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  1. I mean, it's amateur radio commentary. It's basically one rung above staring at the Sky Sports ticker. At least with the commentary you can Foster a wee bit more fan engagement which is probably the principal takeaway the club gets from it. Fair fucks if you guys think you can squeeze a few extra quid out of it but sure as hell I wouldn't be paying for radio commentary. I like the Raith commentary as a last resort but it's no way of actually experiencing football.
  2. The Raith tv audio commentary is free, so Rovers wouldn't be making money.
  3. Gonna be some old lad who lives on the beach and owns enough of the club to sink any takeover...
  4. And we're the same old pish, we're aware. Cigars out for the boys in maroon, eh?
  5. Start of the season, we had Gullan and Connell. By October it was Gullan, Connell and Frederiksen. By Christmas it was Gullan, Vaughan, Connell and Frederiksen. Now, it's Gullan, Vaughan and Akio. Even allowing for Akio being useless I'd argue we're still better off than at the start of the season! If you asked me whether we needed a big Number 9 to hold the ball up or an actual honest to god hit the byline winger... I might actually go for the latter at this stage. Barring Ross - who isn't fit, all our wide guys come inside. It might be nice to have someone who's first thought is to take on a full back. In some tactical situations it might allow us to get to the byline quick and maybe set up a decent cutback/tap in...
  6. Sadness in his eyes. We'll always have Ochilview, I guess.
  7. Was gonna say, I was really impressed with Oakley both times I saw him. Was releived when he came off against us at Starks.
  8. I suspect with Nolan, the issue is the strongest impression folk have of him is the first one. Since then he's been mostly fine. Competent without being dominant. Hasn't shat the bed but you wouldn't look at the guy and say, he's indispensable (on quality terms, as one of only two specialist senior CBs he obviously is pretty much the 2nd name on the team sheet). If O'Riordan was still around we'd no doubt have a back line with Lang and O'Riordan in the centre. I dont think he's as one footed as Scotty Dog says, but he is a bit handsy in the challenge. He mostly gets away with it.
  9. Aye, that too. Get out of it with our skin and badly tattered reputation intact. See if we can't get through to the end of the season as a championship club, hold on to those put of contract we want to keep and see if this new investment materialises. Would count as success in my book.
  10. Starting to wonder why we bother with a new thread for this game when every previous Rovers vs Arbroath thread would cover it...
  11. No chance we can convert Frederiksen into a centre back?
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