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  1. Wise words from a resident of Central Park Cowdenbeath!!! C’mon The Rose
  2. So after a momentous 2022 for the club we start of the New Year with a match at home against Albion Rovers . No doubt the objectives for this year are different from last. We finished last year unbeaten in 5 so here’s hoping we can continue with that sequence this afternoon. Needle stuck but hope we can get the 1st goal today and see how Rovers react, after all they have scored the first goal in the 2 previous games this season. Gonna be breezy so looking for a victory today and massively help our League position. C’mon The Rose
  3. Brrr, it’s bloody freezing but that doesn’t stop me making my first journey to Annan. Hopefully we can get a victory and 3pts after a run of 4 draws. We are improving and as Robbie has said over the last few weeks we need a lucky, jammy break on the field instead of these breaks going against us, we all know what they are so I won’t list mine. Flask filled and sanny made so ready to hit the road now. C’mon The Rose
  4. Just getting ready to get the scarf and jacket on and take the stroll to NDP for the first time in a while. We had good draws away at Forfar and Stenhousemuir in recent weeks, hopefully we can keep up performances and get 3pts today. They only beat us at Boghead with a soft penalty. Team selection may be interesting today ,with hopefully our recent injured players getting themselves into contention. C’mon The Rose
  5. So off to another new ground today for me , the expanse of Ochilview in Larbert. It was a well deserved point up at Forfar last Saturday, would be great if Hunter can score for 3 games in a row. My needle keeps getting stuck, just wish we could score the first goal. Thankfully its a plastic pitch for the match to be on after all the rain this week. C’mon The Rose
  6. The Rose have not had many 0-0 over the last few years, so I doubt that score. Hope it’s Forfar nil as I have a feeling Robbie may change our goalie today and Mikey Andrews will play a blinder. Look forward to my trip and of course the local delicacy A Bridie, if the best are not served at the ground where in town can we sample the best bridie? C’mon The Rose
  7. And what about the stadium? C’mon The Rose
  8. Well it’s back to NDP this afternoon when Elgin City come to town, it seems like only a few weeks ago that we were up at their ground, where we were poor on the day and lost an early goal. We showed a lot more fight and character last week where it was disappointing that we only had 1 shot on goal but scored from it. We have not had much luck in many games this season, hopefully that will change today and again I plead for us to score the first goal of the game, which I am sure will help our confidence. C’mon The Rose
  9. Correct never a foul. Referees need to learn to watch the direction of the ball after a challenge to help them with their decision. I thought you were unable to appeal a red card for 2 yellow card offences. It’s a shame The Roses highlights don’t show the incident where Connolly received his first yellow card after an Albion player came flying through the air causing Connolly to get out of the way of a possible serious injury. In summary 2 yellow cards for doing nothing and receiving a red card from the Headmaster. A totally shocking decision, the Ref needs a few weeks on the naughty step!!! C’mon The Rose
  10. Time wasting when ahead!!!!!! Your having a laugh. We have very rarely been ahead in any game this season to resort to that tactic. Any team that has scored the first goal against us seems to result in that team wasting time and the referees letting them away with it. All teams now pinch yards at free kicks throw ins and get away with it , but you can’t take a quick free kick till the school teacher gets his tin of paint out to mark two white lines on the pitch. I don’t like to slag off referees but the joker in the purple jersey had a shocker for both teams. It was never a penalty and as for the sending off both yellow cards were a joke. C’mon The Rose
  11. Thank you. Your club’s entry fee is perfectly acceptable unlike some club in this division who reside in Fife. Look forward to a trip to the current League leaders. Although we won by a penalty goal at our first meeting at NDP both teams have had different fortunes since. Gonna be difficult for The Rose and would be happy to return to Bonnyrigg with a point. C’mon The Rose
  12. Well it was a rather dreich day in Clackmannanshire in more ways than one. Agree with the post above the step up has been a challenge after the promising start to the season. Will be interesting to see what develops in the next few weeks. Gets no easier next Saturday when we visit the League leaders. P.S Well done to great club servant Alan Horne who gets a well deserved testimonial game this afternoon. What a class act he has been for the Rose in his time at NDP. C’mon The Rose
  13. So another Scottish cup campaign starts today away at Sauchie. By my reckoning this is our 5th consecutive Scottish cup away draw, but that doesn’t matter it gives us fans a good day out. Look forward to my trip to Clackmannanshire and we can return with a much needed victory and be in the hat for the next round draw which is on Monday I believe. C’mon The Rose
  14. Well it a fine Autumn day for the game versus East Fife today. It was great to return to winning ways last Tuesday against Annan and keep a clean sheet to boot. It would be great to get our first double of the season this afternoon, it won’t be easy and I hope for 3pts come 4.50pm this afternoon. C’mon The Rose
  15. Yes you can at the outstanding value of £12 yes £12, unlike you thieving so and sos. C’mon The Rose
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