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  1. I'm thinking Tuesday. Give the better candidates the chance to turn us down on Monday and a mad dcramble to get whoever left to sign on the dotted line on Tuesday.
  2. Did anyone predict Hughes would have been anything other than a disaster? It was hardly an impressive prediction. The Dunfermline board, presumably?
  3. Aye. Thomson looks arguably the best of a bad bunch, certainly if Murray wasn't in the running. So question is, which of the fit for the glue factory runners is it going to be....
  4. Have to admit, I think there is hope for Mitchell. Looked decent whenever he played.
  5. If be happier if it was more like an old time telegraph and just hand ENDS at the end of the statement.
  6. I disagree that Connolly mirrored Zanatta. He never hit the spectacular heights of the latter but he was never less than useful. Fitted in well to the worker/ball carrier from wide role that Armstrong previously did. He had poor games, but his ratio of good to poor over a season was far better than Zanatta's - however Zanatta's "good" games tended to be spectacular match winners. I don't think Zanatta was a poor signing and I'd be interested to see what a new manager could do with him (McGlynn seemingly having lost faith) but with hindsight there is always the argument as to whether 3 months of scoring worldies every other game was ultimately more useful than had we got a harder working, more consistent player who might have gotten more chances for his team mates over a longer spell.
  7. How so? He was unplayable for half a season and basically useless for half a season. To an extent you could make an argument that it was really Zanatta's contribution that pulled an otherwise bang average at best side up into early contention. Now that poor spell, part of that is teams figuring out they could double up on him without worrying about the overlap, and partly that's McGlynn not figuring out how to use him in a way that got past that - fact remains that he was poor.
  8. It's extremely generous on some individuals as well. Based only on "new" signings for the season just gone, then: Goodwillie was obviously a doomsday level f**k up. Beyond that, I'd say: Poor: Keatings, Dick, Riley Snow, Mackie, Gullan, that kid from Dundee United whos' name I've forgotten. Neutral: Varian, Stanton, Williamson, Zanatta (based on the near symmetrical nature of his season, he's a net zero) Good: Poplatnik, Conolly, Ross, Berra.
  9. Apparently it's one of those "full time team" break clauses.
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