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  1. I did chuckle at that actually, especially as he shares the same name and is manager of our local rivals [emoji23]
  2. The league is only 1 game old but reading the comments above, you have to fear for Brechin already. I only saw you once last season and you smashed us 4-2 and I thought at that point your season would turn around, but it obviously didn’t. After finishing bottom last year and by all accounts looking all but down and out but surviving due to technicalities, I thought you would have taken a leaf out of Montrose and Cowdenbeath’s book and come back stronger this year, determined to never let it happen again, for the sake of your supporters I’m sad to see that hasn’t happened. Sounds like it’s going to be another long season for you, I don’t feel sorry for the board but I do for the fans, it’s not nice going through this.
  3. Yip, very true, forgot about that chance when I was replying above.
  4. Didn’t really have a save to make but he looked comfortable and assured throughout. Dealt with a number of cross balls well and despite dropping one of them, never looked like he was under any pressure. Not sure how long the loan is for but going on today’s performance, I’d have no qualms about him getting a run in the team.
  5. As I put in my original post, I think it’s harsh to label that to the team after one game against a team that’s full time and very strongly tipped to be League Champions come the end of the season.
  6. Really happy with the 90 minutes, I thought a draw was a fair result but we never really looked like losing the game. I think we’ve got to acknowledge that Queens Park are a very different animal to the team and squads that we have seen over the years. They’ve got some very very good players that could cut it at a higher level, yet we reduced them to a few half chances in the last 10 minutes, and that was pretty much it. We showed last season that we are defensively sound, at this level, and we look like a team that will carry that onto this season as well. With the quality that QP have, it’s hard to judge if we possess that Attacking flair that we so desperately desire but the signs in the First Half were good and Andy Ryan looks like he gives us something that has been lacking for many a year. I think all the players can be happy with the shift they put in, it was very much a team display that got us the 1 point, from the young Goalkeeper from Hearts all the way to the subs that came on. Would have gladly taken a draw before the game kicked off and was impressed with what I saw, roll on another difficult game next week, it’s great to have football back.
  7. If he’s shite then I doubt he’ll establish himself as a First Team regular at Celtic.
  8. Neill Lennon goes with Stephen Welsh in today’s Old Firm game, he’s a regular with the Under 19 squad, could this be the start of a run in the Celtic First Team? If so, then he must come into Clarke’s thoughts in the not to distant future.
  9. We announced the signing of Lewis Magee tonight. How did he play for you last season? I remember him playing well in the opening league game, but can’t say I noticed him other than that.
  10. Noticed the game tonight is on Sky Sports Main Event, I only have Sky Sports Football and not the other channels.....guessing I’ll not see the game unless I upgrade?
  11. West Brom fans were the same, come back and tell us what they think after 15 or so games please.
  12. Every time I have seen Biabi I’ve seen a player that should be playing Full Time football at a higher level than league 2.
  13. I think it’s worrying times for many clubs within Scottish Football, not only those at Part Time level. I honestly can’t see how a lot of clubs are going to get through this if we are looking at 6+ months
  14. Apologies, the BBC article is regarding England but I think we can take it as read that we will be the same on this one.
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