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  1. Well that was hard work today on a very heavy pitch. Some dubious offside decisions. We’ll take the 3pts and move on to another 2 difficult games this week. C’mon The Rose
  2. Where is selfie? Has he done himself a mischief? He will be deep in thought pondering giving up supporting his team and changing his allegiance to a proper club. C’mon the Rose P.S. We have an offer on for half season tickets
  3. I am looking forward to a genteel visit to Innerleithen tomorrow so am keeping my fingers crossed the the pitch passes the morning inspection. Frost last week, rain this week, typical Scottish winter. C’mon the Rose
  4. Can you give me reasons why press guys need a seat?
  5. Thank you. I am still drying out. Now know the meaning of “ water running out of the flaps of one’s arse “ C’mon The Rose
  6. How the mighty have fallen. C’mon The Rose
  7. Naw. You are in a time warp and suffering memory loss, that was the score when your team played at home in the first round and shat it. For the moment The Big Rose go marching on. C’mon The Rose
  8. It all makes for a good afternoons entertainment. Hope the rain stays away. Will be a great atmosphere. Can’t wait. C’mon The Rose
  9. So if you had posted at midday on Saturday you would have used the Lowland League leaders at that moment? (Doubt it) Brechin fans will be checking the Highland League thread I would have thought. C’mon The Rose
  10. I have mentioned it previously. A bit presumptuous to use the former junior club just off the M90 in Fife as the example for the play off. The season has not yet reached the halfway stage and plenty to play for for a few clubs. C’mon The Rose
  11. I also am looking forward to this cup tie. One thing for sure is that Montrose will know that they have been in a game. This might be the biggest crowd that Montrose have played in front of all season, we at Bonnyrigg have experience of such occasions!!! C’mon The Rose
  12. Hope the idiots that caused bother in Peterhead today will have not been sold tickets for the match in Bonnyrigg next Saturday? C’mon the Rose
  13. Well that was some game last night. What a gutsy performance never say die attitude right to the very end. It was certainly a match that kept you warm on a cold night. Thought it was certainly a bit ironic that the 2 Spartans goals were scored by two former Rose players who both scored in that dramatic day at the end of last season when we won the League at Broxburn. So now the lead up starts for the big Scottish cup tie next Saturday, can’t wait. C’mon The Rose
  14. Amazing Jeff. Camelon Juniors lights fiasco discussed on the thread of their neighbours the wee Rose. C’mon The Big Rose
  15. A bump we will recover from. A lot of effort put into today’s performance against a brick wall defence. Not very often we have 0 against our name despite the chances we had. Still big fish to fry in the weeks ahead lots to look forward to starting on Tuesday. C’mon The Rose
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