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  1. League 2 - Golden Boot

    His pretty much an unknown for supporters at this level, which is why no one has mentioned him. It could work out for the lad and he could transfer that form into League 2 or he might freeze up, like Jack Smith when he was at Stenny. Time will tell, could potentially be a good signing for you though. I wouldn’t write off Danny Handling or David Hopkirk totally. I know it was a few years ago, but if either of those players could roll back the years at Berwick & Annan then both could end the season with excellent figures.
  2. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    From memory, Dunfermline had to replay a cup tie against Stenny for fielding an illegible player (Callum Woods) and East Stirlingshire were kicked out of the cup and Buckie Thistle progressed after fielding Michael Andrews, who was not registered.
  3. I really don’t know how I feel about that story with regards to Hampden. The frustrated socialist in me think, “tell them to get to Falkirk, it’s another example of the big guy crushing the wee guy and stealing what doesn’t belong to them” but then the football side of me questions why it hasn’t happened before now with Queen’s Park not playing at Lesser Hampden. I don’t know the in’s and outs of it all, so I’m not sure what my own opinion on the subject really is, I don’t see the problem with QP playing there, it’s not like they are destroying the turf or anything like that, but why have the club never looked at the long term to move to the more suitable surroundings of Lesser? Edit to add: The answer may be in this article, i don’t know, but I refuse to click on a Daily Mail link to find out.
  4. League 2 - Golden Boot

    Suspect it will be McAllistair, if Goodwillie has another season like last, then he’ll not end it with Clyde.
  5. League 2 2018/19 Predictions

    Doubt it’ll be a million miles away from: 1 - Peterhead 2 - Clyde 3 - Stirling Albion 4 - Edinburgh City 5 - Queens Park 6 - Cowdenbeath 7 - Elgin City 8 - Annan Athletic 9 - Berwick Rangers 10 - Albion Rovers
  6. Stirling Albion Thread

    Came across this on Twitter: http://www.selectsportsconsultancy.com/2018/07/17/youth-player-profile-neil-mclaughlin/
  7. Stirling Albion Thread

    Another new username who just wants to rubbish the consortium bid I see. Not interested in actually talking about football.
  8. Stirling Albion Thread

    Not to downbeat tonight (about actions on the pitch), I think the lads can be proud of their display, despite the scoreline looking like we took a battering. The team didn’t look out of place during the whole first half, but the lad Moussa managed to outmuscle our Defender (may have been Marr) to score. When the Second Half kicked off, they managed to up a few gears, and brush us away. They were efficient without being brilliant. Once the 4th went in, the match became like a pre-season friendly in truth. Quite a few standouts form me and when you consider that we were without 3 of our first picks (Barr, Allan & Smith were all out) then we looked decent if we can keep these standards up throughout the season. I worry that we lack physicality and I also fell that our delivery from the wide areas was pretty poor, but if Davie Mackay has already spoken about signing a winger and maybe Smith and Allan would also help with this. I thought Danny Jardine was the main man today and he’s going to be a huge player for us this season. Kevin Moon snapped and bit in the middle of the park and looked sharper than last season, Marr & Hamilton looked solid at the back, but couldn’t deal with Moussa’s physicality. McGeachie was his usual self Defensively but struggled to get the ball into the box at the other side. Young Thomson looked out of his depth, but it’s a big ask for the lad and I felt he did ok to show that he has talents to work with, certainly better than Noble. Talking of youngsters, Kyle Banner continues to do well when asked to play. He had a few moments on the ball where he looked indecisive, but I like the lad and there is no reason why he can’t be the next McGeachie or Hamilton. Peaso worked hard up front but plays for the Free Kicks all too often for my liking, he also had a moment where he could have scored but crossed the ball to.....well, no one. Mark Stewart impressed me though and could be a really good signing with his positive running and work rate. So by and large a good day, yeah it’s never good to lose, but lots of positives to take from the 90 minutes.
  9. 2018/19 kit thread

    Our new Home Strip and the Away will stay the same.
  10. Stirling Albion Thread

    No he’s not, he’s signed for Edusport. Nice try though.
  11. During his first season at Ayr, when he was back up to Greig Fleming, players were given the option to move Full Time. Apparently he asked Ian McCall if he could remain Part Time to enable him to go to Uni in Glasgow, which was granted. He’s in the 2nd year of his course now, I believe, and was looking to play football in Glasgow/Coatbridge/Airdrie area. I hear that despite having opportunities ”from a couple of clubs”, Queens Park was the only offer from that area and was perfect for his Uni and home.
  12. That’s a superb signing for Queens Park, the lad is a top lower league keeper. Not sure how he did nearer the end of last season but I watched him a few times at the start of the season for Ayr and seen him play for Annan a few years ago and was really impressed. Doubt he was short of offers.
  13. Stirling Albion Thread

    At the tail end of last season, Darren Barr was Captain in Willie’s absence, so wouldn’t be surprised if he is Captain when he returns.
  14. Stirling Albion Thread

    It was sent to me by someone else, but the comments underneath apparently suggest he has given up the game.
  15. Stirling Albion Thread

    Willie Robertson has now quit the club and looks to be quitting football.