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  1. Another great team performance and result for The Rose yesterday. We controlled most of the game quite comfortably. Well made ,taken and executed goals also. Anything they threw at us was well handled by Andrews between the sticks. The referee got a bit annoying with petty decisions going against us. He booked some Bonnyrigg players but I think only 1 of the opposition. Alan Hornes performance was absolutely outstanding he strolled through the game and never broke sweat. It will be a bit ironical winning 3 0 away from home and the MOM is your centre half. C’mon The Rose
  2. Also looking forward to the trip up to East Stirlingshire(wonder if the sat/nav will recognise it) The weather is looking decent for the game and would expect Robbie to be able to chose from a fit full squad. Big Kieron McGachie will be looking forward to renewing acquaintances with the opposition who from previous matches have been terrified of him. As usual it will be a close encounter. C’mon The Rose
  3. When you are there make sure ES don’t park the bus on the park so we can have. a cracking cup tie. C’mon The Rose
  4. So back on parade at NDP today after 2 away games and 6pts. Been a few years since we played our near neighbours from up the braes. Will be interesting to see the line up today with an eye no doubt on next Saturday. Nonetheless still expect a comfortable Rose victory. C’mon The Rose
  5. Maybees aye and maybees naw , but The Rose are the club that I support and much above the National team on my priority list. C’mon The Rose
  6. Yes the top 2 REAL CLUBS (albeit Spartans voted for the dreadful 2 entry into the League) in the LL meet at Ainslie Park today at 2.00pm. Arguably the best game in Scotland today. I don’t expect we’ll see as many goals as we did midweek. C’mon The Rose
  7. If you are going to talk about it please take it to the appropriate thread, and don’t contaminate this one. Bye. C’mon The Rose
  8. I agree with your post wholeheartedly. Don’t want to mess up the Club 42 play off and give a club(that were 3rd bottom) who voted for their entry into the LL a reward of 3pts
  9. So feel free inform us of what you think the issue is? C’mon The Rose
  10. Yes 3 points on the pokey and if we can get 6 points from our 2 games this week what a bonus that will be. C’mon The Rose
  11. Aye we know, but have you informed the LL and get them to change the kick off time on the website pages? C’mon The Rose
  12. Have the Lowland League been informed? and get them to change to kick off time on the fixtures web page. C’mon The Rose
  13. Another big game today against arguably the surprise package team of the season. (Personally I am delighted for Dalbeattie). In to the time of year season change, along with weather and ground conditions. Expect Robbie will have a full squad at his disposal. A continuation of last weeks performance and result will be excellent. The Lowland League website don’t help promoting the game or the League as they have kick off time as 3.00pm C’mon The Rose
  14. Crikey where have you been? At school learning how to speak and read English, found a new hobby in support of a sham football team. Or are you Fraser conducting operation catch up? C’mon The Rose
  15. Exactly, let the clubs and fans know the result NOW, stop the meaningless games and let the LL clubs get on with rest of the season. C’mon The Rose
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