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  1. Our pitch is single hulled. Asking for it.
  2. FWIW, who ever gets to the play off finals of the 5 probable candidates will probably get horsed. Every side has structural shortcomings.
  3. Missing Gullan to a large extent and it says a lot that for all a change up front for us might have changed the game, McGlynn didn't trust any of Duku, Ugwu or Abraham to make a positive difference.
  4. I'm not having that, at least not in terms of forward players. Pretty sure had we subbed on any of Duku, Abraham or Ugwu it wouldn't have ended any better.
  5. Agreed, cruising but felt like the first Arbroath goal really shifted the balance of the game. Annoying to lose two cheap as shit goals.
  6. ... and Westminster would disagree, and then what? If they don't negotiate, attempt a UDI? Only by a poll of the nation that Westminster can't ignore in terms of result, either because they agreed to it in the first place, or because the result was so overwhelming they have no realistic option but to respect the result, will Scotland become independent. That's the only way around arguments about parliamentary mathematics, and also the precedent set by Salmond and Cameron in 2012. Arguably, the period after 2014 was always going to be a fallow period in terms of achieving a second referendum, and in more quiescent times it might have been even longer. It's been 7 years now, after Brexit and with the demographics changing in Yes favour. Now is a good time to try and push the issue. I get VT's point about multiple indy parties changing the nature of the conversation, but it won't be in this election. Hard to make a case for multiple indy parties in opposition to each other when both parties are drawing their support from the same cohort of voters. The reason multi indy parties has traditionally been the clincher is surely because that is the end result of a population so massively pro Indy that multiple parties could be supported by it. As it is, Yes has maybe a 1 or 2 point lead. It's still a fairly even split between Indy and Unionist parties. A large Alba or Green contingent might give it the appearance but not the substance of a population that has made its peace with Indy. Having said that, I think the good guys would win a 2nd Indy Ref now, and the Scottish Tories constant 'stop a 2nd Indy Referendum is not the rhetoric of people who think BoJo saying no is a viable strategy.
  7. Both teams seem relatively pessimistic on the transmission reduction in their models too. 0-30% across both teams. Haven't initial studies shown transmission reduction in health care workers to be far higher? Hasn't the Israeli data shown the same?
  8. Have to agree with you here. No doubt Covid hit at the wrong moment for the proposed Groningen route, though apparently securing commercial funding had proved difficult. There had been plans for a Rosyth container port as far back as 2010? I guess that we would need to regenerate some of the rail links around Rosyth to cope with the large freight trains? It absolutely is something that needs looked at and is well overdue.
  9. McGlynn obviously not fancying our chances of making it through the play offs, I guess.
  10. 1. f**k me, no, his legs are long since shot. 2. That's the second time - the other was the official site - that mention was made of Lang and Zannata on pre contracts but not Keatings.
  11. Aye. For him, just now that's likely the only majority he cares about.
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