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  1. Darren Young clearly doesn't rate any of the players he has inherited and they know that. 

    There’s only so many times you can shuffle the pack looking for a different outcome, only to find the same result. This pack has been shuffled time and time again and nothing has changed, so I don’t blame Darren Young if he “doesn’t rate any of the players”, they’ve all had ample opportunities and by and large have let themselves and the manager down. That’s not to say that everyone should go, I’ve posted elsewhere that there are a few players there that we should be looking to retain, but I’m sure the majority already suspect what’s coming, and you can’t blame Young.

    In my opinion, if Young doesn’t undertake some major surgery in the summer, then next season, he’ll be out the door himself.
  2. Absolutely blown away by the sheer brilliance of Joe Bonamassa at the Armadillo last night. The guy is simply a genius on guitar!!


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