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  1. Charlie Telfer

    You need a question mark at the end of this^^^
  2. Charlie Telfer

    Because you are a bitter little man. Now back too kerrydale or celtic chat with you, you little bigot
  3. Charlie Telfer

    Him HB and dense were suspended and they think it was me...maybe it was me,who knows. That's the bigots coming back one by one...but if any of them step out of line they will be reported AGAIN.
  4. Charlie Telfer

    Norman using bigoted words again I see. What a bigot you are.
  5. Charlie Telfer

    Johnny has a new dildo.
  6. Charlie Telfer

    Cheers HT im a bit of a space boofing.
  7. Charlie Telfer

    You want someone to f**k off because you cant counter their argument... Very much the facist you eh...
  8. I do have Employment,my accountant makes sure I only have to pay what I need to. Is that tax avoidance or ...let me think...tax evasion.
  9. You are getting a bit angry and offensive,son.
  10. Charlie Telfer

    It is you vile sectarian bigot. oh norman
  11. Big Eck

    And if I did?
  12. Charlie Telfer

    Can I have a link to this,cheers.
  13. Charlie Telfer

    Oh timmy get back in that toy solider box.
  14. Look at this guy,he is fuming because I reported his bigoted ways. Be a bigot you will get treated like a bigot. Bigotry is not good(I know coming from a gers fan)in Scottish football. If anything,its best to report. No discrimination in Scottish football.