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  1. Colin James - These Arms Of Mine
  2. Stereophonics - Too Many Sandwiches
  3. So the rumours were indeed true and Robert Thomson has signed for the club on a 2 year deal. I think that’s a good bit of business for us, although maybe not a prolific goal scorer, he’s certainly been a real handful and a good striker when I’ve seen him play for Dunfermline, Alloa, Brechin and Stenhousemuir over the years. Good start to the rebuild.
  4. Celeste - Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
  5. WC Boggs has pretty much nailed what I was going to say.
  6. Moreland And Arbuckle - Hate To See You Go
  7. Dave Arcari - Travelling Man
  8. A busy night tonight then. Callum Law, Ross McGeachie, Jordan McGregor, Jack Leitch, Kieran Moore & Dale Carrick all signing on for next season. I’m honestly over the moon with the news, with the exception of Law, those were the “big hitters” for me last season and the ones that I felt you could build a team around. Couple of others I would like to see announced, itching for Blair Currie and would be happy with McLean and McNiff but delighted with those retained and released so far. From memory, this will be Ross McGeachie’s 10th season, so surely a testimonial will be in place for him, but I’m sure the contract isn’t given on testament.
  9. How did you find the pie?? First time I’ve had one since the new catering company took it over and I have to say I was impressed.
  10. Would agree with this and from memory, across the season there was a good number of goals conceded when we simply couldn’t contain the pressure anymore as every out ball came right back to the Defence to deal with. We need a Left Back of course, but I honestly think we are well covered for Defenders and would be happy to see them all re-sign.
  11. Fleming lives literally a stones through from Galabank, doubt he’d leave Annan for another Part Time gig these days.
  12. Darren Young did say at the end of his interview yesterday that planning for next season had been taking place over the last month or two, and that a couple of players had agreed pre-contracts so it’s quite possible he’s one of them then. I suspect, and I’ve nothing to back it up other than a hunch, that Aaron Dunsmore is another.
  13. First batch of players leaving the club have been announced on Stuart Brown’s Twitter page this morning: “Akeel Francis, James Grant, Ray Grant, Marc Laird, Dylan Mackin, Kurtis Roberts move on with our thanks for their contribution during their time at the Club and our best wishes for the future. [emoji1197][emoji460]️[emoji1197]” Delighted to see Dylan Mackin and Akeel Francis on the list of departures. Francis really was out of his depth at this level and never even looked like a professional footballer in the games I saw him, absolutely stunned that someone at Falkirk took a punt on him, woeful. Mackin, well it was pretty obvious he was going at the final whistle yesterday, only player in both squads that just turned around and went up the tunnel at Full Time. No applauding the support, no high 5’s for the gang of excited kids, just gone. He got a season more out of the club than I would have given him. There is ability there, but it’s clear his lifestyle choices away from football are impacting his ability. Safe to say the 2 won’t be missed by the support. Ray Grant is a wee bit of a surprise to me, I thought he was excellent yesterday, the player I thought we were getting when we signed him in the summer but he just didn’t do it this season, very wasteful in most games. Although he would have been on my list to go, I had a sneaky feeling Young was going to keep him, especially with him doing some coaching in the academy, but obviously not. Suspect he’ll get a move to another League 2 side. Disappointed with the way Marc Laird worked out, I thought we were getting a player that could put it about a bit but also play, yes he could put it about a bit but was rash and in terms of playing, looked done. When the season kick off, I thought he looked like the player that we thought Kevin Nicoll was going to be for us, but in my view, ended up being like Nicoll was for us. Kurtis Roberts showed in glimpses that he was a decent player but we just didn’t see enough of it in my opinion. I never really knew if he was good, decent or poor but he was certainly a trier and I liked that about him. He never hid and was highly regarded by sections of our support, so I’m sure there will be a few disappointed Binos this morning. James Grant was simply a squad filler that was brought in to cover a major injury crisis, so that one is no surprise. Mason Hancock has obviously returned to Aberdeen and Dylan Paterson to Arbroath. What a player Hancock is going to be, certainly someone who will have a career in the game, it’ll be interesting to watch his development over the next few years. Certainly going to be an interesting few months. Never know when you are on the wind up or not, but would be a positive start to the refresh if true.
  14. Didn’t see that result, or that performance coming but by Christ we deserve it, if not more. Yes it was meaningless and yes Edinburgh weren’t at full strength but that was the performance we have waited all season for. It’s amazing what happens when you retain the ball and build up play, rather than hitting it long into an immobile Target Man. All season I have said Carrick is wasted out wide, look what happens when you play him through the middle. Half of me wondered if Darren Young has already spoken to the squad and has told the players playing today that those are the players he wants to build the new squad around, and to go out and prove that he is right to do that. Carrick will reap the plaudits, and quite rightly so, he was lively, worked extremely hard and bagged a deserved Hattrick for his troubles but the work done by Jack Leitch and by Ray Grant, shouldn’t go unnoticed. The 3 of them strolled the game and stamped their authority on it from minute one and showed their class. Banner and Dunsmore also supported well, retained the ball and broke up play. Moore was lively, full of effort but don’t see much of the ball in the danger areas. Hancock on the left flank again showed his class, he goes back to Aberdeen a better player, but also one with a big future in the game. McGeachie also grew into the game and had so many positive runs down the right hand side and never looked in any trouble. Talking about strolling it, McLean was a class act at the back, oh how he has been missed and on this performance, I hope he is offered something because he showed he still has it. The next few weeks will be interesting and today adds to the frustration of the season because we showed we did have it, we just didn’t do it, but what a way to end the season. The players can be proud tonight. Finally, I hope Ben Stirling has a speedy recovery from his injury today and it doesn’t affect next season for him. The way he went down after running, suggests it’s a serious one but I hope the lad is ok, never good to see at any point, never mind at the end of the season.
  15. Now we’re talking. Absolutely love it Eednud [emoji7] Joanne Shaw Taylor - Stop Messin’ Around
  16. John Lee Hooker - Messin’ With The Hook
  17. It’s all speculation really, but considering the squad was expected to push for promotion, and the players were confident of achieving the aim in pre-season, to finish 7th and to be second best across the pitch in most games, plus a new manager into the mix, most of us expect big changes. Nothing has been said officially to my knowledge, it was reported in the local paper this week that Young is set to sit down and finalise plans for next season but that’s expected with no more games left. We just have to wait and see. I think Saturday could be one of the lowest attendances for a long long time, as the season has progressed there appears to be more empty seats in the stand with regular faces around where I sit, not attending. There has also been chat on Facebook about others being done with the season and not coming until serious changes have been made to the First Team, and others that are refusing to come until changes are made off the park. This could all be hot air from these people of course, I’m sure time will tell but with a lot of unhappiness throughout the club at the moment thrown in with Edinburgh having nothing to play for, it’s hardly crying out for people to come. Seasons over, I’ll be there and hoping it’s sunny .
  18. Fairport Convention - Close The Door Lightly When You Go
  19. If Dom Martin’s Savage Life isn’t amongst the best of the best in 2022, then I seriously give up on music. The talent this man shows on the album is unbelievable.
  20. Johnny Cash - 25 Minutes To Go
  21. Although I do totally agree, I do think Blair Currie should have had a good shout at it and there’s a debate to be had about him getting in, but ultimately for the rest, we finished 7th for a reason and that’s because we simply, weren’t very good!
  22. The Electric Flag - Killing Floor
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