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  1. Yeah him.
    never been impressed with him, regardless if he finished unbeaten against us this season.

    Big season for him, think a large chunk of Stirling supporters would say the dury is still out, but his track record at Albion Rovers and ,by and large, East Fife is good, so that buys him time.
  2. Ross Davidson is an excellent signing for you.

    Delighted to hear it, I remember him doing well for Albion Rovers a few years back, but didn’t know what to make of the signing. Think the fact Young has taken him to the 3 clubs he has managed, speaks volumes that he is very much his man, so fingers crossed he hits the ground running.

    We've signed Kurtis Roberts supposedly

    I’ve said a lot about Roberts above, so I’m not going to repeat myself, would be surprised if he has much of an impact at League 1 level and would have to question why Lennon has signed 2 Midfielders from us, when for most of the season, our Midfield was pretty rotten and a huge problem for us. Anyway, good luck to the lad.
  3. Ray was outstanding for us, and no doubt Danny Lennon will be hoping he can re-ignite the player that left the club.
    I take it he had a poor season for you guys ? Expected him to do much better back in league 2 tbh.

    I have no axe to grind with Grant and I hope the move works out well for both Clyde and him. I suspect he has been signed on the back of what he did for Lennon and the club before, rather than what he did for us last season. I think I speak for most when I say that he had a poor season, which was a pity really because when he signed, I was excited to see him and thought he was going to be an excellent signing for us, but it just wasn’t to be.

    All too often Grant would over play and the result was that he gave the ball away all too often. The final game against Edinburgh, I thought he was immense but that game aside, I can’t really think of another that he stood out for the right reasons. Off the ball, he was rash at times and on the ball pretty ineffective, which was surprising.

    Anyway, maybe a return to Clyde or a return to playing under Lennon is what he needs, good luck to him but I doubt he’ll be missed by any of the supporters here.
  4. 13 hours ago, TheWestStand said:

    Paul McLean and Kyle Banner signed up for 22/23 

    I was a wee bit sceptical of us re-signing McLean when people were saying they would, I just wasn't sure if the injury would take it's toll or even if the desire would still be there, however having watched him since his return, it just reminded me how good he actually is and you could see that the desire is still there and it's great to have him back onboard for next season. He's a class act at this level, and the whole Defence just appear to be more composed when he is around, so hopefully his injury nightmare is over as he'll be a big player for us next season. Glad to see Banner back as well, yeah he's not a flashy player or someone who'll pull up trees, he's prone to the odd error as well, but he's a hard worker, more than competent in Midfield and you need players in the squad that are versatile squad fillers. 

    13 hours ago, BinosCammy said:

    Good start with the resignings just wished we could of tied Kurtis Roberts down to another year but hopefully he can kick on further up the leagues.

    Apart from Currie and McNiff, I hope that's it with the re-signings. With those 2 apart (Currie was my Player of the Year) I think we have retained the stronger players in the squad and players that Young can build and mould the team around. I don't know if Roberts was offered a new deal or not, but him leaving is no big thing for me. Some people seem to think he can "kick on further up the leagues" and you obviously fall into that category BinosCammy but I don't think so. Can he move to another League 2 club and be fine, yes, but League 1 or above, I would be surprised. I suspect he'll pop up at another League 2 club, Albion Rovers maybe (only thinking of location) or in the Lowland League somewhere, time will tell. 

  5. So the rumours were indeed true and Robert Thomson has signed for the club on a 2 year deal. I think that’s a good bit of business for us, although maybe not a prolific goal scorer, he’s certainly been a real handful and a good striker when I’ve seen him play for Dunfermline, Alloa, Brechin and Stenhousemuir over the years. Good start to the rebuild.


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