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  1. Oh well not many punters on here. Answer quite simple as you know. Naebody is interested. C’mon The Rose
  2. Well The Rose won the game fair and square (and no penalties). Again I thought it was another great team performance especially in the pouring rain, and great to see the goals being spread around the team again. I think that will mean a cup final to finish off our season and would be great to put another trophy in the cabinet. C’mon The Rose
  3. So before I leave home for tonight’s game I have been wondering over tea what sort of game we may get. Both teams drew on Saturday and our tussles against each other have been close, so maybe extra time and I hope no penalties to decide the outcome. C’mon The Rose
  4. East Stirlingshire of course!!! C’mon The Rose
  5. Alternative proposals !!! Care to share? C’mon The Rose
  6. That would have been some occasion watching Gretna play Bonnybridge. C’mon The Rose
  7. So the last home League for this season has gone and I must say we have been well entertained at NDP, with many good performances,results and goals. Shire did give us a tough match yesterday and deserved their point after the 90mins. It was getting to squeaky bum time when we got the late equaliser. A great sight to see the LL trophy presented after the match. Well done The Rose and all associated behind the scenes. Momentum moves on and upward for the next few weeks. C’mon The Rose
  8. The guest club from G51 giving the Uni of Stirling their thanks for their vote at the meeting last Monday? C’mon The Rose
  9. So another Saturday , yes it is Saturday, but the Saturday the hard work of the last few years bears more fruit with the presentation of the Lowland League trophy. Overall winning the League has been deserved. It will be a day to remember and only correct that the trophy is presented in front of our own fans. We have always had tough games against the Shire with The Rose having the better of the contests with the exception of one due to a “dodgy ref” It’s been refreshing that we have kept the momentum up since winning the League at Berwick in preparation for the bigger game to come in the next few weeks. Looking forward to it. C’mon The Rose
  10. I think they come in to the category of “Real Clubs “ as compared to the diddy clubs. C’mon The Rose
  11. Hope that is the case,, but will clubs, individuals put their name to any proposals? We know that Bonnyrigg, Bo’ness, East Stirlingshire voted against the proposal for guest clubs in the LL. Berwick abstained. I have not seen any mention of the 4th(good boy) club that voted against the proposal? Anybody know? C’mon The Rose
  12. I must admit I like the idea you mention in para 2. As you say form a league with the right intentions and integrity, and forget all the diddy clubs who cuddle up to the idea of Colts teams in the League. C’mon The Rose
  13. Well I have waited a while to form my response because I am spitting fire at the decision from the meeting last night. Once again The Rose stuck by their principles and remained consistent with their vote, shame on the 3 who changed their mind and credit East Stirlingshire for changing theirs after saying last year it was for 1 season only. It doesn’t matter for the vote but I wonder who abstained. Yes all these diddy clubs allowing their League to be controlled by the ugly sisters. I really hope now that the Rose win the play offs and gain promotion and out of this now joke League. Looking 12 months ahead based on this seasons League placings if they are the same another circus will ensue. Be ashamed the LL. C’mon The Rose
  14. Have noticed that Wayne MacIntosh has not played for a few weeks is he injured? C’mon The Rose
  15. Mac The Knife, Do you think your club will change their mind from last season of the gruesome twosome being admitted to the LL, or give them the red card? C’mon The Rose
  16. Nae penalties yesterday just 3 well taken goals. Bo’ness for a change blamed the pitch for their defeat rather than the ref. In truth Bo’ness we’re poor and The Rose ran out easy winners. Will your team be up for it next Saturday or are the players thoughts already on the end of season beach? C’mon The Rose
  17. It makes a change from blaming the referee for your poor performances -results to blame the pitch!!! There was an interesting article in the Midlothian View yesterday regarding possible action on the pitch. I’ll leave it for you to find the article. It was a very comfortable victory for the Rose at the end of the day. C’mon The Rose
  18. Thank you. Much appreciated. C’mon The Rose
  19. So it’s back to Cup duties today against a club who we always have a competitive contest against. I expect no difference today the BUs seem to have been playing better in the last few weeks. The Rose must keep up the momentum in view of the pending play offs. Wonder how many penalties the opposition will cough up today. It gonna be cauld so hopefully the game will keep us warm. Better get some money out from under the mattress and get my ticket for the HL play off match. Will go in the car for the away match. C’mon The Rose
  20. It would be interesting if someone with the know how(not me) could add another column. A Column with the attendances when the clubs had Bonnyrigg as visitors. Chiefly as “The Rose “ are arguably the best supported team in the League. Thanks if poss. C’mon The Rose
  21. So last of 4 games with one of the Ugly Sisters in the LL season tonight. I will not be attending the ground that has great memories for The Rose. I have no idea what type of contest it will be at this stage of the season on a reportably tattie field. Good luck to the Rose. C’mon The Rose
  22. It’s not about cash it’s integrity that’s at stake here. Both our clubs made the correct decision last summer and will make the same and correct decision this time round. C’mon The Rose
  23. I would be happy to sit in with the decision panel, but the final decision is normally given by The _Judge. Judge. C’mon The Rose
  24. Yes indeed another proper decision from The Rose . I can’t see the supporters/club decision changing. The LL rightly got stick last week for a wrong decision on relegation. I hope all those spineless clubs who voted to admit the ugly sisters last time have seen the folly of that decision and make the proper decision this time. C’mon The Rose
  25. EK would do themselves a great favour if they left him where he is in the managerial gutter. Very unpopular at Clyde even more unpopular at Alloa. Spend more time on his media career than the club he is the so called manager at. If boring defensive football is is your forte then fair enough. Kelty fans weren’t bothered when he left,and they got a better manager to replace him. C’mon The Rose
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