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  1. More. I know 2 bit part players that were in that squad and they were making just short of that to get them from the League 2 clubs they were at and they said that Linn was on silly money compared to them.
  2. Noticed a few players that I recognised from their re-signing list, but are they quality, I’m not sure and they are a few years older as well. Michael Andrews was also with Berwick and The Shire at this level, Dean Brett is well known from his time at Cowdenbeath and Neil Martynuik was at Edinburgh City and maybe even Hibs (???), other than that, I’m assuming that the rest are untried or didn’t get many appearance when they were at League 1 or 2 clubs.
  3. I think you have summed Flanagan up perfectly there. I went from being so excited to have him sign to not being fussy that he left, in less than 8 months. There’s definitely a fantastic player in there, but during his time at Stirling, he was anonymous most of the time, but you could see he was trying, it just wasn’t happening for him.
  4. Tidelines - Walking On The Waves
  5. Just bought Tidelines tickets for St.Andrews. Absolutely love Robert Robertson’s voice, can’t wait to see them in a small venue!
  6. Yip, huge hole there and one of those positions that we have struggled to fill over a number of years now. I wonder if that's one of those positions that will be filled by an SPL youngster on loan?? Time will tell, would be great to see Hancock return, but looking at the list of players on the PFA website or on the released list on here, there's nobody really jumping out at me, although there are a good number of players that I simply don't know.
  7. The Teskey Brothers - Pain And Misery
  8. Just out of interest, how did Lowdon do for Annan last season?? Another one of those players that looked really good prior to joining Stirling, then got injured and didn’t live up to much.
  9. No, can’t say I am. It’s still early days and it’s the deals that are done before the season kicks off that concern me, not where we are early June. The signings so far have been fine, the resigning have been ok as well, if DY needs to wait a few weeks to get his last few signings over the line then so be it, as long as we are ready to hit the ground running when the real stuff starts.
  10. Not sure if I mentioned it above, but he played Centre Back for us for the second half of the season looked steady enough.
  11. I honestly can not believe your board think that’s an acceptable amount for League 2 football in Scotland. If your walk up prices are that high then you’ll drive away a lot of away support as well
  12. Season Tickets now on sale Adults: £205, Concessions: £125 , Under 17’s and Students: £50 and Under 12’s Free Hope the £50 and Free season tickets can continue to attract more youngsters along, especially with the introduction of the Singing and Family sections.
  13. The Kooks - Jackie Big Tits
  14. Jack Barksdale - Man In The Ground
  15. Looking forward to going somewhere new and as 1320 says above, great to have a team come up that have not spunked a lot of money at “lower league superstars” only to say that staying in the league is success and expecting us all to believe it.
  16. Avey Grouws Band - Hanging Around
  17. I’m well aware of that, but that’s not the point I am making. They still stuck 2 fingers up at their members by ultimately not putting it to a vote. Yeah, but again, they stuck two fingers up at their membership by not having the vote on the proposal to remove Stuart Brown or the current board. I’m all forThe Trust board having a vote on the new Club Board, what I’m not for is the removal of the current board through a non-democratic process. Like Brexit and the Independence Referendum as an example, if it was the “will of the people” then I and many others, wouldn’t have had an issue. You can’t get away from it, it’s fact and the point I’m making. As they say in Scotland, you ken it, a ken it. The Trust board wanted rid of Stuart Brown so they made that decision, probably via some sort of loophole, regardless if the majority of members wanted it or not, therefore sticking 2 fingers up to the members, to use the phrase above.
  18. Oh the irony in this comment! The Trust have suck two fingers up at their members (the owners of the Club) by not holding a vote.
  19. Gary Clark JR - Bright Lights
  20. Disappointing to read after the standard of the last one. My music tastes have changed massively over the years, but I will always hold a candle for Oasis as that’s where it started for me, so wanted this to be another belter from LG
  21. See you there, can’t wait! I’ve always found the O2 to be a good venue, except for the drinks price. You should have a great night
  22. What a beautiful guitar Rowsdower and I love your story. I’m going to start playing again, I just have bad luck with the teachers I’ve made contact with but I signed up for a GuitarTricks membership the other day and I’m hoping this is the answer
  23. Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark
  24. Breaking Benjamin - Give Me A Sign
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