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  1. On 30/07/2022 at 15:23, BFTD said:

    That's my old man. My strategy's been to listen to his ranting and pop in a passive comment about the contradictions in his arguments, making sure it doesn't come across as though I'm disagreeing with him. Stimulate the old grey matter.

    He's piped down a lot over the past couple of years, as he doesn't understand why all of the promises and assumptions he's been making haven't come to pass (mainly to do with leaving the EU). As a working-class man, he's particularly confused about why the government seem more concerned with reducing workers' rights instead of deporting foreigners, who he blames for literally every problem to have beset the UK in the past seventy years (along with unions and universities, for some reason that I've never managed to establish).

    It's actually quite painful to see the gradual dawning that he (and many of his generation) have been had, but I still can't feel too much sympathy as they aren't going to have to deal with consequences, and "the government aren't kicking out as many foreigners as we wanted" isn't a position that inspires much empathy.

    Feel your pain BFTD, sounds very similar to my own Dad. Can't understand how such a great man and great Dad could have such views, I am at the stage now where I can't talk to him about any kind of current affairs.  

  2. 2 hours ago, O'Kelly Isley III said:

    David Byrne's association with Dumbarton is no more than a historical footnote, and he has made that very clear.  Fine, his call, and the music is way overrated anyway.

    Totally agree.

    2 hours ago, Jan Vojáček said:

    Really nicely made highlights up on the Binos' YouTube

    We really are lucky to have Ben, the work he must put in for a very professional project is very much appreciated by most supporters, it really is a cracking product for someone who volunteers. 

    1 hour ago, The Moonster said:

    That really is a shocker of a challenge. Knows he's going to be late and still throws his head into it. Could easily be broken jaw/cheekbones there. 

    Agreed, as I mentioned on the day, it happened right in front of where I was sitting and I couldn't believe he got up and walked away from it. I was also very surprised at how long it took the Ref to summon over the medical team considering it appeared to be a serious head knock. 

  3. 10 hours ago, #GSC said:

    The defence have no choice but to play those balls, there’s not a single midfield ball player to pass too, so when they move forward you end up with just two boys in the middle of the park, not far away from them , and four men ( 2 wingers and 2 strikers) up front inline with the opposition defence, no one shows for the ball .

    That's a good point #GSC 

    8 hours ago, WC Boggs said:

    I was sat at home looking at the starting line up on BBC live scores. I couldn't make sense of Cummins being fielded at RB or Leitch being on the bench, unless it was forced by players carrying a knock, or not being fully fit.

    With coming off injured last week and with missing a bit of pre-season due to his honeymoon, I can understand the decision to have Leitch on the bench to start off with, as I'm assuming he just didn't feel right, however, to go with 2 holding players in Clark and Banner and not have Cooper in there after last week, I found that strange. I'm not saying Cooper is the answer, I don't know him, but against Peterhead he was the most likely to create something and found pockets of space to drive into. To be fair on Leitch, for 10 minutes or so he did look lively and buzzed about trying to make things happen, but before he came on we definitely lacked that. 

  4. Well that was chronic from a Stirling perspective, bye bye all pre-season excitement, back to reality and pretty much where we have been for the last 8 years.

    It happened so quickly as well, 2 soft goals to give away, especially the first, and we were always pissing in the wind. The first goal was a shocker, Cummins not closing down his man to stop the cross and Currie looking like he wasn’t expecting it and an easy tap in. In fact, we were lucky to only go in at Half Time 2-0 down as Dumbarton has some decent chances to grab 3 or more.

    I just don’t get the First Half, we were so predictable, stroking the ball about the back 4 until the Defence reached the Half Way line and then either a chip over the Dumbarton back line or a force through ball, neither worked but yet, that’s what we resorted to time after time after time.

    Nobody was at the races First Half, total contrast to what we saw against Peterhead last week, but is it too much of a surprise when our most effective and creative players last week, found themselves starting on the bench this week.

    Things got better in the Second Half, but we were still so toothless and only Leitch had any kind of creativity when he took to the field. On another day, the draw could have been got but for Dumbarton’s Goalkeeper Brett Long, his double save was more than impressive and he earned the high applause from the Home support.

    I’ve posted about the Red Card above, so will not repeat myself, I just hope that Lynas is ok and if not, he makes a speedy recovery.

    My fear before the season started was that if Carrick is not scoring, who will, where is the pace and where is the creativity in Midfield and so far, I’m still not any clearer and fear that we really are just powder puff, don’t create and don’t take chances…..really hope I’m wrong but it was another game where I didn’t see a lot in those departments.

    So we go on to face Elgin now, with our 1 and only Left Back suspended and a Centre Back looking like a poor option at Right Back, wonderful. I do not know what Young see’s in playing Cummins there, but what do I know?

    So flat, so despondent, o toothless and so Stirling Albion. Hope next Saturday is a better experience.

    PS- That narrow pitch, wow, there really is no space and I only saw 1 long throw in the whole match.

  5. 48 minutes ago, squeezebox-son said:

    Shocker for the red card. How any of the Stirling players felt they could debate it was absolutely beyond me.

    I’ll post properly when I’m home and not waiting for my Chinese. Anyway, the incident happened right in front of me and trust me, NO player was debating the red card, they were stopping the Dumbarton players ripping Clark’s face off because it was a total shocker. Can’t say I heard every word, but I definitely heard a lot of Stirling players agreeing it was a shocker and a poor decision from Clark, what the 2 Captains were booked for I have no idea, in the end it was McLean and Buchanan that calmed the situation down.

    That was a complete ‘heads gone’ moment by Clark, I’ve got no idea what he was think of, no doubt it’s one of those things he’ll regret straight away, but it was a shocker and totally needless. Clark is a player I never noticed at Annan but I have been impressed in the games I have watched him in for Stirling so far, but that’s a side to him we haven’t seen until today, I really hope it was a one off and I really hope Lynas is ok, it seemed to be his leg that was the problem before walking off.

  6. Saw Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram at the Queen’s Hall in Edinburgh last night, absolutely blown away. Cool guy, that’s an absolute wizard on guitar



  7. It's been a good number of years since I was last at The Rock, so looking forward to going somewhere a bit different to what has become the norm. 

    The opening game of the season is always one that's gets the excitement butterfly's fluttering away and it's no different this time. I think we should come through with confidence. I was on holiday when we met a few weeks ago, but both teams should have gelled a bit more since then but we obviously got the win, we looked good and got the wins against Raith (all be it via a penalty shoot out) and Peterhead, so no reason to not be confident.

    Darren Young will have a selection headache, but for the right reasons. It seemed he knew who his strongest side was up until the Peterhead game, but he switched things up a bit, gave a few people their first starts and boy did they impress, so the starting lineup will be interesting.

    Yip, looking forward to getting the season underway and although Dumbarton isn't much to write home about, looking forward to the afternoon at The Rock. 

  8. 15 hours ago, As Easterly as it gets! said:

    Another horrific result.

    Played 4. Lost 4. Goals for....0. Goals against 13.

    I suppose 3 subs is an improvement....

    Must admit, I commented to a friend that I think that has to be the worst Peterhead side that I’ve seen in 20+ years yesterday. Can’t see anything but a long hard season for you on that performance.

  9. Think it’s fair to say that like most, I was pretty underwhelmed by the summer recruitment and continually waited for a name to join the club that excited me, but (so far?) that never came. However, I think over the Cup games it’s pretty evident that Darren Young has put a squad together that’s  maybe better than many of us first feared and, at this point, can I quietly utter the words, a good squad?

    I’m loathed to get too excited this early in the season, I’ve been here too many times before, being carried away only to be let down, and maybe with age as well, I now go into seasons with that “wait and see” mentality.

    You can only gauge the squad by what we have seen so far. I wasn’t at Dumbarton or Raith but by all accounts the squad did well. Many said we could have won more convincingly against The Sons and deserved the win against Raith and, in my opinion, we more than deserved the comfortable win against Peterhead yesterday, so we have reasons to be optimistic.

    It’s early doors, I really don’t want to judge just yet but I posted elsewhere that I have been impressed by the new signings but I do worry about the lack of real pace and possibly the creativity throughout the team, however the style of play is easier on the eye than what we have witnessed under KR.

    I also have concerns up front. If you play Carrick through the middle, he’ll score goals. I liked him at Cowdenbeath and I like him here, so was delighted when the news came that he had stayed on. After that, Thomson is a good player who you would like to think will do well partnering Carrick, but looking at his record, he’s not a goal scorer and both haven’t had the best time with injuries over the past few years. Then we have Burns, who did well against Peterhead and has scored an excellent amount of goals at a lower level, and although worthy of a chance, is unknown at this level. So I think if there is any room for additions, then I feel it should probably come upfront.

    So how do I think we’ll do? I think we’ll be ok this season. I don’t really see anything to fear elsewhere and can’t see anyone winning the league at a canter, although other teams will be equally as strong or stronger than we are. However, I do think we can get ourselves into a Play Off spot., do I see us winning the league, No, but do I see us finishing 9th or 10th like some people have ludicrously said in the other thread, absolutely not but anywhere between 3rd and 6th, probably wouldn’t surprise me depending on how other teams perform as I do think it will be a nip tuck league this year with teams 

  10. That Aberdeen side were ruthless and some of the attacking play in the First Half, you just had to sit back and applaud. They’ll be no mugs in the PL fight for the best of the rest this season. 

    That said, it was clear what the danger was, it was attacking with pace and through balls and yet our Defence held a high line, which seemed odd to me but there’s no way you can be critical of our players last night, they really were up against it and the game will hold no baring on how the season will pan out.

    Looking around the team though, what has happened to Ross Davidson? Haven’t heard anything about him and he’s not featured in any of the games so far. 

  11. Interesting comment from Darren Young in his after match interview in that he states that he expects another 2 or 3 players to join us before the season starts. I thought the squad was pretty close to being closed now, however there appears to be room for a few additions.

    I'm guessing these will be loan players that we are awaiting to be released from their current squads to join up with us, but it'll be interesting to see what positions he feels is not quite right.

  12. On 12/07/2022 at 12:20, Chris_the_rover said:

    We are usually ranked outsiders,

    Even the season we won the league we were 20/1 or somthing, even though we had a good squad

    We have been favourites to finish bottom 3 years I'm a row now

    What’s the expectation this season Chris?? I actually thought you had a decent squad last year, and I think Reid is a decent manager, but I would GUESS you’ll be the lowest payers in the league, so is it simply a case of not finishing bottom or do you see yourselves kicking on from last year??

  13. 3 hours ago, rhliston said:

    Just received an e mail from the Club, 

    Special General Meeting of the Shareholders Called for Wednesday 3 August at 6pm Golden Lion Hotel, Stirling 

    3 resolutions on the table to remove the following Directors Stuart Brown, Lorri Graham and Colin Rowley.

    That new Directors are appointed as Directors with immediate effect. 

    Why is Grant Morrice name not on the list?

  14. 10 hours ago, O'Kelly Isley III said:

    Not trying to be cheeky but I was actually referring to WI-FI boosters which are both inexpensive and efficient in my experience.

    Not taking the piss here, seriously, but is there any you would recommend?? Actually looking for one for the house to boost to the garage 🙈

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