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  1. “That shite keeper” that pulled off 4 top saves to keep Annan in it?
  2. Not going to read through 141 posts, so I just skipped to the end. Attended the game with my 8 year old son and his pal and we really enjoyed our afternoon. Couldn’t care who won, Clyde bring the best support to Forthbank and Annan have been progressed massively since joining the league. Clyde deserves their win, and they have been the best team I have seen this season, well chuffed for Allan Moore, the man that made me fall in love with The Albion in the first place. As for Annan, their continual time wasting cost them dearly, from where I was sitting the penalty looked harsh but they created 1 chance in 90 minutes. Well done to both teams, good luck in League 1 Clyde, well done Danny Lennon and Co [emoji1319]
  3. Brechin City 2018 /19

    Paul McLean signed for us this morning (according to our Twitter). Any news about him folks? Honestly can’t say I know a thing about him other than he was your captain.
  4. Absolute heads gone if the Harvey rumour is indeed fact. Wow!
  5. Stirling Albion Thread

    Amazes me also and he’s not been much better at Stirling in my opinion. Offering him a new contract is a move I just don’t get.
  6. Stirling Albion Thread

    According to the Stirling Observer, Darren Smith has been offered a new deal and is “mulling over” it and there will also be talks with Cammy Binnie, Lee Hamilton, Peter Macdonald, Dylan Mackin & Max Wright.
  7. Summer Transfer Thread

    That’s a good foundation for Stenny to build on actually. Haven’t seen Halleran play, and it was a while since I saw Gibbons (who was pish), but Smith, Munro, Marsh, Cook & McGuigan would be welcome additions to any squad in this league.
  8. Stirling Albion Thread

    New signing being announced tomorrow according to Twitter.
  9. Summer Transfer Thread

    Released from Stirling Albion: Jordan Allan Max Ashmore Evan Horne Jason Marr Lewis McLear Returning to parent clubs Calum Ferrie (Dundee) Ronan Hughes (Hamilton Accies) Neil McLaughlin (Motherwell) Scott Glover (St Mirren)
  10. Stirling Albion Thread

    Post on the clubs Facebook page: Player Departures Further squad updates will follow in due course but at present we can confirm the following: Players released ___________________ Jordan Allan Max Ashmore Evan Horne Jason Marr Lewis McLear (invited back for pre-season training) Returning to parent clubs ______________________________ Calum Ferrie (Dundee) Ronan Hughes (Hamilton Accies) Neil McLaughlin (Motherwell) Scott Glover (St Mirren) We would like to thank those moving on for their efforts at Forthbank and wish them all the very best for the future. —————————— Not disappointed or surprised at those who have left. I’m assuming the rest have been offered something, including Max Wright [emoji33]
  11. Is the Saturday tie at Clyde? If so then I might head along to this if the tie is still alive.
  12. Well done Cove, looking forward to welcoming you into the league next season. Looking forward to seeing how you do next season. Disastrous for Berwick, really feel sorry for the fans but have no sympathy for those behind the scenes. They sat and watched this happen and did nothing until it was way to late.
  13. Team of the season

    Apart from the pick of keeper then I’d say that’s fair enough, however Calum Ferrie, Jordan Hart, Peter Morrison, David McGurn and Callum Antell have impressed me more than Blair Currie when I have seen them.
  14. Stirling Albion Thread

    Jordan McGregor signed on again according to Facebook reports [emoji1303]
  15. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Sorry to see that EK were unsuccessful in your promotion push this season as I had been to 3 of your games this season and felt if you could get past Cove, then you would have beaten either Berwick or Albion Rovers and I stand by that. I hope you can keep your squad together and improve in certain areas and come back better and stronger next year as I do think yourself, and a few others, would be a good addition to the SPFL in a similar way to Annan and Edinburgh since their introduction/promotion.