to happen. Imagine China, 2nd largest economy in the world, going to do all its vaccinations with its own vaccine... Will be dead against such a measure.
  17. Although for us that means, that a high degree of transmission barrier won't occur for another 8-12 weeks
  18. I voted Yes in 2014, would vote Yes again tomorrow and have voted SNP or SNP/Green at every election since 2010. I'm not going to lose sleep over a single poll that shows the SNP taking 55 seats at Westminster. Why should I? The same poll shows a narrow majority for Indy as well. I would make two points here: 1) no single poll with a +/- 3 point typical error ever shows anything. I am genuinely uncertain if ACH knows this and is trolling badly or if his blood pressure genuinely rises and falls with sampling variation. You typically need at least the next two polls to confirm a trend. I have been consistent in my commentary on not looking for truth in a single poll. 2) There are house effects at work in all pollsters. Survation has tended towards being less friendly in terms of results to the SNP than say, ComRes. Indeed they probably underestimated SNP support in 2019. Yet all the polls to date show a consistent trend of crushing SNP wins in 2020 and majority support for independence. I don't yet see any sustained signs of slippage. In truth this poll is possibly a bigger concern for Dougie Ross than for anyone else.
  19. I think it's probably more concise to say that we aren't coming out of this well.
  20. You've made me question my whole reality. How can I ever thank you?
  21. Wasn't a Pfizer single shot supposed to give 90% efficiacy?
  22. The roll out pace seems to be very deliberate with staged increases. We need 20k a day to get through groups 1 and 2 by end of January and lo and behold they are doing 20k daily. No more, no less.
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