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  1. A thread from 2017, wow!! Anyway as it transpires, I’ve been learning the guitar for about 2 months now
  2. Going by conversations amongst them that I heard at the Albion Rovers game a few weeks ago, I THINK they chose to sit there because it’s the biggest section “up the back” that has the fewest reserved seats for Season Ticket holders.
  3. Ah, where I sit (next to the Cowdenbeath Directors) I did not hear or see any of that Brazilianlex and obviously can not condone or support that behaviour. As someone who has taken my young son to games since he was 5 years old (he is nearly 11 now) then I know how I have felt when such behaviour has happened about where we sit/stand, in fact, it forced us to move our season ticket seats in the first place. The club does pride itself on being a family friendly club with growing links to Academy football and the Community, and knowing the Board personally I think it’s safe to say that they’ll want to encourage these youngsters to enjoy their day and have fun, but will be concerned about the behaviours posted above and if they were indeed informed of such, will act on it.
  4. Definite game of 2 halves from a Stirling perspective and as has been mentioned above, the score line did flatter us but we will gladly take it. I thought for the first 20-30 minutes, that was probably the best First Half we have played at home for a long time, but Cowdenbeath we’re making it easy for us. The game plan in the Second Half appeared to be to sit in and contain the lead, but we never really got started and desperate Defending and woeful finishing from Cowdenbeath, including an unbelievable miss from Liam Buchanan, ensured that we were still on target to bag the 3 points, but that miss seemed to be the catalyst for us to open up again and go on and score 2 sucker punch goals. Bringing Dale Carrick on and playing him through the middle was a master stroke and he really did make things happen in his 15 minute cameo appearance and showed us something that has been missing since Andy Ryan left the club, I’ve said all season that I felt he was wasted on the wing and today proved that. They’re young lads not causing any bother and having a bit of fun from what I can see where I sit. We are quick to have a go at kids in our areas that don’t come out to support their local clubs, choosing to “support” the old firm or a large number of EPL sides rather than their run of the mill lower league team, and they are trying to inject a bit of atmosphere into Forthbank, fair play to them. At 41 years old I find it a bit cringe but I also take my hats off the the lads when generally there isn’t much to get excited about most weeks, I’m sure your own club would also love to encourage 20-30 youngsters along to Central Park to watch Cowdenbeath also. Fair play to them in my opinion.
  5. Afraid we no longer live stream games, numbers dropped off when supporters were able to return to stadiums.
  6. Bar in the ground has been closed by Active Stirling and is no longer there sadly, however the cricket club is still open. Usually a decent number of Stirling fans head to the Springkerse View. Best pubs in town all goes on personal opinion, the “old post office pub” Morrison’s tends to be the one most people refer to when talking about the town, I can’t remember the last time I was in the town pre-match but No 2 Baker Steet, Brewdog, Molly Malones, Kilted Kangaroo and City Walls are all good pubs.
  7. Really sad to hear that Austin was subjected to racial comments during yesterday’s game and surprised that the comments came from an Albion Rovers support that was excellent at Forthbank only a few weeks ago. Hope for both Austin and Albion Rovers that the culprit(s) can be found and dealt with, absolutely no place for racism in our game or society.
  8. BinoBalls pretty much summed the game up, but for me it didn’t really spark into life until Bikey came on. Forfar had Mark McCallum to thank for keeping them in the game, with 4 excellent First Half saves, however we really did miss a spark without Flannigan in the team. The attacking spark came in the Second Half when Bikey was brought on and it always baffles me why he does not start, or when he has this season it’s been through the middle. If we could have him on one side and Flannigan on the other, then that’s as exciting a wide pairing would be at this level……well outside of Kelty at least. Was quite disappointed in Forfar, was expecting more, especially in Anderson and Ness, 2 players with big reputations due to success at previous clubs but I thought Anderson was made to look ordinary by Mackin and apart from 1 piece of build up play, Grant stifled Ness. After the First Half saves, the game had 0-0 written all over it, but thankfully we managed to get that little break and the 3 points.
  9. Absolutely no time for that cup since the introduction of B Teams and clubs out with Scotland (in years gone by) so not too fussed about yesterday’s result. However it’s pleasing to see 5 players in the youth set up getting a chance to force their way into the managers plans and going by his after match interview, it would appear that they are very much in his thoughts and he was impressed.
  10. Haha [emoji23] Stuns me that people still listen in
  11. Should be a Fraser Fyvie type signing for Forfar if it works out.
  12. Ciaran Summers playing his last game for the club yesterday, KR announced in his interview that he has accepted a job opportunity in England. It’s a pity for us, as on yesterday’s performance (his first start for the club) he looked like he was going to be a really good addition, but fair play to him, some things are more important and I hope everything works out for him.
  13. It’s all been said above but I was convinced the game was heading to a 0-0 stalemate before Kurtis Roberts struck, both teams really did miss that umph in the final third but thankfully we had that little bit of extra quality that saw us pick up the points. Not sure what the penalty was actually for, but hopefully that will give Carrick a wee bit of a confidence boost. As for confidence, Sean Heaver’s will probably be in the bin after missing those 2 opportunities, thankfully it didn’t cost us though, and a good 3 points in the bag. Special shout out the the vocal Albion Rovers support, well done “lads” and one of you was even lucky enough to bag the winning Half Time Draw ticket [emoji1319]
  14. If Saturday is anything to go by then it will certainly be a long season for you, one thing that did surprise me though was how accepting of the performance that the fans appeared to be. Other than 4 or 5 guys behind the goal shouting at the Goalkeeper to get it forward, nothing else seemed to come from the stands and everybody just seemed to trudge home afterwards, all very blasé like. Might be wrong, but just going in what I witnessed on Saturday.
  15. 23 was Dylan Mackin, played for Airdrie, Livi and Falkirk before coming to us. As I said above, MOTM for me today, he was excellent
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