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  1. Musonda takes 4, and Lang 12 as well. If you go with the McGlynn 1-11 theory then we have our defence pecking order...
  2. Middlemen. We can all shout at McGlynn to cut him out.
  3. Yeah, I think Matthews took 12 because he'd always been 12 on the subs bench. I like to think he's making the step up in his head to being more integral to the side and taking the 8 Jersey. Load of pish probably.
  4. So, looking at the training pictures in the FFP, looks like Dick is unsurprisingly taking No 3, Berra is 5, Keatings is 9... Matthews looks to have moved to 8, Connolly is 7, Zanatta is 11... Vaughan, Spencer, Tumilty and Benedictus all look to have kept their numbers as is.
  5. I know you disagree, but we also need a couple of centre forwards so I'll hold off laughing until I see what we end up with.
  6. Needs a signing we can all rally around at being disappointed with
  7. On the plus side, he's rapid and has a good shot on him. In and around the box his unorthodox style can be beneficial, and he's tall enough to generate panic at dead balls. Against that, his game without the ball is middling at best, and he is pretty poor with his back to goal. Part of that is not having the game intelligence to know what run to make that best helps his team mates, part of it is what might charitably be called lack of application - if the ball is so much as 3 yards either side of him, don't expect him to move to get it. For us, Gozie Ugwu was miles better when it came to play the number 9 role, and even he was fairly average. Duku got some goals early doors, but some of that comes down to the fact no one got to grips with us at the start of the season, and we found ourselves playing in acres of space. In the end, he's a bit of a curate's egg. Definitely has good attributes about him and I wonder if he wouldn't be well suited to a second striker role feeding off of a proper number 9 and crosses into the box in a 4-4-2. However, in terms of a more modern forward role I think he's badly lacking tbh. None of us were sad to see him go, and it's telling that Ugwu, despite less goals overall and less appearances would have been the one of the two centre forwards who weren't loanees that we would have kept.
  8. Yeah, he was Laurie's boss at the Rovers.
  9. Good luck to him. Best midfielder we've had in two decades. Barry Smith wouldn't play him...
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