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  1. This might be absolute nonsense and totally made up in my head @gmca and if it is then I apologise, however i'm going to say it anyway. I totally agree with your point and it's my concern as well. However when I looked through the squads of the other teams in this league, I actually though the league was short of goalscorers throughout and if a team did have one (say Dale Carrick) then they tended to only have 1. So for me, like when Jordan White pretty much fired us up, the key to this season probably is keeping Carrick fit and firing, but other clubs will also be thinking the same and will be seriously hampered if their "main man" also picks up a bad one. I've not seen enough of Burns to know if he can make the step up. I thought he looked good in the Betfred Cup game against Peterhead but he hasn't had many opportunities since then, for the sake of the squad and the shortness up front, I hope he can.
  2. Noticed this advert being shared the other day, have to admit to being impressed. This seems like a good price to me, which is affordable to most, and an appealing package. Although under Colin Rowley's leadership, hospitality was of course good, and received rave reviews, I wasn't too sure it became value for money at the tail end of last season and with the price increase again this season. Assuming you get good portions, then I would say this appears to be good value for money and more affordable to make more than 1 trip a season.
  3. Things really seemed to click against Stranraer last week, if we can repeat that performance then I'm confident we can bag the 3 points.
  4. Quite possibly the most exciting player we've had at the club since having Callumn Morriosn on loan from Hearts a few years ago. Have only seen Kai a couple of times but can see already that he is beyond this level. An exciting prospect, that definitely has a future in the Full Time game I would say.
  5. Blamed for everything else do may as well blame him for that
  6. I agree with your post, except this part. We’re not a brilliant side but in comparison to the other teams in the league, we are a good side, which is why we are second. I have my own criticism of the team, but in league 2 terms, we’re I’ve of the better teams this season imho
  7. Hate to be the one to break this to you, but you were awful today. Only us “taking the foot off the gas” saved you from a real hammering!
  8. Already got tickets for the Scotland game, find it strange they have chosen this date above a mid-week one.
  9. Sssshhhh....stop giving people ideas!!!
  10. Yip, checked again and got my Kennedy’s mixed up, it is of course Andy that has volunteered to be Operations Manager, so not a board member.
  11. I just love 4 parts of their joint boards output. They've reassured Darren that his job is safe. Yeah that's because Levein bailed on them. Darren knew all about it and I really hope he said, Why? Does  Levein not want it?

    Then there's Robert Clubb is in control of finances. Errr.... not yet he isn't, because they cant access the club account until their application comes through and they get issued cards. That takes 29 days from the date of application.  It was Stuart who actually put this month's wages through not them. If they haven't got access by the 29th Stuart will have to do it again.

    The we won't appoint any permanent directors until governance is sorted out story is of course pure pish. They won't be appointing permanent directors any time soon, because they've got nobody to appoint.

    Andy Kennedy has all the admin skills of an office teaboy, which is why Robert Clubb has been lumbered in there and why they tried to get Donna to come back.

    It was actually Guthrie who mined P&B and dug up Stuart's old comments on it.  He told the Trust board about them weeks ago, but they waited until they got re-elected to let them out. The whole mediation thing was just a delaying tactic to get them to after re-election. Then hope people wouldn't walk if Stuart resigned.

    I think you've maybe confused Andy Kennedy with John Kennedy mate. John Kennedy is not on the board. Andy Kennedy is in the office as a volunteer, but not as operations manager as these fuckwits announced.  He wouldn't have clue how how to go about that.

    I've just thrown that HEARTS dig in to get them wondering what I know about it.  Might as well have some fun, hope you enjoyed the song.

  12. Suppose time will tell TVOR, I hope you are right however, to have people “waiting in the wings” suggested to me at the time that they were ready to step in right away, or would be up for voting on the board almost immediately. Time will tell.
  13. So “the football people waiting in the wings, that will get us onto the back pages of the nations newspapers” or words to that affect, is actually John Kennedy, an Ex player that has been a part of the club’s back room set up previously. Hold me back, I’m so excited
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