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  1. So Gretna 2008 come to NDP today for the first time. Look forward to watching it this afternoon on the streaming service. Expect 3pts for the Big Rose today and maintain our position near the top of the League. C’mon The Rose 🌹🌹🌹
  2. Well first home game of the season tonight. Will be interesting too see how the pitch holds up after the work done during the shutdown. Will now have to go and read up on how to access the live stream. Well done to The Rose and new media team for providing this service. C’mon The Rose 🌹🌹🌹
  3. Well the day has finally arrived when we can get back to playing football again. Will miss the genteel drive to Gala admiring the Autumn colours enroute. Hopefully we can return up the A7 with 3pts in the bag and onward and upward for the rest of the season. Will be sitting at home patiently waiting on the updates and biting what’s left of my finger nails. C’mon The Rose 🌹🌹🌹
  4. Looks like a confidentially agreement has been signed in Tranent. C’mon The Rose 🌹🌹🌹
  5. If the Shed in the garden behind the goals at Camelon is still standing it may be a popular vantage point for games there when the season starts. C’mon The Rose 🌹 🌹🌹😜
  6. Things seem to be happening a bit more regularly now so hopefully no hiccups prior to the start of the season. Reckon this season will be much tougher with all teams on paper strengthening. Gonna be an exciting festive period( will have to be a teetotal one to remember it) and a very tough last 3 League games to complete the season. So look forward to reading the match reports and highlights to come, sounds like a good run out last night against Broxburn. A couple of experienced players not listed I notice. C’mon The Rose🌹🌹🌹
  7. What about a tie with your neighbours just o’er the Flints the wee Rose. C’mon The Rose
  8. For me it was the right thing to jump to the EoS when we did even more so now that the WoS is now in. Without checking I reckon that about 50% of the squad were with us in the Juniors, so we have a strong backbone that have been with the club for 4/5 seasons. If we finish top 4-5 this season I would be happy. Our fan base has also increased considerably over the same period for matches home and away. I agree with you, your club should have jumped earlier and joined the EoS C’mon The Rose
  9. Well lads&lassies, Pre season training started , closed door friendliest on their way, fixtures possibly being announced soon. The new season would appear to be getting nearer can’t wait. Time now for the new season thread, if the new season is half as good as last year we could be in for some ride. Enjoy it one and all. C’mon The Rose
  10. I don’t think they won it, they were awarded it. C’mon The Rose
  11. And long may that continue. C’mon The Rose
  12. Is the sugar daddy at your neighbours funding the project and expanding his portfolio? C’mon The Rose
  13. The fans of the Big Rose will never forget that evening. C’mon The Rose
  14. Does he talk about the 2 games when the best part time team in the country couldn’t score a goal against a then Junior team in the Scottish Cup, and suffered a humiliating 1-0 loss at home? C’mon The Rose
  15. Is there two Dean Brett’s in the Lowland League? I know of one who plays for The Rose of Bonnyrigg. C’mon The Rose
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