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  1. 18 hours ago, Dawson Park Boy said:

    Get on with your life.

    Its never going to happen.


    18 hours ago, The_Kincardine said:

    Not really.  The idea that a bloke in Eyemouth (not Ayemouth) should have to cross an international border and pay in a different currency to go for his messages in Berwick is as unhinged in 2023 as it was in 2104. 



  2. I follow Britain Elects also and noticed this, I really do find it odd when other opinion polls over the last few months have had us anywhere from 52-56% Although I probably know more No voters than Yes, I find it staggering that No would be this high after the last 10 years.

  3. 1 hour ago, BinoBalls said:

    Part of the problem is some directors involved in the LL will be closet (or open) Old Firm fans and will instantly salivate at any plan involving Rangers and Celtic, which will influence any vote. And some of the clubs have barely any supporters to keep the directors in check.

    Not just LL Directors but SPFL ones also. It wasn't that long ago that we had a Director that leaned towards the blue half of Glasgow before coming onto our board.


    19 minutes ago, razamanaz said:

    I notice that Nicola's face no longer appears in the political party broadcasts - is this because most of Scotland detest her?

    Yet every election, whether it's been Westminster, Hollyrood or local, that the SNP have stood in since she has been leader, they have absolutely smashed each opposition party and not 1 poll I have read has stated that this is going to change any time soon. In actual fact the last poll I read suggested the amount of seats returned at the next General Election might actually rise.

  5. 17 hours ago, LoonsYouthTeam said:

    What pubs in the city centre would the locals recommend?

    Morrison’s is the one that most Stirling fans probably go to ( https://www.belhavenpubs.co.uk/pubs/stirling/cold-beer-company/ ) but it depends what you are looking for, I prefer King Cons, No2 Baker Street, Brewdog or Kilted Kangaroo. There’s also a Weatherspoons like everywhere else.

  6. On 12/01/2023 at 17:07, Boo Khaki said:

    Hilarious how Labour are so desperate to be loved by Tory voters that they too blame absolutely everything on Jeremy Corbyn.

    That point hadn't passed me by either. It's just desperate play from the Blairite's of the party, who have now taken over it once again, to get themselves into power. They have smeared Corbyn just as much, if not more, than the Right Wing press and Tory party.

  7. 2 hours ago, flyingscot said:

    If anything the Lowland League experiment has shown that there isn't a particularly large B-team away following which erodes one major argument. 

    Absolutely, plus the Challenge Cup. When lower league sides have been faced with "SPL" B Teams, there has been a massive exodus of support in my experience.

  8. With our game against Dumbarton getting called off when my son and I were on the road, we decided to take in your game today so he could tick another stadium off on his list.

    Having read the last page or so of this thread, you know you weren’t at your best, but I have to say that although the game wasn’t great, we throughly enjoyed our visit to Somerset.

    I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t know most of the players on the pitch, but what I would say that Ayr do seem to be on the right track, as an outsider looking in.

  9. Delighted with the Kai Fotheringham news and interested to see how Flynn Duffy does, we are certainly short of Left Backs and have had to play Ross McGeachie there at times this season.

    Signing Greig Spence is an interesting one. Very hit and miss career but when he is a hit, he’s an asset and I hope he offers good competition in the final third.

    Delighted to have all 3 at the club.

  10. The RUMOURS are that he is happy at the club, that’s been mentioned by a number of supporters, and I have heard from 1 or 2 that he would like to see the season out. No idea if they are true, however most of these rumours have come after the players attended a Christmas event which Kai attended.

    The club, quite rightly, have been quiet on what is going on so all fans can do is speculate. My speculation is that Dundee United will be looking at him in the same way that Aberdeen were looking at Mason Hancock last season. He has proven to be “too good” for League 2 so I’m sure if there are opportunities to get him into the Championship then they would be keen to do that. I personally don’t see him making the jump to the SPL right away and I’m not totally sure if he is ready for that, but I think it would be interesting to see how he would do in the Championship. 

    Kai was interviewed in the Courier a month or so ago, and said there that he was sent out on loan to develop and to basically assist and score more as it was an aspect of his game that United wanted him to work on, so I think it’s safe to say he is in the process of doing that.

    I think it’s a “no shit Sherlock” statement to say that Darren Young will be keen to keep him and I honestly think Kai should stay for now, as he is playing regular, seems happy and very much part of the squad and has a real chance of achieving something this season, along with bagging a few personal awards and probably won’t get that opportunity elsewhere…..but whether that’s enough for those at Dundee United, I suppose time will tell.

  11. Tell you what, you’ll not get us as poor as we were in the opening 10 minutes earlier in the season……but likewise, I doubt we’ll rip you apart and get you as poor as you were at Forthbank either.

    The game has everything that’s needed to be an absolute cracker and is the sort of game players will want to be involved in and fans want to see.

    Our Home attendance has nearly doubled this season, Dumbarton will hopefully see a big, noisy, Away support, cheering the lads on to victory on Saturday.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Flybhoy said:

    Kai Fotheringham will be the make or break for the promotion push, hearing Dundee United coaching staff were at the game today which, from a Stirling Albion perspective is concerning

    I’m also lead to believe there was “a couple” of Dundee United Coaches along today, and someone else was Scouting the game and asked my friend about him. 

    I also saw Stevie Aitken in The Peak car park, has he gone for the Stenny job, is he working for someone else watching players, did he just take in the game because he fancied it?? I’m going to speculate it was the first one.

  13. 9 hours ago, Dundee Hibernian said:


    I understand these sentiments.

    The Lowland League is something of a sham, from the teams initially included and reason it was finally introduced in 2013, to the whining regarding their promotion opportunites being limited while blocking potentially better sides from leagues below, with the welcome laid out for a few shekels to Old Firm Colt sides putting the tin lid on the whole charade. 

    Yip, the idea is spot on but ultimately, in my opinion, it’s a bloody shitfest and it will remain so for the distant future until some sort of levelling out happens. No self respecting SPFL club wants to be in that position. True Fan has nailed it, you only have to look at Brechin as the example of how things can go wrong and where you can end up (I know the Highland League is different but the sentiments remain).

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