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  1. Bino's v Cowden

    To be fair, the Cliftonhill pitch is probably in a better state than ours, at this moment in time.
  2. Binos v. Borderers

    Slightly disappointed that it’s now Sunday morning and there is no chat from the Berwick fans about yesterday’s game. Watched Johnny’s interview this morning, agree with his actual points on the game........don’t get what the booing was about though but it was coming from the corporate section, who were Prudential staff, maybe he works there or has some kind of involvement with a few of the lads within the group, I don’t think it was for diving as Johnny suggested, think the interviewer was right and it was banter.
  3. Binos v. Borderers

    For us, it was something of an end of season affair which never really got going, for Berwick, it was more like, run out of ideas after squandering 2 glorious opportunities that should of seen them being 2-0 up by Half Time, but there you go, football has a way of kicking you when you’re down and I think the penalty that Berwick conceded was definitely the kick. I think by and large a draw would have been fair, and the game appeared to have 0-0 written all over it until Hughes was fouled in the box, i’ll have to see it again to be convinced that it was a foul but we’ll take it. That aside, there wasn’t much to write home about. I though McGregor did well in the Centre of Defence and that Cammy Thomson played well on the Left Wing, Peaso also gave his all upfront as did Mackin when he replaced him, but other than that, there wasn’t much to be excited by. With Jardine missing we struggle to create much. Dom Docherty tried to no avail and Neil McLaughlin had another disappointing 90 minutes, if this was earlier in the season then it would probably be a worry for KR but we all know it’s more a matter of, see the season out. Ah well, 3 points in the bag, not really worth shouting about but we’ll gladly take them and move onto the Queens Park game next Saturday. Real worrying times for Berwick. Although the squad was well drilled and organised, they didn’t really have much going forward. They’ll point to the 2 unbelievable chances they missed and will probably say “pish” but they really lacked any kind of creativity or cutting edge in my opinion, which must be a real worry for Johnny. It’s certainly going to be an interesting few weeks, i’m just glad it’s not us.
  4. Next Scotland Manager

    Sorry GroundskeeperWillie, just to clarify mate, my comment wasn’t meant on them being to early in their career that they have to go out and gain experience, far from it, but I do think it’s too early in their careers for them to be interested in moving to international football, in my opinion.
  5. Next Scotland Manager

    How McLeish has lasted this long is beyond me, however, Sunday must be his last game, it’s been an absolute diabolical appointment and today’s result has already reduced the amount of tickets we’ll sell for the remaining Home matches and those tickets aren’t even on general sale yet. Who should the next Manager be.....Stevie Clarke for me, but he shouldn’t be Manager, he should be the figure head behind changes in Scottish Football, the SFA should be begging him to take it. It’s too soon for Jack Ross and Alex Neill but fingers crossed their day will come.
  6. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Good article and it would appear to be an honest interview. I had a bit of banter with both of them near the end of your 1-0 win at Forthbank a couple of weeks ago, didn’t realise who they were but they seem like top blokes and I hope they get it right.
  7. Binos v. Borderers

    Danny will definitely be out mate, through experience I know that any head injury is a minimum of 2 weeks now, that's standard advice, so expect him to miss the Berwick and Queens Park games as a minimum.
  8. Binos v. Borderers

    Good write up there but I didn't realise Mackin was our top Goalscorer so far this season, so there you go. I like the big man but over the last month or so he seems to be used more from the bench than the starting line up, I personally would like to see him stay next season, but maybe KR doesn't share that view. As for the match itself, I'm in the count down to the end of the season (again) and I think Berwick will still be in fighting mode, so I wouldn't be surprised if we dropped further points. I think we should have enough about us to win against a team that's been a mess for a few months, going by their own fan reports on here, but like Albion Rovers a few weeks ago, if Berwick show the right attitude then who knows.
  9. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    He could opt to play for us again as he has not been capped at full international level. Not sure if it will happen though, but he's playing as regular for Southampton ax Armstrong has, I would guess. Easy, because Scott Bain is the better keeper now. If your argument is correct, why was Craig Gordon being picked over him last season then?
  10. New Scotland Kits?

    I like the Home shirt, very nice, but I have tended to like the look of all the adidas kits that I have seen. Not a fan of the pink, but you know what, my Daughter would love that so I'll probably end up buying it for her and that's where the SFA/SWFA land on their feet and do these things, so why not?
  11. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    It’s this week of football nonsense, it’s that alone that’s killing a lot of International Football, especially in Scotland. I know Albion fans that went to Hampden for years, members of the Queens Park social club etc etc who no longer go because they are fed up of Sun-Thu football, and who can blame them. I only go on a Fri-Sun myself these days. You can put up with pish football, we support Stirling Albion, we can even put up with the Hampden Experience but not getting home until nearly (or in the bigger games after) midnight then having to get up for work the next morning at 0500, no thank you!
  12. Islam Feruz

    As far as I was aware, a charlatan is someone who claims to have special skills, am I right? Well if I am, and having read his Twitter account for a few years now, then I stand by the point that I made in saying he’s a charlatan.
  13. Blair Henderson's goal tally

    Great point and I totally agree but he gets right on your tits when he doesn’t get anywhere near 20 goals and still doesn’t ‘run enough’, as Stirling fans found out. However, some of the over the top fury that came out of grown men at the Forthbank Morrison’s End was ssooooo funny to watch, I loved him just for this alone [emoji23]
  14. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    That’s embarrassing and I can believe it sadly [emoji17] PS - who gave you the red dot?
  15. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    News to us. Is this true or made up?