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  1. Not sure I'd agree, in 2017 the distribution includes several single digit leads including one at 3 points. The 2019 polls the lowest is 9 points. Without doing the quick maths there is clearly a lower median tory lead to years ago.
  2. That's probably what attracts them.
  3. It's all those folk you meet at kids birthday parties, isn't it?
  4. Probably a decent cohort of SNP activists who could lend a hand this one time as well.
  5. I dunno, Labour started with a <1% majority, against an SNP vote share that had gone up nationally relative to the Labour vote. Should've been a shoe in for the SNP. Bloody idiocy.
  6. If the Scottish Greens have any sense they'll bus in every canvasser they can find into the seat.
  7. Ours is looking like a bit of a makeshift side tonight, so wouldn't describe it as totally a free hit, we're not looking particularly formidable presently.
  8. As above. Shite tie, little chance of progression without the offset of s decent pay day.
  9. Funny looking back on it, though not at the time. Was like a 5s player in goal.
  10. Absolutely gutted to see a Malky 3 post that doesn't contain the 12.6 BILLION figure in it.
  11. On the politics forum, Malky 3' s posting style comes across as similarly HD ready....
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