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  1. Yeah, it's not a cluster munition, and there are ways around the land mines treaty for cluster type munitions. The Germans developed a MLRS munition that deploys AT mines which are made compliant to the landmines treaty (it has a timer that forces it to detonate between a few hours to a few weeks, and runs on a battery that runs out after that) which some twitter accounts reckon has been deployed to Ukraine.
  2. Which is fair, but more that it wasn't a two up front and really, we'd already been panicking against a frankly quite pish QP team.
  3. Again, I don't feel like it came tactically. When he made the sub it was Gullan out wide rather than everyone up top. It was more that on the park, individual players for whatever reason, resorted to sheer panic.
  4. It's not like it was even a change of system, not really. It felt more like individually players abandoning any sense of discipline or time in favour of trying every low percentage quick ball going.
  5. The issue with Murray so far is the panic that sets in when we go one down. There was plenty of time to rescue that, but we spent half the time punting the ball quickly to no one before we calmed down.
  6. Well, he was absent from the dugout against Ayr so makes some sense. Murray can't be thinking of doing it all himself...
  7. Any rule where the only people holding you it is yourselves is not a rule, it's simply will power. In practice, if the Tories want her gone, she'll be gone.
  8. I disagree in so much as the general public won't deign to make the distinction between what the MPs wanted and the ordinary membership wanted, and that decapitating their party after a month in charge just creates an image of god awful decision making and crisis that will cling to them all. They are fucked if they get rid of them, fucked if they stay and nothing miraculously get's better. They are properly hanging onto a tiger by it's tail here.
  9. I think the strategy is to tough it out. Not sure what else they can do? Sacking Kwarteng for implementing a plan you've been advocating for through a leadership election and doing a screeching U-turn will kill Truss' premiership stone dead. Likewise, the rank and file deciding to get rid of the two most senior office holders after a month in charge probably destroys what slim credibility the Party still has, particularly if there isn't a unity candidate they can rally around. Their only shot, by the looks of it - is to hope that they can point to a quarter or two of improved growth to cover their blushes while dismantling their strategy quietly and hoping another crisis comes along to occlude memories of this one.
  10. Reunite the Dumbo dream team and get Jack Ross in. Would he pretty much all he could get just now
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