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  1. The Hibernian Thread

    Don't know why you gave Dindeleux a reply. Everyone else is ignoring him.
  2. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    Because there's a lot more profit to made from puting the cash there compared to other places that aren't suddenly getting listed as a cool place to be and it'll still be pretty cheap and easy to develop upon.
  3. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    Been hearing quite a lot about it. It's brutal what seems to be happening to the place, if true. Thought things were bad through here for good music venues.
  4. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    That volume of cash suddenly being put into a small city to "regenerate" will probably mean a load of shit flats and hotels at inflated prices that will put more pressure on somewhere like Reading Rooms which seems to be the only decent club Dundee has left to shut down. It's a decent media story though, a once notoriously struggling city starting to find it's feet etc.....
  5. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    Dictionary definition of being damned by faint praise.
  6. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    This resurgence of Dundee thing seems to be a overgrown media hype job consisting of the V and A and load of plastic buildings thrown up by the Riverside plus a Malmaison. Haven't been on Perth Rd for a while so assuming that's still decent. West Port has one decent bar now and Broughty Ferry is probably the most overrated area in the country. Looks alright but populated by rednecks who really think they've made it in life. Stockbridge is good but only has the one gear, Leith should've been a clear winner.
  7. The Hibernian Thread

    You should get 100 days for your pish posting on P&B.
  8. The Hibernian Thread

    100 days for kicking a football, that's a tough sentence.
  9. Line of Duty.

    Started watching this, the old copper/lads routine is clichéd to say the least, does it get better after the first series?
  10. Boxing Thread

    The fans are getting treated like shit with this fight they need to get this sorted asap.
  11. COD4 Remaster

    Can you set up teams like with BF?
  12. COD4 Remaster

    Anyone playing this online for PS4? Got the free download last month and starting to get a bit less shite at it now.
  13. The cost of drinking in pubs

    Was in there Saturday, pint of Berliner is £4.50.
  14. Boxing Thread

    That counts for very little in its own right unfortunately. Those fights could start getting contracted tomorrow if the relevant promoters/broadcasters wanted it to happen.