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  1. BB_Bino


    Ah, thanks for this Dazzle, didn’t realise that about the League Pass, thought that was just live as well. Cheers mate, I’ll look at getting that now.
  2. BB_Bino


    Hey folks, are there any NBA highlight shows or subscription packages around? My 10 year old son has just gotten into the sport over the last year but the live games tend to be on too late for him sadly. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  3. Chris Hamilton signed on loan from Hearts until the end of the season. He’s played at this level before with Cowdenbeath if memory serves me right.
  4. Delighted to open the Daily Record today and to see that Stuart Brown and the Stirling Albion board are totally against the idea [emoji1319]
  5. Played for us a number of times before last season ended prematurely. He’s a very accomplished young keeper who I’m sure is set to have a decent future in the game. Good luck Nicky!
  6. That would be good news for Stenny fans and for the clubs budget. I decided against paying for the stream for today’s game, normally would but the one earlier in the season was so bad that it was simply a hugely frustrating experience.
  7. I thought we played well and saw the game out once the 3rd goal went in. I’ve said it a few times now but KR has built a squad that can attack whilst not giving much away and that’s exactly what we did again. Couldn’t believe how far Berwick have fallen. I know that side under Johnny Harvey was rotten but I thought Ian Little would have made a decent bit of progress by now, but looking at your league position and seeing that today, sadly it doesn’t look like it. Obviously it’s not relevant for this season, but that aside, have you still been pulling in decent support numbers or have numbers dropped since relegation?
  8. I have further proof Binos Info Hope you had a wonderful day.
  9. In today’s Daily Record that Rangers are set to make a January move
  10. Thanks AllyMonc and City Jacobite, I look forward to tuning in now then lads and look forward to the fun [emoji1303]
  11. Hey folks, with one eye on the match on Saturday, would I be right in thinking your live experience is similar to your highlight package over the last few seasons and not pixleot?
  12. Thought the win was deserved and i thought we had enough chances to win the game by 2 or 3, but as it turned out, like other posters have said above, as the game wore on I started to think it was going to end up 0-0. Byrne took his goal well, all too often at this level you see players having these types of chances but having too long on the ball to make the right decision and squandering it, thankfully that wasn’t the case yesterday and he deserves a lot of credit for his finish. As is the case under KR we didn’t give much away and Cowdenbeath really didn’t have much to give, they do look poor and in Renton they seem to have a Striker that’s a shadow of the player he was before joining Alloa. I did wonder how much of a miss Cox was for them, as going forward they seemed to lack his directness and maybe at times his aggression. We just seem to be going about our business, picking up the points whilst not giving much away and hopefully that consistency will continue. It might not always be the most entertaining but it has been effective so far.
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