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  1. Genuinely don't care about any boxers thoughts on the current pandemic.
  2. Someone post screenshots of J_Stewart getting his arse handed to him by Josh on twitter please.
  3. Couldn't care less about his thoughts on covid tbh and would far rather having him representing Scotland's pro boxing hopes than someone like Burns.
  4. I've just started, played Jimmy (600) we were both brutal.
  5. I'll be fine, just been doing the 4 move check training on chess.com this morning.
  6. Just seen him now, thanks. On the free version I'm sure I could only see the first player under Adaptive called Jimmy. I take it I have to beat him to work my way up to the others? On a weeks free premium just now so they're all available.
  7. What's Nelson on chess.com? Had a look at the option to play v computer and can't see it.
  8. The lessons on chess.com are excellent, I've progressed a lot since I started them this week. The ones on Lichess are just puzzles basically. Going to do as many as possible on the weeks free premium trial I'm doing just now. It looks like lichess has a lot of features that chess.com does but it's not very apparent how to view them so might be a case of getting to know the software better.
  9. Been playing chess.com and lichess today, much prefer chess.com. Just seen it's actually £11.99/pcm and the £6.67/pcm is for an annual subscription of £79.99 which I'd rather not pay right now.
  10. Been reading threads on Chess Reddit, Lichess gets mentioned a lot. There's a lot of good reports for Chess.com subscription don't mind paying for better functionality at least to begin with, will take a look at Lichess today.
  11. Did a weeks worth of free lessons on Chess.com this afternoon. Has anyone paid for diamond premium at £6.67/pcm? Read good things about it.
  12. Only listened to Forever Changes, The Red Telephone is the best track imo. Didn't realise they'd recorded so much material tbh, thought they were a band that imploded after one album due to the drugs. Listening to the album now, it's very good and I prefer noisier pysch like Silver Apples than the quieter melodic stuff.
  13. Hope you don't voice that in Luckie's next time you have a pint in there before a game.
  14. Said it before on here but we shouldn't just boxers by their personalities outside of the ring when they've chosen to earn a living trying to take another man's head of his shoulders basically.
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