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  1. Blair Henderson's scored 20 for Spartans this season..... :whistle:rolleyes:

    Blair has shown throughout his footballing career that he is an affective Striker in the lower leagues, he was just an absolute liability at Forthbank and that was probably down to attitude and the fact he didn’t want to be here. A few players that played with him during that time backed that up.
  2. I don't see this passing game you refer to at all.  We play the same way as everyone else in the division except Kelty as far as I can see.  

    I’m not sure it’s a passing game, but as I said in my original post, it’s a more passing game than KR preferred. KR’s style was very much to hit channels and get Defences turned, we’re don’t seem to be as reliant on that under DY. I’m not saying there has been a drastic change but I’d be surprised if you hadn’t seen a more passing and pressing approach.
  3. Where the whole “who I’d keep” debate falls down is that we supporters don’t know budgets and how much it would cost to keep the players. Whilst I’d be happy to keep those players RListon, I suspect that all the biggest earners at the club are amongst that list, which maybe doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room for DY to bring in his own “big hitters”. Maybe I’m wrong, if all those players were to stay then I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I suppose we just have to wait and see.

    If the Dunsmore rumour you heard is true then I think that would be a good start. If he had a future at East Fife, then considering their position, he wouldn’t have been allowed on loan I would have thought, so with his steady performances since coming to the club, thrown in the fact he has worked with DY previously, I think that would be a good start to rebuild from.

    Good Striker to play alongside Carrick (assuming he stays) would be vital for club and player. It’s a pity what happened with Andy Ryan as we were set to have that this season. I also think Carrick is more effective through the middle and has to play there, he can do a job wider but I think he does his best work centrally. Stick him with someone like Jordan White and they would be a lethal partnership, but then I suppose everyone at this level is scraping around for that same player.

  4. I don’t remember anyone saying we didn’t have a good squad, in fact I don’t remember anyone saying we wouldn’t comfortably be in the Play Offs, but throughout the late summer and early part, I remember posting that Carrick, Mackin, Bikey & Heaver would have to step up and deliver more goals….and for me that’s been the big problem, they didn’t. There has also been little from Midfielders like Flannigan and Leitch, both really good players on there day but scoring is something that is lacking in their game.

    The question now is, a lot of those players have had a couple of goes at it, and have failed, do they get another?? If it was up to me personally, I’d keep Currie, McGeachie, McGregor, McNiff and Carrick as the foundation of the team to build around and offer Law, Banner and Moore deals to fill the squad and then subsequently bin the rest.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what direction Young takes us, he does seem to want to play in a more passing game than KR did and has sung the praises of alot of players in the squad, so suspect more will be offered deals and maybe around about 10 -12, so we shall see.

  5. Evasive Junk is it,   WC BOGGS let me ask you a question ARE YOU A CLUB BOARD STOOGE ? From going back and reading some of your previous message I think that their is someone behind you telling you what to write, I don`t believe you are clever enough to come up with that by yourself. Clearly somebody is pulling your strings, I think I know who it is ITS STUART BROWN ISNT IT. ? 
    Clearly he doesn`t want to come out in the open and have a go at me but instead he uses someone less intelligent to be his Patsy LIKE YOU WC BOGGS isn`t that the case. ? 
    I look forward to your response WC BOGGS, no doubt it will take a while as you will have to go back to your mastermind to have him come up with a response to this. 
    Look forward to hearing from you again 

    Haha, knowing who WC Boggs is, I find this funny
  6. I thought his current party, The Workers Party of Britain was an old thing like the Workers Revolutionary Party. Turns out he formed it in 2019 with an ex member of UB40 who has since died. I think there's only him and one other person in it, organising it anyway.

    You’re thinking about the Socialist Workers Party which is predominantly and English Party that has a lot of Labour Left in it from the time Galloway was active in the party. You’ll probably never believe this but they told him to bolt haha.

    They produce a weekly newspaper called The Socialist Worker and there was a big section about it at the time.
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