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  1. Interesting article on Independence Captured that is sure to open up debate I would have thought. The best we can do? - by Jonathon Shafi (substack.com)
  2. I think Slavan Billic nailed it when he said that Managers look at Burke, they see pace and they see power and they think "I could be the one that can utilise that, get it out of him regularly and turn this lad into a key player for us", then they work with him on the training ground and quickly realise he aint the brightest, can't follow instructions, then after 10 or so games decide to cut their losses with him.
  3. I'm kind of baffled as to why you have signed Grant. I was stunned when Clyde signed him, thinking he cold do a job in the league above after his performances for us over the years, he was clearly never scouted by Danny Lennon. I suspect Farrell has done the same, knows him from facing him over the years but not watched him recently, on your tight, narrow pitch as well, Grant will not have time on the ball to pull the strings, which is what I am guessing Farrell is after and he's certainly not got the legs to get round bigger pitches.
  4. I wonder what Kyle Lafferty is up too until the summer …….
  5. The news that is welcomed by 9 League 2 clubs and has been feared by the Binos
  6. The news has been confirmed on our social media channels, what a kick in the bollocks that is. It was evident early on that Kai was playing below the level that he could, but when you are going for promotion, you just keep your fingers crossed that the loaning club think "leave him where he is, he's playing games and enjoying it" and even though United gave us this assurance a few weeks ago, it looks like something has changed. Wish Kai the best of luck for his future, but it's safe to say that the news makes us weaker.
  7. Fair comments Robalot, however this one here, I do think the nearly 4 week break has derailed the players some what, but second half we managed to get our foot on the ball and get on top of the game. Sure 780 odd was mentioned at Half Time. Another impressive amount.
  8. I thought after the first 30 minutes or so, we were the better team and as the Second Half wore on, I thought we were more than comfortable for the 3 points. Blair Currie just didn’t seem at the races today (we all have poor games) and with Cammy Clark booked early on and liable for another, I was worried at times, however it was great to see that there was nothing to worry about in the the end. WC Boggs described it perfectly as a banana skin and it was, it was even more so when the first 20-30 minutes was played at a frantic speed. There was little in the way of quality by either team, frantic and in your face, but I enjoyed it. The Referee was incredibly inconsistent, missed a stonewall penalty for us and a number of niggly fouls by both teams, but thank fully he never influenced the game in the end. Thought TVOR is right and Banner looked uncomfortable at Centre Half in the First Half, then didn’t seem under pressure in the Second. I like Banner, the most improved player under Darren Young in my eyes, but he’s not a Centre Half for me, and I’m surprised he was selected in that position in front of Adam Cummins. Absolutely fabulous strike from Ross Davidson and it’s was great to see him do so well. After an injured start to the season, he really is coming on well and alongside Banner (normally but not today), the 2 of them really are the unsung heros of the squad. Interesting that Harrison Clark wasn’t in the squad today, is it a case of “services no longer required” due to the form of those 2?? Stranraer were improved on earlier in the season and were handy, but simply didn’t have the quality to control the game or take advantage of our failings on the day. Wee Greetin Face Moaning Bollocks in the Stranraer dugout was starting to make the game up as it was going on though, only person in the stadium that saw a handball, the players must love playing for him. Yip, great to get through the match and bag 3 points, Stranraer will take points from the teams around us, that’s for sure, and they say you’ve got to win your Home games!
  9. I follow Britain Elects also and noticed this, I really do find it odd when other opinion polls over the last few months have had us anywhere from 52-56% Although I probably know more No voters than Yes, I find it staggering that No would be this high after the last 10 years.
  10. Not just LL Directors but SPFL ones also. It wasn't that long ago that we had a Director that leaned towards the blue half of Glasgow before coming onto our board.
  11. Yet every election, whether it's been Westminster, Hollyrood or local, that the SNP have stood in since she has been leader, they have absolutely smashed each opposition party and not 1 poll I have read has stated that this is going to change any time soon. In actual fact the last poll I read suggested the amount of seats returned at the next General Election might actually rise.
  12. Celtic and Rangers plotting 'SPFL 3' voting carve up claims Darvel boss as he rails against pyramid restructure - Daily Record
  13. My gut instinct is game off. The plastic pitches around Forthbank have been closed all week and the temperature is not set to rise. We also have the added advantage of having an area of the pitch that doesn't defrost in time, due to the wall, so I just can't see it. However, I have been wrong before.
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