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  1. Linlithgow Rose 18/19

    Drawin wi Ormiston
  2. Newtongrange Star

    Still nae internet in Nitten.
  3. He may have applied for the vacancy at the other ground in Auld Reekie.
  4. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    And 3 of them were delighted enough to join him at Berwick!!!
  5. Weatherwatch - 2nd Feb 2019

  6. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    The Big Rose have made every effort to get the game on by laying covers down on the pitch. Task completed yesterday my hands are still thawing out. C’mon the Rose
  7. Bo'ness history - Day by day

    If this topic continues will the day Kerrigan resigned be remembered?
  8. East of scotland vs juniors

    Or BSC fans and watching the LL?
  9. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    That would be a step even further backwards
  10. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    Big McGachie is rubbing his hands at a Hunterless Bo’ness side next Saturday at NDP. (I am assuming he will be suspended after yesterday’s red card) C’mon The Rose
  11. Top 5s Watch 2018-19

  12. Top 5s Watch 2018-19

    So remind me what happens at the play offs when the conferences are finished?
  13. Bonnyrigg Rose 2018-19

    Well that is some result today at a notoriously difficult venue. Can’t remember if we have scored 5 goals at Sauchie previously. Cmon The Rose
  14. Bo'ness United 2018/19

    Keep your chins up lads it’s a trip to Bonnyrigg next week
  15. East Cup of (Football) Nations 2018-19

    Prescedent has already been set this season. So for me decision for Eosfl is if Kelty as expected are disqualified do Camelon get reinstated and into the semi final, or will that semi final be a walkover for which ever team gets there.