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  1. Actually gutted I can't make this as Dunfermline is one of my favourite away days. Good pubs in the town, nice stadium, steak bridge at half time.....gee, I could actually live there!!!

    Despite the negative views of the Pars faithful this is going to be a tough game for The Binos and one that I'd be delighted to take anything from. Freak results happen every once in a while and Stenhousemuir was just that.

  2. As an outsider looking in then it's clear to see that change as needed at East End.

    JJ has a great reputation in the Scottish game, it should work but it clearly doesn't. Whether that's down to budgets or just level that the club are now playing at, I don't know but it's clear something is wrong with the squad.

    Dunfermline should be an SPL.....sorry Premiership club and should be holding aspirations to get back there, that ain't going to happen under JJ. Watching you at Forthbank a few weeks ago, you'll be lucky to get out this league.

  3. Free kick was for a trip. Although it pains me to say this about Crawford Allen, this was the first refereeing performance I've seen this season which I would give pass marks to.

    Cheers mate, as I said in my original post, I had no idea what the free kick was for. Perks of being so far away from play haha. I thought "our linesman" was shocking however Crawford Allen had a decent game, seen a hell of a lot worse.

  4. Well there is no way the new management team could come in and wave a magic wand, however, I'm sure every supporter left Forthbank seeing improvement and progress.

    That was a good point and one that was well deserved however it was sickening to see that Stenny had managed to bag all 3 against Dunfermline at Full Time. Based on today's performance however, I don't think we should give up the ghost just yet as, with a few additions in various areas, then I believe we can beat the drop if we keep playing like that.

    PJ done well today and his strike, although slightly deflected was one to savour, it's just a pity that we made it slightly easy for Stranraer to equalise, even though I have no idea what the initial Free Kick was for.

    Stranraer had most of the play in the 2nd half and if we could counter better then maybe we could of nicked the game however it would have been a little undeserving although welcome.

  5. Worst: there is tons or players i could say Chris smith ,Gordon smith ,graham weir,dale Fulton .someone who is starting to play good is willie Robertson so unlucky to be on this list,Craig wedderburn or James creaney

    I'll take all them (although feel you might be slightly harsh on C.Smith) and raise you Lewis Coult. The guy's been hopeless all season and I've yet to see him have a good game.

  6. This is a big game for Stirling and a must win one as we need to put pressure on the other teams at this side of the table airdrie and stenny especially hope there's a big away support

    We're 4 points off 9th and it's not even Christmas yet so it's far to early to say it's must win!!

    As for a big away support, there aren't any supporters buses going which indicates to me that there is very little demand to go.

  7. If anyone wants to maintain a pretence that the bottom end of the SPFL is a step up from top end non league they are kidding themselves. Elgin wouldn't finish top 5 in the East Super League

    Which makes it all the more disappointing that these teams don't show the desire (or ambition???) to join the Lowland League and make a real push to get into the Senior league structure/

  8. An interested Derek Riordan would rip even the best teams in Scotland apart but the one that "played" for Alloa couldn't even rip his payslip apart when I saw him. I was a massive Riordan fan, another Scottish youngster who should of achieved so much more in the game than he actually did, he could of been a modern great like James McFadden but for whatever reason it just didn't happen for him. Will be interesting to see what Riordan rocks up at Brechin now, for their fans sake I hope it's a better one than the one that rocked up at Alloa.

    As for Mountinho, thought he was coaching now?? Not a goal scorer but no doubt he was a decent player for Falkirk.

  9. I'm not getting into a long rant as to why I don't want Coughlin anywhere near my club as I have already said why and don't have to worry about it now. I don't doubt he would maybe keep us up but he'd sell our soul to the devil to achieve it. Take his last 3 years at The Shire as an example, during that time he fell out with the supporters, suffered some horrendous defeats (including "the worst 90 minutes of his career" at Forthbank) and he even played without a single striker on the park for months which is a disgrace at this level. His tactics are more negative than Greig's which drives fans away (and we're trying to bring them in), he's stubborn and will never change his tactics and after blowing a title/play off push he then sticks the knife into The Shire board who wholeheartedly back him when the fans were baying for blood, in the national press when he left.

    At Stenny prior to that, he had a massive budget and looked to be winning the league at a cantor. However (similar to The Shire last season) blew it and only made the Play Offs by the skin of their teeth on the final day. When they won promotion he struggled to adapt to life in the 2nd Division, fell out with the fans and the board and was sacked.......same as at Berwick.

    That in short is why I don't want him near my club.

    Anyway, if he is as good as you make him out to be, why have Montrose, Arbroath, East Fife, Clyde, Albion Rovers and now Stirling all over looked him since he left The Shire?

  10. I've been thinking "is this good or is this bad" all morning and my inital reaction is this is a bold move by the board but one that has the potential to be a master stroke.

    I would of backed any decision (expect maybe John Coughlin) by the board until I had reason not to, just as I have with previous managerial choices, however I'm over the moon that we've looked outside the box of the usual rigmoral of failed managers that would have sent in their CV's looking for another chance.

    Skippy has obviously been focused since hanging up his boots in knowing what he wants from the game. I have no doubt he will be looking at this as a stepping stone into full time management but that would work in our advantage if that was to happen.

    Martin Corrigan knows this league as well as anyone and, I might be wrong, but he was well thought of at Stenny as a coach and being an assistant so this duo might complement each other well, they certainly have the league knowledge the coaching knowledge and going by the article on the clubs official website, they appear to have the contacts.

    Time will tell how they'll do but there is no doubt they are up against it at the moment. Welcome to the club guys, and here's to relative success!!

  11. Everything I was going to say has been said. I'm actually gutted that the game has went to a reply, in this day and age the game, regardless of what round it is, should be settled on the day.

    Much improvement is needed for next weekend or once again we will have to rely on Keen being wasteful again.. Unfortunately I'm working so will miss the match but fingers crossed there will be a good crowd on the day.

  12. Although not confident, I'm going to stick my neck out for an Away win today.

    Sure, The Albion have coughed and spluttered our way through the season so far, however I saw enough against Airdrie to suggest the players are up for the fight and if we take that attitude into today's game and ride an early tidal wave of pressure without conceding , then I think we'll see the game through.

  13. Last weeks villain was this weeks hero as there is no doubt that Reidford earned us the point today. I was actually stunned that he never got the Sponsors Man of the Match but there you go.

    Plenty of heart, fight and spirit today and I thought for that alone we deserved our point, although Airdrie probably should have taken all 3. Our back 4 just don't look comfortable and are extremely soft, neither of Airdie's goals would of happened if we had commending players. However, that's not to say they played badly, in fact Smith, Wedderburn, Hamilton & Forsyth can all hold their heads high this evening.

    I thought in Midfield that Sandy Cunningham was once again fantastic and just never stopped running but again Weir and Crainey just offered nothing when all the ball and were slow in support. Maybe a little harsh on James because the lad O'Neil did play well against him.

    What an absolute blinder by Dale Fulton though and one that'll be there or there abouts for Goal of the Season but actually a lot of credit has to go to Steven Doris for chasing a ball that many thought was a loss cause.

    After today there is no doubt in my mind that Doris & Gordon Smith are our best front pairing, sure they weren't brilliant but they were effective and with time and work I witnessed signs that those 2 can click and I thought they were encouraging.

    No doubt that if we play like that most weeks, and add a few improvements to the squad, we'll not be a million miles away from safety come the end of the season.

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