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  1. Eh, aye. Proportionally we have a thriving high tech sector.
  2. It's a pretty decent quality stream, even comes with in game replays, and no, its not Pixellot.
  3. Seems like everywhere was low on the Sunday. Supply issue? Reporting issue?
  4. February 5th is the deadline date, apparently.
  5. That's a hell of a retrograde step. They need to be stepping up to something in the region of 30-35k tomorrow.
  6. 1) Kai Kennedy was fantastic today. Fast, good control, low centre of gravity... just danced away from his marker. 2) Gozie Ugwu looked good, not just for his goal but I thought his hold up play was superior to that of Duku's - much better at finding a Rovers Jersey with the second ball than Duku maybe has been. 3) Rovers did well at getting bodies behind the ball when Hearts had possession. Particularly in wide areas. We did really well at getting two guys out on GMS most times, for example. 4) Jamie McDonald earned his season's wages in one afternoon. Those interventions is why we signed him.
  7. Not quite, the general opinion down our way is that he was a spineless shitehawk with a heart the size of a midge's bollocks. Clearly had the talent, but he was similar to Barry McKay in that he clearly didn't give a f**k about the team he was loaned out to, and knew he was good enough to not need to try a leg for a new contract at his parent club. As for Lokotsch, he did struggle to make an impact. I thought he was quite selfless and seemed happy to run the channels but he wasn't going to get a start in front of Duku, who is pacier and better in the air. He did get the one goal against Alloa that was reasonably vital, otherwise didn't get too much of the ball in or around the box in his time with us. Might have done better playing off of a strike partner than in our 4-2-3-1/4-1-4-1 set up, but he didn't look like he was really premiership quality either.
  8. renton


    Yep, the poor fucker is badly misrepresented.
  9. My favourite bit was where he declared he knew what was going on in the minds of the jurors...
  10. https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-modelling-epidemic-issue-no-35/ Scottish R estimated at 0.8 to 1.1 (median 0.95, then) Recommend reading the actual report - they have added more content on how they model demographics they think are testing positive, analysis of Covid in wastewater (shows a trend the same as testing which should confirm we are definitely seeing a decrease in incidence) and you can see the modelling forecasts for beds etc.
  11. I honestly wouldn't either, but the crux of it will be how it effects numbers in lockdown, rather than during the busiest retail period of the year.
  12. Aye, was it not also the case that first dose only seemed like it wasn't nearly as good as advertised though? I guess that's a concern. A strategy of spacing doses out to broaden the number of folk getting at least one looks smart when Pfizer are telling you it has a 90% efficiacy rate after one and 95% after 2. If it's only 52% efficient after one dose and with no data on how that cuts transmission, then Tony Blair, with his intervention in that debate, may have served to screw the country one more time, as it will take far longer to start to generate the kind of results Israel are seeing as they aren't doing 12 week spacings...
  13. They are spooked by the supposedly increased R of the B117 variant. Really depends on how much increased transmission there actually is...
  14. But you'd also agree that the supply chain would demand that stock arriving to Scotland would have to precede vaccinations in Scotland by at least a minimum of the time required to get it from a warehouse into the hands of a vaccinator, right? So our unexplained delay between having 1.2 million shots and using 1.2 million shots is now less than two weeks, right?
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