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  1. I don’t think they won it, they were awarded it. C’mon The Rose
  2. And long may that continue. C’mon The Rose
  3. Is the sugar daddy at your neighbours funding the project and expanding his portfolio? C’mon The Rose
  4. The fans of the Big Rose will never forget that evening. C’mon The Rose
  5. Does he talk about the 2 games when the best part time team in the country couldn’t score a goal against a then Junior team in the Scottish Cup, and suffered a humiliating 1-0 loss at home? C’mon The Rose
  6. Is there two Dean Brett’s in the Lowland League? I know of one who plays for The Rose of Bonnyrigg. C’mon The Rose
  7. aye the Manager has his mole in the dressing room and he will keep him informed of any unrest with the players. C’mon The Rose
  8. Thanks for the reminder. Now corrected. Getting out of practice wi nae footie going on. Our thoughts are with your club and the family of Derek Waterson at this time. C’mon The Rose
  9. He’s not banned he just sits at home on his keyboard/phone trolling the Football updates and makes comment and digs at people and clubs. C’mon The Rose
  10. And that is a miracle!!! C’mon The Rose
  11. Crikey Bobby Carlos come back to life. Where have you been Saughton(not the enclosure)? C’mon The Rose
  12. Ah wonder where he is off to next season? C,mon The Rose
  13. Do they still have an open top bus on Tayside to use in victory parades? C’mon The Rose
  14. That’s fair enough but The Rose were still in with a chance of winning the League. The club awarded the League still had to play away to BSC who held them to a draw in Fife, home to Cumbernauld Colts the only team to beat them in the League this season, and also had to come and visit NDP. Can’t help but think it’s an unjust decision. If The Rose were unable to win the League when play was suspended then I would not have had a problem. C’mon The Rose
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