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  1. Got to hand it to Wilder for keeping calm for so long and delivering the knockdown to Fury.
  2. 5+ Manuka honey in Lidl for a good price. Good for after training with whey and high GI fruits. Got to keep an eye on sugar intake though.
  3. Cheers, I'll be watching this tonight.
  4. Is The Irishman actually on Netflix now? Not a big fan of going to the cinema so waited for the TV release.
  5. Now one playing Modern Warfare? Got it installing now.
  6. All with no contrived media spin and high level of competition faced at this stage of his pro career, he's a breathe of fresh air for UK boxing. Not surprised to hear the Sky crowd weren't rolling out their usual UK fighter soundbites.
  7. The OP fucked up by getting a job in Glasgow and now questioning where they should live. EH6 is the best area to call home. 😎
  8. Didn't realise this was about Bumpy Johnson, I'll start on this today.
  9. Are you not a bit old for measuring your feet in half sizes?
  10. Didn't realise this was on again that's tonights entertainment sorted.
  11. The title appeals to me will look into it.
  12. That was a fun watch for a hungover Sunday. Good film, bit obvious with it's influences though.
  13. Rewatched King of Comedy last night. Seen Taxi Driver so many times I'm not watching it again.
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