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  1. A quick google suggests that while the league and Scottish Cup were suspended, unofficial regional leagues took their places for those years. Obviously teams were depleted by a number of men going off to fight, but others in protected industries (coal mining and ship building, for example) kept the teams going. Appearances in those regional leagues didnt count towards players official appearances, but it does mean that clubs received some income and didnt just go into deep freeze for the duration.
  2. You've got to admit, hacking a route through the jungle to link the Atlantic to the Pacific... the were well ahead of their time.
  3. How much of the rest of your input is meaningless?
  4. What the hell does NeoDarianist even mean? I've yet to see anyone in the Yes movement agitate for the annexation of Panama...
  5. Only looked back one page, where did he say that?
  6. Who says he doesn't respect the result?
  7. Well, top 4 would be Rovers, Falkirk, Airdrie and Montrose, no?
  8. Yeah, my presumption was that there are two things preventing them chucking the whole thing in the bin right now. 1. From our clubs points of view, legality and contractual obligations surrounding prize money. 2. If the season never finished, and no one technically finished top how do they sort out who'd be in line for European club duty the season after? Would UEFA swallow whatever contrivance the SPFL came up with?
  9. Ok, what I mean is contractually, would there still be prize money awarded in a null and void season, and how would it be divided up based on incomplete league standings? I guess my point is that the prize money would probably go some way to helping most clubs at least stay afloat over the summer. Do we still get it for a voided season? A fraction of?
  10. If the season is null and void, what are the legalities around prize money?
  11. If only we could find the money buried beneath the goalposts...
  12. Point taken, but to be pedantic most of the companies you list are British-based as opposed to British-owned. BAE, RR and Babcock are both British based and HQ'd. Though RR are the only one you'd really trust. BAE will probably deliver the ventilators 18 months late, three times over budget and then sell them to Saudi Arabia.
  13. I can imagine there being a certain tension between globalisation and supply chain security now. However, as much as there will be a short term interest in more diverse, locally sourced components, I imagine longer term the just in time efficiencies of globalised networks will win out- particularly when our succession of Tory governments realise the level of interventionist industrial and economic policy making that would be required to regenerate those local supply chains. I can imagine "Big Data" gathering being seen as more benign now, in light of China's ability to use the surveillance state to do contact tracing and infection control. In the face of an inevitable "never again" attitude, we'll open the door to far more privacy intrusion than we'd otherwise have been comfortable with. We'll probably fly a bit less in the short to medium term and the cruise industry might be fucked (on the other hand it survived the Titanic and Costa Concordia, so who knows) it's a nice idea that home working will become the new normal but many companies will inevitably want their staff in the building as it were. Paranoia about productivity and the vested interests of middle management in such a situation will make that clear. Some things are just easier to get done when you can talk it over with a white board anyway. The NHS will be heroes of the hour until the government asks everyone to pay more income tax to pay for it and it'll be back go salami slicing. I dunno, it took two world wars and an economic depression to force the door open enough to get the society that we have now, cynically I have faith in the great elasticity of the status quo to reassert itself.
  14. I dont think it's any more, or any less likely tbf. I suppose the SPFL will be working back from a starting point of what next season should look like in terms of start dates, how to maintain sponsorship and keep as many, if not all clubs afloat. How this season us ultimately terminated will be a product of those deliberations I'd think.
  15. If you put your ear to Gary Locke's I'm convinced you'd hear the sea. As for Smith, I bet his CV and interview were so dull no one could remember it. I'd be terrified to look him straight in the eye in case the Abyss was staring back at me...
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