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  1. Worst one for me was the 09/10 season - the 4-3 game. Having been 3-1 down to drag it back to 3-3, to Simmons getting sent off then losing the winner in the last minute. Sickener.
  2. I think this undersells it. Because if I recall correctly we have maybe two draws since that last win in 2000.... despite the relative merits of both teams in that time, the fact that over the league seasons we have spent together, we haven't managed even one victory is incredible.
  3. The worst bit is we'll need a new theme for the Simpsons Memes now there are less CBs...
  4. Presumably Paul McCabe was trying to write a quick match report from his seat in the away end at Ibrox yesterday.
  5. I felt like Campbell's subs actually made them worse overall. They ended up vacating midfield a bit which gave us more space, and went even more direct which is basically what our defence specialises in stopping (try turning them, on the other hand...) Linn did not get any change out of our right hand side once he was on, either.
  6. I won't. Would take another 4 before I started to breathe easier.
  7. All true, and exactly what happened after McKinnon left. It takes 1000 steps to get to the top of the mountain, but it only needs one to get back off it again (so long as you don't mind how you land)
  8. I honestly haven't been convinced he's done enough to warrant beyond the end of January.
  9. 3 year deal, obviously hoping we can make it back in a year when we sell him...
  10. https://www.raithrovers.net/50575/new-signing.htm Quality.
  11. To be fair, it's likely our glass ceiling too.
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