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  1. What's happened to Sean Grady at Kelty?
  2. Fell out with the Goose? Or McGlynn seen sense and left the Lithgae sinking ship? And he is going to the other side of the Flints?
  3. Is Pittman being groomed by the goose before he flees the nest for other ventures?
  4. The management team that departed from Bathgate Thistle at the weekend are available.
  5. Aye after all the crowing from both sides of the Flints what have they won S F A Time for the goose and Smith to be replaced.
  6. So who is Wayne Mac and what is his pedigree?
  7. Could have played it on the grass of the small rangers in govan and the ground rent/hire could help their financial plight!!!
  8. Ah wondered where my wife's favourite kegs had gone.
  9. Get yer long johns untwisted he is cup tied in the Scottish
  10. Whenever did TJ act fast on anything his track record is shocking.
  11. Yes it was a dodgy penalty and we also played the last half hour on their patch with 10 men, getting beat on sudden death penalties. We could do with Hay between the sticks for this one .
  12. Would be interesting to hear what the East region secretary thinks of the situation after all it was an ersjfa ban the player was given. So T(Sepp Blatter) Johnston has overruled the east region. Campaign starts now get rid of Johnston
  13. Is there any early indication if this weeks match at Carnoustie getting played as according to the BBC weather web site Carnoustie is frost free all week.
  14. And at the end of the day if the Broxburn game were not abandoned it would not be a subject of debate on here or anywhere else. P.S. Johnston is still a waste of time and breath.
  15. Wow get the bunting up the draw is on Wednesday. Has Johnston saved his hide?
  16. Why use Scott Campbell when there is an official web site with no news on it?
  17. Or indeed the official sjfa website has SFA on it re day/time of when the draw will be made. The sad jfa are confirming their status as a joke. Agree as a Liverpool fan that the a---paper that is the sun should not be the outlet for publicity.
  18. SJFA it is called calypso management" they make it up as they go along". Simple ban served player available for next game
  19. Yes SJFA typical no info no communication get the finger out and let the clubs that are still in the completion know what is happening. Your lack of communication and info does nothing to help promote junior football. Remember no junior football clubs no sjfa.
  20. Lithgae getting another dodgy penalty decision "I do not believe it" and if it had been the Lithgae keeper that was sent off no doubt the ref would have got his shirt number wrong when submitting his report.
  21. I wonder if the ref who cocked up his report for the Lithgae goalie sending off(assault) against Kelty last week will be punished. I wonder if theSFA will report and publicise. Doubt it as it was Lithgae Rose.
  22. Good three points yesterday in awful conditions, luck with us for Hissy equaliser in the second half played some good controlled football. All three goals were a result of good build ups. Plastic or 3G pitches are just awful and Albyn Park is a terrible place to watch a game fans too far away from the playing area although glad of the covered enclosure to keep dry.
  23. So is there any thoughts about Kingy's performance against Camelon?
  24. Is that's the sausage onion bags new name I wonder?
  25. Yes and Hamill is only on loan, Kingy is a signed contract player
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