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  1. Doh! missed that was happening, would have gone along
  2. Tide Lines - Walking On The Waves
  3. For the benefit of updating the first page, Nathan Flannigan has left Stirling Albion
  4. The Trusts removal of Stuart Brown. If it does go ahead, then Colin Rowley has already made it public he will walk with him. I’m not privy to figures, but would imagine that’s would be a big hole to fill financially (and in time dedicated to the club as well). Thanks for replying [emoji1303]
  5. What Stirling businesses?? As someone who is in the dark, what businesses are loathed to support the club?? Plenty of businesses are investing in our hospitality. If all this goes ahead then I hope the businesses you refer to are ready to step up, i’d imagine there will be a big hole to fill when Dron & Dickson pull out and who knows what other sponsors are only investing because of Colin.
  6. To be at this level then your almost always someone's cast off. Anyway, that statement is a bit harsh but time will tell.
  7. I don’t, I have to wait for the official announcement, but you, I believe that you know fine well what the Trust board have planned and you know exactly who is waiting in the wings to come onto an “interim board”, of that I have no doubt. You can say you don’t, you can say the buzz words like “we’ll wait to see who shows an interest”, but I don’t buy it and I don’t believe you. There has been a plan in place for months, The Trust may have had to change tact at times but we’re now getting to the nitty gritty of it. Concerned supporters like me, we just have to sit back and wait for the official announcement and have absolutely no concerns answered by anyone in the know. I’m not getting into tit for tat arguments on P&B because like every other every day supporter, I don’t know what the hell is going on, I have no inside knowledge, no inside info, no pal telling me the stories, hence why I have stayed out of joining in, but you are convincing no-one when you say you don’t know what the plan is!
  8. Well after what I believe was said at the meeting last night, we’re soon to find out!! My guess, current TB members and maybe a few blasts from the past.
  9. Yeah it was mentioned on the club thread. As Stenny fans will no doubt testify from last season, it's a bit embarrassing when your club goes out and signs a squad of players all from the same club, it's maybe even slightly concerning when that club has been relegated themselves. However on this occasion, 2 of the 3 would fall into the "good signings" bracket for me, Dunsmore looked the part when he picked up fitness last season and both East Fife and Albion Rovers fans have said that Davidson is a player, it's just a pity he was injured for large parts of last season. I'll take Denholm though, I remember him being a grafter when we played Arbroath with him in the side, so although it does look like an eye roll at first glance, I'm not too concerned just yet. I do think 3 is plenty though, but suspect that there would be interest in Smith at least.
  10. I don’t really use our catering, but I’m lead to believe our pies are fantastic since the new catering company took over, so they now might be.
  11. I’ll take Danny Denholm, remember him being a bit of a grafter at Arbroath. I remember the season Stuart McLaren brought in about 9 players that Martyn Corrigan had worked with at Stenny, hope it’s not going to turn out like that.
  12. Joe Bonamassa - I Didn’t Think She Would Do It
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