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  1. It's a warehouse which is part of the problem in terms of upkeep and I think they had a large proportion of members that liked the group sessions both fitness and yoga, very community minded place. The individual training hasn't worked so well for them although what they did with it was excellent imo.
  2. Local not for profit gym, that uses any profit to support the community with free classes/reduced price memberships for those that can't afford it, and subsidised counselling sessions for members of the community, has just announced it has to close the building it runs from due to covid restrictions imposed on it, fucking tragic.
  3. They'll have thought carefully about that one and decided there's enough people happy to pay the extra for the convenience/immediacy of downloading online to make it more profitable.
  4. The front page pics of Musselburgh would make the summer beach party ones of Porty look small fry.
  5. Enjoy training in your shed in the middle of nowhere.
  6. Gyms closing even independent training, along with I'm assuming all non essential travel being banned would be murder.
  7. This is why East Lothian are getting it a bit tight being bracketed with Edinburgh. The 2 areas are too closely connected, Musselburgh would be chaos with everyone travelling through Porty and half of Niddrie/Craigmillar descending upon it and the toffs east of the Pans certainly wouldn't be happy.with those travelling further afield.
  8. Tier 3 over the festive season would be a sore one. Been going without catching up with mates a few times quite easily in the hope it they'll get rearranged fairly shortly.
  9. Could do a month or so of Tier 3 until December quite easily, Tier 4 is brutal though.
  10. I've got a Pop Trading Company x Parra long sleeve top, very nice. Navy in colour though.
  11. Unboubtedly classic but expensive pieces of kit, from what I gather a lot of the deep house producers have been using them for their distinct sound, driving up prices.
  12. Yes that was the equivalent of an online cup a soup as opposed to an 8 course tasting menu.
  13. I've just always gone by what it says on the boxes. Will vary from company to company I suppose.
  14. Got Omar S, Theo Parrish, Moodymann, Fiona Apple, SAULT, Jay Electronica and Nubya Garcia still to listen to properly.
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