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  1. What a total shambolic embarrassing mess this League is turning out to be. If the 11 clubs that voted to invite guest clubs had a back bone and a pair of …… and rejected the motion the League would not be in the situation of opening up for further applications, and clubs who may not be in the LL next season having or not having a say/vote on their applications. It’s time to get real. C’mon The Rose
  2. And to sum all of the above up. There is no way B or Colt teams should be nowhere near the Lowland League. C’mon The Rose
  3. Well it’s Saturday again and another big Saturday for The Rose and their fans. Gonna be a long day up and down to Fraserburgh. Hopefully the weather conditions are decent for the game and the rain stays away. The first goal will be vitally important for the outcome of the game, so I hope it’s the Rose who score it. The Rose fans will be out in numbers so we will enjoy our day. C’mon The Rose
  4. To sum that up the entry fee of £40K for guest clubs will go to barristers. They need it, I seen an article on the news yesterday that some barristers are only earning £12K per annum. Excuse me whilst I go and have a greet for them C’mon The Rose
  5. Gormley must have seen the light!!! C’mon The Rose
  6. Aye a sell out when Caledonian Braves play Cumbernauld COLTS!!! C’mon The Rose
  7. Well that is the first leg of the play off played and I thought in the end it was a great result for the Rose. I would never have put 3-1 down as the score on my fixed odds coupon. We scored 3 great goals and their keeper had no chance with any of them. I don’t know if it is the Broch way but their manager kept them on the pitch after full time and seemed to be roasting his players. Look forward to the trip to Fraserburgh next Saturday along with the Rose faithful. Thought they would have had more travelling fans down at Bonnyrigg yesterday.. C’mon The Rose Footnote:- FIFA have to seriously look at a rule change with blood injuries. We had an incident yesterday where Alan Horne was assaulted with an elbow in his face from a Broch player and had to leave the field whilst the blood stemmed, leaving The Rose with 10 players on the pitch whilst the opposition and the guilty individual remains on the pitch and his team with 11 players on the pitch. If some team(of 11) score a goal in that type of scenario there could be some serious repercussions. A temporary blood bin replacement should be allowed on the pitch just like what happens in Rugby.
  8. If I remember correctly the SFA moved the goalposts when the Rose won the EoS. C’mon The Rose
  9. Well these are interesting figures for me in the above tables:- Clubs with less than 100 fans from their 17 home game, Broomhill 11 games Stirling Uni 8 Gala 3 Gers B 1 CSS. 10 games Vale of Leithen 7 EK 1 Edin Uni. 9 games Cumbernauld 7. ES. 1 Imho these figures may give an indication to the way these clubs voted in the 2 recent proposals. Even looking at the total number of fans over the season give a similar indication. Give yourselves a shake all the diddy clubs and the LL. C’mon The Rose
  10. Well arguably the biggest game of the season and in the Roses history is today with the first leg of the LL/HL play off. It shouldn’t be happening of course with both clubs having won their respective Leagues they should be automatically promoted to the SPFL. There will be a big crowd at NDP and the Rose have made the correct decision to have it all ticket. It’s a dry cool and a slight breeze this morning. I expect a tight result over the 2 legs and of course will be looking for The Rose to progress. C’mon The Rose
  11. And change their name again to:- Diddy FC Nomads C’mon The Rose
  12. I bet the NCL don’t ask for a £40k to join their League!!! P.S. I have not changed my mind just noting an observation C’mon The Rose
  13. Yes the LL are getting a kicking, but for me ALL the clubs that voted to allow “guest clubs” to apply for the League should get a bigger kicking. After all the League are acting on a democratic vote from the clubs. Guest clubs can also gtf for me. C’mon The Rose
  14. Remind me of the number of clubs in Div1&2 in excess of 1k. C’mon The Rose
  15. I am sure you don’t need me to remind you of how they were conceived. C’mon The Rose
  16. Them clubs that vote to admit guest clubs into the LL and against increasing relegation from the LL. C’mon The Rose
  17. Or alternatively they may have to come to Bonnyrigg on a Tuesday night. C’mon The Rose
  18. Well now that you are showing an interest you better get your ticket for the first leg of the play off next Saturday, and I would expect the 2nd leg at Fraserburgh to be all ticket also. Then you can make up your own mind from the performances on the pitch of what promotion means to the clubs involved. C’mon The Rose
  19. For me if you read the North Pyramid thread it is Buckie who are not interested in promotion. So go and tell your informant to lay off the “Buckie” C’mon The Rose
  20. That’s another relegation on his CV!!! C’mon The Rose
  21. I thought it was a fairly balanced game also and looked like a 0-0 or 1-0. The 2 early Rose substitutions upset our rhythm a bit, but nonetheless Big Sean took his goal well, he sure has scored some valuable goals in his time with The Rose. When you look at the final League table we have won it comfortably. Well done The Rose. Look forward to more excitement in the next few weeks, starting with a packed out NDP next Saturday. C’mon The Rose
  22. Well if you tell us who the someone is ,we might be able to tell you something different. C’mon The Rose
  23. So after 3 seasons in the LL we finally reach the last game of a completed season of fixtures. I have an opinion that when the fixtures were released away last summer that the LL and many others would have thought this would have been the League decider. But that has not been the case as The Rose won the League at Berwick on the 12th March. Thankfully we have carried on the momentum since and would expect a tough battle today. EK will expect a good gate (aye right) with their 20 fans and all the neutrals since the OF are playing tomorrow and the increased profile (not) their Colts have given the League The usual Rose faithful will be there. C’mon The Rose
  24. There would be no chance of a reduction in entry price at Alloa. Money grabbing so and sos would still be charging £18!!! C’mon The Rose
  25. Oh well not many punters on here. Answer quite simple as you know. Naebody is interested. C’mon The Rose
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