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  1. Tide Lines - The Dreams We Never Lost
  2. Na that’s not true. Corbyn polled well in the North of England throughout his run and held many rallies in the North of England and they were always well attended, in fact there was a real hero worshipping of him in the north of England until the brexit debacle. That really was his undoing in the North of England and ultimately he was between a rock and a hard place because he campaigned to leave the EU throughout his political career, yet it was Labour’s stance to remain and really, they had no plan going into the last election, a lot of the constituencies that he represented simply voted last time round, to “get Brexit done”.
  3. The Head And The Heart - See You Through My Eyes
  4. Not having a dig at you here Bully Wee Villa, I am genuinely curious. If you don’t see Starmer as a centre-right politician who has had the Blairite or Red Tory label thrown at him by many, then where do you see him sit on the slide? I definitely see him looking to shift the party over in that direction in time.
  5. Sure does, a shift back to the Centre Right ground for the party. The next few months at national level will be interesting. Seems to me like the party shift over the last 5 years has been in vain. It will also be interesting which of Corbyn’s people remain part of things as well.
  6. Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The Uk
  7. Peat And Diesel - Spancil Hill
  8. Bombay Bicycle Club - I Can Hardly Speak
  9. Wild Rivers - Speak Too Soon
  10. Tide Lines - Far Side Of The World [emoji7]
  11. The ironic thing is that in a poll last year, 39% of Scottish Labour members actually support Independence, bring in Labour voters that are not members, that’s a lot of people to be alienating.
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