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  1. NY Times Dialect Quiz

    FFS miguel, that can't be easy for you.
  2. Do you like the Scottish?

    I always include new people to the city. Particularly if they've come from abroad because I know I'd find it a bit tough to say the least trying to make a life for myself in a new city in France/Spain etc.
  3. Do you like the Scottish?

    If Gincardine doesn't like somewhere then you know it's good. Like an unintentional Edinburgh grandad poster boy.
  4. Worst Town In Scotland

    That speaks volumes about how good Aberdeen is.
  5. Do you like the Scottish?

    It's topic for another thread I suppose. There's lot of residents getting pissed off with the council renting out so much public land to private investors over Christmas and August. I'm up for the tram extension here once it's all over with, can see the benefit in it.
  6. Do you like the Scottish?

    Another controversial decision from the council chopping down all those trees and the land gets hammered from the increased size of the Christmas market. They really don't seem to be interested in maintaining public land for the interests of residents of the city.
  7. Do you like the Scottish?

    No doubt about it. Some of the cafe culture plans that have been suggested there and George St would be hard to work in this climate but it's brutal right now and should be changed completely. It should be the most attractive street in Europe imo and it's a total f**k up from the council at present.
  8. Boxing Thread

    It's bound to go Showtime PPV. There'll be a load of smoke and mirrors stuff going on long beforehand to make it seem like it's in the average punter's best interests for the long term a bit like all Hearn's narrative a couple of years ago about how increasing the amount of PPVs Sky charge will help fund and improve the average Saturday night show and PBC advertising all free boxing when it started up. Look how that worked out, there's no way they're missing out on this cash.
  9. Boxing Thread

    This fight would break PPV US records pricewise, even compared to what Alvarez gets imo. Could be $100 sale and the US market will have their dicks in their hands at the prospect of another undisputed HW champ. and like you say it's getting shown at a broadcast time to get a shitload more buys than UK time. There's also the other back end stuff like very heavy casino and hotel income which arguably makes it extremely profitable for the 2 promoters in an indirect way if you know what I mean and the fact there'll be rows of A list celebs in attendance spending serious cash not just bevvied idiots buying cheap seats. There's no comparison profitwise at all.
  10. Boxing Thread

    Nothing to do with narrative. Why is no one doubting wilder ? Why does Joshua have to travel to America to prove himself against a guy who almost got knocked out by Ortiz and was thoroughly outboxed by Fury. The only 2 names on his record worth talking about. Maybe he should travel to London and "prove" himself. I'm not even convinced the rematch with Fury will happen as the only reason he took the fight in the first place is because he thought Fury was done imo. Both Hearn and Finkel know that taking this fight to Vegas is the biggest moneyspinner in boxing, if not any sport.
  11. Boxing Thread

    Fury v Wilder generated something like 300000 ppv. Joshua generated double that against any old c**t down the pub and generated 5x that against Klitch. I'll ask again why should Joshua travel to the USA to "prove himself " whereas Wilder doesn't need to prove himself the other way round. His record is absolute shite so I'd suggest he needs to prove himself a bit more. Where do you begin to answer a post like that? Helpful of you though to give some of the doubters a real time example of why so many fans are fed up of the Sky/Matchroom narrative pish.
  12. Boxing Thread

    The big money's with AJ in the heavyweight division. Not in the UK it isn't although you've been led to believe otherwise. Belts are glorified trinkets right now but if there's one worth having it's the WBC.
  13. Boxing Thread

    Good point. There's a big issue with a lot of people though that because Hearn pops up in front of the camera once again cracking jokes and pushing the routine about offering a good deal and it not being accepted because the other party is being unreasonable that's it far too readily accepted and we get served up a shit sandwich of an alternative yet again
  14. Boxing Thread

    The reason people get upset is because it's getting passed off as an excuse far too easily now for the fights we want to see not getting made.
  15. Boxing Thread

    This promoter/boxer loyalty thing is brutal anywhere in the world but it's on another level in the UK. Sky/Matchroom are very good at milking it to casuals who are more interested in the the full day out rather than what's actually happening in the ring. They've created a Matchroom FC basically and it's hugely getting in the way of some good fights getting made. Said it a a few times on here, with the exception of Josh Taylor, for obvious reasons, I have no bias towards any boxers.