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  1. Well in the meantime wait till after the first few game of the season and results before expressing your opinions. Different clubs deal with different situations in different ways. C’mon The Rose
  2. I look forward to reading a post from your good self giving The Rose some praise or credit. C’mon The Rose
  3. An early season trip to Berwick!!! C’mon The Rose
  4. How about Toy FC for 3 words C’mon The Rose
  5. That’s a novel excuse for a spying session!!! C’mon The Rose
  6. Wonder how much a season ticket for dog is? C’mon The Rose
  7. One of the conditions of entry for the gang of 3 is:- At least 7 players who qualify for Scotland. What happens submit a copy of the players birth certificate with the team sheet??? And who is going to police that condition? and what will the punishment be for any club that break the rule? C’mon The Rose
  8. Decline and keep in the LL coffers!!! No thanks. Take it and donate it to charity. C’mon The Rose
  9. At least I am consistent. No B teams and have a 16 team League. C’mon The Rose
  10. That’s cos most of the other clubs have no fans, as you will soon realise. C’mon The Rose
  11. So our 3 years in the Lowland League has come to a successful conclusion. The first 2 of course were covid interrupted. The first season was a bit annoying when the plug was pulled when we had 5 home games(incl Kelty) and 1 away to complete the programme and lost the League by 0.14 of a point. Even in season 2 we were outdone by games played and deemed to have finished 4th. For the good of Scottish football the LL has to forget the self preservation attitude and open up Scottish football to a real pyramid system, then let clubs find their level. It was great to visit new clubs and grounds and many fond memories of great victories, performances, goals and a day out. Last minute victories at East Kilbride and Spartans stick out. So fare thee well the Lowland League and I hope to meet some of you again in the SPFL. We move on to new adventures, clubs and grounds. Well done the Rose for the last 3 wonderful years. C’mon The Rose
  12. I also have a suspicion that the Ayrshire level 6 clubs ain’t interested in promotion to the LL. It’s to cosy for them to remain in the Ayrshire bubble, more competitive games against near neighbours and likely bigger crowds. C’mon The Rose
  13. Well it was not to be for The Rose yesterday. We bossed and controlled the first half, opened the scoring with an excellent free kick from Currie. Thought the Talbot played like the club that is allegedly not interested in progressing in the pyramid and they were given a lifeline with an unfortunate own goal just before half-time. It was a game of few chances and Talbot took one of theirs to lead. The 3rd was in the closing stages when the Rose players were up for a corner that was cleared and Scott Gray was short with his pass back to the goalie, to his great credit he made every effort to get back try and block the he shot rolling into the emptying net. Oh how the Talbot fans loved that. So we can all have a break now and look forward to returning to NDP in July for another new adventure. C’mon The Rose
  14. So the last match of this season this afternoon at the Falkirk stadium. Expect there to be a decent crowd rather than a big crowd. Who would have thought that 2 former Junior foes would have met in the final of this trophy, which is now the biggest cup competition in South Scotland. Would be great to finish the season with another trophy before we climb the staircase to level 4 next season. The Talbot may be using this as a warm up to the junior cup final. Hope the players have some energy left after their week of small celebrations and we can finish the season in style. C’mon The Rose
  15. And it blooms brightly. C’mon The Rose
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