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  1. Totally agree and I did say at the start of my post that I don't see the SNP going anywhere soon, I'm also no fan of Alex Salmond and he really is someone that makes my skin crawl, however there are a number of disillusioned SNP voters and members that have moved over, and I do wonder, if they had a more appealing leader, if they could split that Yes vote. Might never happen, and in it's current state I can't see it happening, but think it could in time.
  2. Quite possibly and I can't see her or the SNP being shifted any time soon, however I do wonder how long it will take before Alba start eating into their votes and/or power.
  3. Without actually saying it publicly, I think Starmer probably realised long ago that Labour was finished in Scotland, and he now needs to be popular elsewhere to win the seats that they require. His rhetoric is playing up to English voters that swung to Tory in the last election, but at the same time, saying the right things to the English and Welsh voters that are loyal voters of the party. I think the days of winning back Scottish votes have gone, admitting that we both want different things but without actually admitting it.
  4. As the husband of a teacher, I would also state the number of unpaid hours that they work over and above their contracted hours as being enough grounds for a rise in pay. I wouldn't do the job, no way, and it pains me to see my wife sitting with marking or planning on her evening and weekends or staying "and hour or two" late more nights that not. It's bloody criminal. People can argue, "they don't have to do it, they choose to do it" as I have done previously but the harsh reality for a teacher is if they don't put in these extra unpaid hours then the work doesn't get done and the whole system either falls apart or they are held accountable as being incompetent. Mental!
  5. Took in today’s game with my son, as by the time Coaching duties were finished, I couldn’t get up to Inverness. Really hope you can sort this out Jags fans. I’m not a fan of fan ownership and won’t pretend to know what is going on at your club, but for your sake, I hope you can sort it soon.
  6. Must admit that I am surprised that Harper has been out of the game for so long after doing, what I thought, was a fantastic job for you, when you consider what had been left for him to work with. I just wonder if he is one of those people who are difficult to work with behind the scenes and maybe has a reputation as being so.
  7. Looks like it's going to be an interesting game at Forthbank on Saturday as East Fife come to visit. Although many things have changed since Greig McDonald was sacked by the club, I'm sure he would love nothing more than coming away with the 3 points on Saturday, especially with Albion Rovers ending their unbeaten run-on Saturday. We have stuttered a bit over the last 3 or 4 games and the way we were playing, it's no real surprise to see Annan walk away with 3 points last weekend. Individual errors are costing us again, along with our inability to keep 11 players on the pitch with Clark once again being suspended and I think Thomson will be as well unless he only received a 1 match ban for his Red Card against Albion Rovers. It shows how thin the squad is that there is no obvious candidates you can see stepping in.
  8. One of our Under 13’s sides lifted the Central Scotland League Cup yesterday whilst the Under 14’s were beaten finalists. Not only is the Academy great for the community but delighted to see some success for the youngsters and for the club.
  9. Oh forgot to say, what a fantastic sized Home support again today, really hope these new/returning supporters stick with us and don’t disappear because ones again it was great to see the numbers.
  10. Absolutely hate losing games like that. The Ref’s incompetence was fully exploited by an Annan team that niggled, dived, stole yards, elbowed and were simply full of “gamesmanship” that it’s just embarrassing and quite frankly disrespectful and classless. The game was a bit of a shocker, 2 teams that huffed and puffed and a Ref that was so far out of his depth it was scary. The Clark Red, I suppose it’s one of those ones that it will depend on what angle you have of it, it wasn’t for me, it was actually a well timed tackle, however when you go in like that, you give the Ref a decision to make and inevitably risk a red being shown. However if that was a Red, fair enough but how Reds weren’t flashed to the elbow on McLean and Carrick being taken out off the ball, then only the Ref knows. It was just incompetent. The incompetence was summed up nicely when Annan won a Free Kick, the player, quite blatantly, steals about 10 yards. The Ref blows the whistle to order him back…..so what does he do, leaves the ball in the same spot, doesn’t touch it but spins around it, asks the Ref if that’s ok and the Ref allows the game to go on…..wow!! Anyway, Annan’s antics and the Ref may have contributed to the defeat but as always, it was our own inabilities that cost us the points. We’ve stuttered for a number of weeks now and 2 individual errors by Currie cost us. Normally a reliable Goalkeeper that I like, but he’ll not want to watch either goals back on the Highlights. I thought throughout, the team were poor, but they certainly didn’t lack effort and on another day, had Leitch, Fotheringham and (may have been) Clark, taken their chances then we would have bagged the point. Frustrating afternoon, and a little bit of respect lost for Murphy and Annan, but ultimately we’ll all drop points along the line in what should be a tight league.
  11. Darren Young voted Manager of the Month for October and it was great to see that he wanted all his staff and the players involved in the recognition of the award. Yes, maybe the last couple of performances haven't hit the heights of the majority of the season, but it's great to see the hard work that everyone involved with the playing side is putting in, is being recognised. Darren is right, and there is a long way to go but so far so good for him and the team, we're a long way from the team that KR left at roughly this point last season and that's down to him and James Creaney.
  12. Totally feel for you mate. I had the "pleasure" of telling my son last weekend that we were probably done with Away games for the foreseeable future or the rest of the season because money is simply too tight, and I can't afford it. Shocking when society and politicians would class us as being in well paid employment, but it's the harsh realities.
  13. Delighted for Greig, nice guy who’s been patient and worked his way back in after leaving us. Hope he has learned along that road as well, for his and East Fife’s sake. Hope it goes well for him (but not against us obviously).
  14. How do you rate your team's start out of 10? I'm going to go for an 8 on this one. Lots of upheaval over the start of the season behind the scenes, with major unrest for large parts of it that could have manifested itself on the pitch. Throw in an opening day disaster against Dumbarton and being 2-0 in the first 5 minutes or so. With all that has gone on behind the scenes, and many being underwhelmed by the transfer signings in the summer, what an absolute dream to be sitting top of the league and having chipped away a 13-point gap that Dumbarton held. How safe is your manager's job? There were rumours that the new Club Board were looking to bring in a manager that would make headlines in the back pages of the paper, but that's not happened, and I have no idea if the rumours were true or not. What I can say is that Darren Young has done a fantastic job, building a squad that has done well so far, had us playing some fantastic football but also able to grind out results, and has the knowledge of building teams to get out of this league. I think it would be madness to change and suspect his job is safe whilst expectations are being met. Best performance? Take your pick, emphatic wins against Peterhead, Stenhousemuir, Forfar, Stranraer and Dumbarton. If I'm pushed, then I'm going for the Dumbarton game. They were top of the league, and many predicted they were going to come to Forthbank and put us in our place and extend the lead they had over us, we totally blew them away in a 6-0 win that could have been a lot more. Worst performance? We got away with it and picked up a point, but I thought we were awful at home to Elgin. For long long spells me made a very average team look good and were just so flat. Best player? Hard to choose. We have the best Strike partnership in the league and moving back from there we have had so many steady to good performers so far this season........however if I have to pick 1 then I would say Kai Fotheringham. He's on loan from Dundee United and looks a class above League 2. I think we'll find success easier to achieve if we can extend his loan until the end of the season and the lad looks to have an extremely bright future in the game. Best summer signing? Our summer signings seem to have enhanced the squad rather than being standout first choice picks, however Robert Thomson has offered so much up front and has come in and formed a deadly partnership with Dale Carrick. The big man is the striker we have been missing since Jordon White left all those years ago, and his link up play really is superb at times. Which opposition side/player has impressed you? I haven't seen anything to fear so far this year, but Albion Rovers looked like they were in a false position when we drew with them at the start of September. I thought Reid had them well organised and dangerous on the counterattack and I thought we were lucky to pick up a point that day. Where will your team finish? I'm going to put my head above the parapet and say top 2. There's a long way to go and key to our sucess would be keeping Carrick free from injury, extending Fotheringham's loan and keeping a number of key individuals such as Currie, McLean, Clark, Leitch and Thomson on the pitch but if we can do that then as I have said above, so far, I can't see anything to be fearful of and think we can go on to win the league or push the eventual winners all the way. However I do know loss of form is likely at some point, along with injuries, if that happens for long spells, then I don't think our squad has the depth to cope and could finish top 5.
  15. Mentioned it at the time of the announcement, but I found it strange that so many players had been kept on and that so few new additions were made. Edinburgh City showed in their first season the it was a big jump and I think the fact that a decent number of the Bonnyrigg squad had already been deemed not good enough by other League 2 clubs, that at least phase 1 of a re-build would have started to take place over the summer. I get people want to remain loyal and that they were probably rewarding success, but the way Bonnyrigg did it, from the outside it didn’t look like a phased transition or a rebuild just more of the same, in a league where the weekly standards have to be higher.
  16. No piss taking, no “incredible bantz” from me. Genuinely just want to say that it was great to be back at Glebe Park today and wish you well in your attempt to get back into the SPFL. Your players can be proud of their efforts and were unfortunate not to win the tie, but you are certainly in a better place than you were when Wilson took you down. Chatting to a number of your fans, over the course of the afternoon, I think it’s safe to say Highland League football is League 2 football in the 1970’s, which was sad to hear. Only sour note was your young fans behind the goal at the end……but you know what, a large number of years ago, that would probably have been me, we’ve all been young and full of life. Good luck for the rest of the season
  17. Christ, I know they are on the wrong side of 30 but surely Buchanan, Stevenson, Scobbie and Anderson are still more than good enough to play in League 2 at least? Although I will admit to not having seen them in a year or 2. And surely Antell hasn't regressed that much, if at all since his Edinburgh days when he was one of the best Part Time Goalkeepers in Scotland?
  18. The red and white ones are absolute belters, would love us to have similar kits.
  19. Ross McGeachie awarded a testimonial, superb news and if one was ever deserved https://www.stirlingalbionfc.co.uk/ross-mcgeachie-testimonial/
  20. Alway like it when Ben can interview players, it bridges that gap between the dressing room and fans in my opinion. I've not bought a programme in a few years now, but assuming it's the same, there are no players columns or interviews in it and when the after-match interview is just the manager, the supporters can sometimes pick up the wrong opinion of the players involved, and this has maybe resulted in frustrations vented at them when things aren't or haven't gone well previously. Anyway, delighted to be top of the league. I said before the season kick off that Young was probably the one manager in this League that knows how to build a team which is capable of being promoted but his summer signings were really a bit "meh" but that I had faith that he knows what he is doing, and I'm just delighted that the old board stuck with him over the summer when there were calls to remove him from a small section of our support. He's got the team purring away very nicely, the best front partnership that I have seen so far this season, and a team that are able to manage games, score goals and stay solid enough at the back. Great to see 2 consecutive weeks where we have had a bumper support, that really adds to the feel-good factor and as Carrick and Dunsmore both said on SATV, the players get alot from that. Still a long way to go but if you can't enjoy us at the moment, then you really shouldn't be supporting the club.
  21. Only popped in to have a quick look to see how KR and a few of our ex-players are finding life at the moment with EK. Sorry to read that history seems to be repeating itself at EK. I totally second the second last post that WC Boggs mate about his time at Stirling. Someone also said that they were chatting to someone and they didn’t know if KR wanted to be a manager or one of the boys, I believe a couple of players during his time at Stirling, also had a word with him about the exact same thing, he just didn’t seem to be able to distance himself from the dressing room. I like KR, a good, infectious bloke and I hope he can get you back on track.
  22. This is certainly tee'd up to be a cracker of a match, that I'll sadly miss, and I am sure a big Away support will once again descend on Ochilview, after our bumper Home attendance last Saturday. Last Saturday's emphatic win against Dumbarton came at a cost though, with Robert Thompson, Jack Leitch and Kai Fotheringham all having to be replaced due to injuries and quite possibly all 3 being a doubt for this game. Everyone associated with the club will have everything crossed though, as all 3 have been a part of all that is good over the last couple of months and would be a huge loss going into such a big game. As FF mentioned above, Stenny were absolutely woeful in the game at Forthbank earlier in the season, and I doubt we will have the luck of them being so bad again this time around, however in the grand scheme of things, we have been playing well, scoring all types of goals and.....touch wood.....have cut out the individual errors that had cost us really early doors, so we should go into the much confident of a positive result.
  23. Great to see that @StewartyMacis back…..we’re getting the old band back together!! For what it’s worth, I totally agree but will sadly miss it
  24. Handy to know, there was none left when I tried to get one. The catering company doing our pies, really are up there with the best around, seriously.
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