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  1. And why should that team go up tell me? C’mon The Rose
  2. You wont get a level playing field I'm afraid, we're in an unprecedented situation and difficult decisions need to be taken, and soon. Okay then I will give my opinion on this unprecedented situation. I cannot see any sport being played again this year so in effect I have written off 2020. I appreciate there are many problems to overcome, so when football can again be played complete this season 2019-20. Cancel season 2020-21 in its entirety, we will need some sort of pre season to get players up to fitness. Start July/August with season 2021-22. C’mon The Rose
  3. No chance my head will explode. It would just give more unnecessary money to the legal profession. Have the future Gretna of Fife allocated a sum of money in their 5year plan budget for legal expertise ? Oh sorry that is just petty cash for them. I just want a level playing field. C’mon The Rose
  4. Why should the team from Fife go into L1, seems very presumptious. C,mon The Rose
  5. I am sure you’ll find a bitch in your town wi two pussies then. C’mon The Rose
  6. Why not start a thread about this poster, with all the complaints against him the mods may take some action. Instead of contaminating the threads on other subjects. C’mon The Rose
  7. Well blow me o’er wi a feather . Should have put my mortgage on that signing happening. Harvey continues his trend of hauling his brother in law with him wherever he has a job. Beware the Tranent dressing room mole about. One person above has described aptly the quality of the player . Black released to free up the wages for Hume!!! Looks like Harvey is already making his mark and clearing out players and ultimately wrecking the club(he has previous)
  8. I agree. Wonder if Tranent have contacted Nitten about the availability of Craig Hume? C’mon The Rose
  9. I am quite well thank you. A bunch of 12 red roses may have helped my cause though. In the two games against CSS they have scored first then shut up shop, would have been a different story had we scored first, would like a count on the number of times we have hit the framework this season. All is not yet lost C’mon BSC P.S. To save me looking, remind me how many League points your team has dropped so far this season. FYI we have dropped 10 C’mon The Rose
  10. Out of 2 cups, and did they appoint the right person as manager? Especially after his last managerial gig. C’mon The Rose
  11. That’s it, jacket zipped up, red&white scarf round neck, beanie hat on, gloves in pocket for emergency, thank goodness wellies not needed today. New visitors to NDP today, hope they remain off the boil as per the last few weeks and we have 3 points in the bag by 5pm tonight. C’mon The Rose
  12. We don’t need to read the article to find out. Clue 5 letters first letter is m last letter is y
  13. Well another big result in appalling conditions, thought we did well to keep our heads in front throughout the game and deserved the victory. Another 3 2 win on the road. At least Big Dan scored the winner with 15 mins to go and saved us from biting our nails(if you dare take your gloves off). So a great 3pts. Hope the weather is better in Fife next Saturday. C’mon The Rose
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