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  1. Think it's time you stopped reading his social media pages.
  2. A quit's a quit, whether people think it's justified or not is a different conversation.
  3. Boostin' Kev


    Just found out about this today, soundtrack looks excellent.
  4. Didn't realise Saunders told his corner he couldn't see at the end of the 8th so it was a quit. Not a good look for him after his comments about Brook and Dubois quitting.
  5. Cissokho on the undercard looks like he could come good at 154 nice left jab/right hand.
  6. Any recommendations for a tablet/chromebook for around £300 and can I use a 1TB external hard drive with them?
  7. Went to Berlin for new year about 5 years ago. Would definitely recommend avoiding any organised displays and go to the north kreuzberg on the bank of the Spree close to the bridge that takes you to Friedrischain/opposite East Side gallery. It's rammed full of people setting off their own fireworks everywhere, boisterous affair so not for the faint hearted. Even the journey from Neukoln to there that night was lively.
  8. Just been taking out lockdown frustration on the kettlebells really, having pubs and restaurants shut didn't do me any harm either. Toiling towards end of the rounds on pads just pushing out and hoping for the best.
  9. Was writing my name on the sheet at the end like I had Parkinsons.
  10. I've got about that many pairs of Jordans.
  11. That's another bad one, one of the best funk producers imo.
  12. Probably the best current emcee
  13. Wonder who's going to be the first on here to get injured after going back to it all gung ho and enthusiastic after so long off. Ron Aldos puting in a strong claim so far.
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