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  1. You churning out that joke yet again itt porky?
  2. That chubby wee shite Sturgeon's self loathing about never going near a gym in her life is seriously affecting her ability to think critically on this issue.
  3. Only pair I've been tempted to buy lately are the new Nyjah Huston Free 2 Nike SBs. Trying to buy less pairs tbh.
  4. Took me until around Chapter 4/St Denis to really start enjoying it. I bought it on release and gave up on it midway through chapter 3, was comparing it to GTA too much, just gave it another try a month or so ago.
  5. Activision are out of control right now. Can't use my external hard drive because need to hard power off my console now and again and it wrecks the drives. Literally only have Modern Warfare and Red Dead installed just now think I can squeeze on CTR or the Crash Trilogy.
  6. Has anyone played Huntdown? Looks good.
  7. PS2, 360 and PS4. After reading the other thread I feel like like getting in touch with the person I gave my SNES to, to see if they still have it. That's the only older machine I'd play now.
  8. I live in East Lothian, not Gorgie nice try though. 100% bottom Pans or Wallyford.
  9. Had a bit of leverage on the manager of the property and worked it on him with a little embellishment just to make sure.
  10. Got the details of the manager of the property and called him direct.
  11. Was tempted for both but took the political route instead and had the boy stammering his words and pausing for silences on the phone an hour ago, never though it'd feel quite so satisfying tbh.
  12. Just single handedly got an Airbnb flat in our building taken off the market for the forseeable future.
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