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  1. Things really seemed to click against Stranraer last week, if we can repeat that performance then I'm confident we can bag the 3 points.
  2. Quite possibly the most exciting player we've had at the club since having Callumn Morriosn on loan from Hearts a few years ago. Have only seen Kai a couple of times but can see already that he is beyond this level. An exciting prospect, that definitely has a future in the Full Time game I would say.
  3. Blamed for everything else do may as well blame him for that
  4. I agree with your post, except this part. We’re not a brilliant side but in comparison to the other teams in the league, we are a good side, which is why we are second. I have my own criticism of the team, but in league 2 terms, we’re I’ve of the better teams this season imho
  5. Hate to be the one to break this to you, but you were awful today. Only us “taking the foot off the gas” saved you from a real hammering!
  6. Already got tickets for the Scotland game, find it strange they have chosen this date above a mid-week one.
  7. Sssshhhh....stop giving people ideas!!!
  8. Yip, checked again and got my Kennedy’s mixed up, it is of course Andy that has volunteered to be Operations Manager, so not a board member.
  9. Suppose time will tell TVOR, I hope you are right however, to have people “waiting in the wings” suggested to me at the time that they were ready to step in right away, or would be up for voting on the board almost immediately. Time will tell.
  10. So “the football people waiting in the wings, that will get us onto the back pages of the nations newspapers” or words to that affect, is actually John Kennedy, an Ex player that has been a part of the club’s back room set up previously. Hold me back, I’m so excited
  11. That’s an easy one. No idea what the t-shirt is about, but there’s obviously a Jack Leitch fan somewhere
  12. Think you've both nailed it lads, on the field we are having the kind of season that I predicted pre-season and it's been the way you have both described and off the field, well we are simply waiting on announcements to be made. There were obviously a number of "club officials" present for the game last Saturday but who is doing what, who is running the day to day work, who and where these "footballing people" are....it's all still unknown. The whole season on the park is very 'meh', just as it has been under the previous however many managers and off the park, I suppose we are all just waiting to see.
  13. Certainly never intended for you to end up with a red face WC Boggs but the news is pleasing all the same mate.
  14. Club Doctor problem.....what Club Doctor problem?? As far as I'm aware, we have a Club Doctor and he was just voted onto the Trust Board last week. No announcement from the Trust or the Club saying he has had a change of mind.
  15. Step 1: Bring back Ross Jack and Craig Gunn. PS - That unintentionally rhymes haha.
  16. Another twist of events of which some people will be happy and others will be angry about. Either way, I think everyone will agree that the time and effort that Stuart put in will be hard to replace.
  17. Can't argue with any of that BinoBalls, well said.
  18. McMenemy along with another Director we’re looked absolutely fizzing for most of the match last Saturday, and appear to be baffled at various team decisions, so I’m not surprised to read this.
  19. Couldn’t make the game today but absolutely delighted with the result. Delighted for the players and coaching staff as they came under a bit of fire from some sections of the support in the opening weeks and have positive results against good teams
  20. I totally and utterly agree standman, however I drove past Cappelow today visiting a site that I was going to and when I drove down the hill, under the bridge and saw the stadium, it brought back memories of various days that I have spent there. I then started thinking that if you didn't know that was a stadium, you'd probably drive past and think it was some kind of storage shed or factory or something like that, I didn't even see any advertise for the next game, strips etc etc. It must be a hard sell for officials of Morton & Albion Rovers to attract people along to the stadiums when they are the way they are. I like going to these grounds but I've been going since the 80's and had many a good day at Cliftonhill as well, but how do these clubs attract new fans in?? What are they doing to attract fans and also, how many are put off when they arrive (or look at Google images) and think WTF!! As i said, I do agree, but by clubs existing, it's not enough to get people going along. I share an office with someone from Greenock who's family are born and bread there and they are all Celtic season ticket holders, 3 generations, brothers and sisters, husbands and wife and all the kids go (think he said 18 in total) every home game. How do clubs like Morton and the others break that and get them to come to Cappelow or Cliftonhill?? I'm not sure you can, you have to think out the box but sadly, I think your facilities are a stumbling block as well
  21. Just noticed on Twitter that Josh Cooper has had his contract extended from January until the end of the season. That's positive news for the club, I'm sure everyone will agree that he came in as an unknown but has looked like a positive signing when he has been given a chance, most notably the Peterhead and Elgin games. It'll be interesting to see if he can kick on now and cement a regular First Team start, I hope so because he looks to be one of our most energic players.
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