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  1. I try and not read to much into Pre-Season games, I’ve been carried away before only to be let down and vice versa, but I did leave The Recs a wee bit concerned last night.

    The squad is light weight as you said, especially up front. Not sure who number 14 was…..was he a Trialist or was that Ross Davidson playing further forward and then dropping back when the young lad came on? I don’t know, but it was clear we are 1 or 2 short there. Carrack & Thomson have had their injury problems over the years so we can’t have an over reliance on those 2. 

    I genuinely don’t know what our budget is, I would hazard a guess that it’s in line with some clubs and more than others, but I was expecting an exciting playmaker to have been brought in, a Trouten or an Ally Love, dare I say it, a Craig Bryson from a higher league….the fact we haven’t showed last night. Yes the Alloa keepers had to look lively a couple of times, Thomson also hit the post, but really we missed that spark and I have a real fear that this cutting edge is going to haunt us.

    I think Wee Wasp is right, I think we were neat and tidy and on top for long spells of the game but, as has been said, we lacked that cutting edge. Leitch worked hard and tried, but can’t be expected to do it all. Plus when the fouls happen or it just doesn’t happen for him, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else.

    Positives, and there were positives. I thought the 3 new signings down the left (Clark, Denholm & Thomson) linked up well and showed good understanding. Clark isn’t a player that I know, despite being at Annan, but very early signs suggest he looks a player. It’ll be interesting to see how that trio builds. Thought Carrick again looked more effective through the middle and had the bit between his teeth and linked up well with Thomson and Leitch.

    As I said, I never know where we stand during pre-season, but last night left me a bit concerned, then you leave The Recs and are confronted by “ultras” wanting a fight, Primary School children throwing insults and abuse at you as you walk to your car, before scarpering from the police…..makes me wonder why I bother! 

  2. DY had a lot of faults and I still don't think it was a mistake to get rid of him - but we had a lot of relative success with him because of our continuation within the squad and the fact the dressing room was really good, the players all seemed to like each other.

    I know I’m going off topic here, but just out of interest, what faults did DY have during his time at you?? When he was sacked, and later on when he became Stirling manager, I generally got the impression that EF fans were saddened to see him go and put the poor start to last season down to injuries and players doing u-turns on promises they had made to him.

    Have to be honest and say alarm bells are starting to ring about how good an appointment he will be for us, he really needs to hit the ground running after a disastrous half season last year (with a couple of ineffective or duff signings thrown into the mix) and an uninspiring pre-season so far.
  3. What makes you rule out the possibility? 
    At this stage there's no team you could point at and say they'll be cast adrift the way Cowden were last season.

    Absolutely and I don’t think that will happen this season and I also believe it will be nip tuck throughout the league and could be one of the most competitive that we have seen, but for as much as you can’t see that at this stage, also at this stage I struggle to see how 9 teams, including Albion Rovers and Elgin, have retained and recruited better than we have. I don’t think they have.
  4. 9 hours ago, tamthebam said:

    when the club I formerly bothered with signed him Queen of the South fans said he was a good backup

    He played once for City* at the end of the season at Forthbank and had a bit of a 'mare but made one or two good saves despite that.

    Good luck to the lad anyway 


    *A proper name for a football club

    Oh was that him, yip, he certainly didn't look too hot that day, however as part of the Keepers Union, I have say that the City Defence looked extremely poor and disjoined in general and possibly hung him out to dry at times. Going on that 1 appearance, I'm surprised that Albion Rovers have chosen him above Binnie. 

  5. 12 minutes ago, Lichtie78 said:

    Alright lads, was Mason Hancock on loan at you guys?He’s signing for us I believe, what like is he?

    He was a classic act during his few months with us, a rolls Royce at Left Back. Too good for League 2 and sadly he joined a side that was pretty much in free fall, but take nothing away from him. Will be interesting to see how he gets on higher up, certainly deserves the chance.

  6. Byrne will be a decent signing for Dumbarton, yes it's not exciting and suspect he'll not rip the league apart in terms of goals, but he's not a bad player at this level and he'll be the physical player that Wallace will work off.

    He was part of our "behind closed doors season" so I never actually saw him in the flesh for Stirling Albion, however I watched all the games online and his link up play and all round game contributed to a decent number of goals that Andy Ryan bagged. I wasn't too bothered to see him leave that summer, because he did slip out of the picture under KR, who seemed to favour Dylan Mackin, but despite only getting a couple of goals, he did do a decent enough job.

  7. 18 hours ago, Bridie Vision said:

    Going for the title is brave but we should be fighting for it the whole season. Unlike the last 3 years there isn't a moneybags team in L2 to buy the title through massive wages.

    I'm sure supporters and staff at every club, maybe out with Albion Rovers, Elgin and Bonnyrigg, will be expecting the same, which is why I think this year we could really see a bit of a ding dong league. It's inevitable that at least one of the leagues favourites will underperform (it was us last season) but it's gearing up to be a tight top 6 I would say with Stenhousemuir, Stirling, Forfar, Annan, East Fife and Dumbarton all having the expectation of winning the league or making the Play Offs.

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