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  1. Carlisle United News

    Didn’t realise this thread existed. Was down in Carlisle last month watching the game against Morecambe (my English side). First time I’ve been down there and won’t be my last. Lovely place and was made to feel more than welcome by the supporters. Look at the Carlisle side that day, although Morecambe won, i didn’t think you looked to bad, but seriously lacked someone to stick the ball away.
  2. Annan Ath v The Binos

    We've got to travel there confident of getting a win. 1 win, 1 draw and 1 defeat under KR is probably a "no big deal" stat for the Annan team to look at, however it's the way we have played in those games that give us the confidence that we can climb the table and that we are a shadow of the team that Dave Mackay left behind. I'm confident, I suspect the players will be as well, and if we have any real aspiration to make the Play Offs then this match could go a long way to getting us there as it would reduce the gap to 7 points.
  3. Just recently you can throw Kevin Rutkiewicz l, Mark Roberts and Kevin Harper onto that list. It wasn’t too long ago that Brown Ferguson was playing, same with Derek Young & Peter Murphy. Loads of players have broken the mould. There were rumours going about that Gavin Skelton was one of the candidates for the Stirling job, so no doubt he’ll of applied for Stenny also.
  4. I presume they can, as long as it fits in with financial FairPlay guidelines. I’m not saying it is happening but I’m sure it could be done by club boards.
  5. Ah, sorry mate, picked you up wrong. Yip, as Ammo has said above, you can do that and it’s something we will no doubt look at doing with Mackin. I’m actually trying to think of an example of this happening previously and I can’t off the top of my head, but I know it has been spoken about regarding Mackin.
  6. Afraid not. Do you mean released by the same club mate? If the the question is, if Berwick release Lavery (for instance) can they then re-sign him as an amateur, then permanently again when the window opens, then yes you can mate and we did just that with Willie Robertson the first time he retired for work reasons.
  7. Stirling Albion Thread

    Interesting read https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/kevin-rutkiewicz-puts-guitar-shelf-13576411
  8. Stirling Albion Thread

    Yeah absolutely. Listen, it’s early days in the KR reign, and with 1 win 1 draw and 1 defeat, on paper it may not look anything impressive, but it’s the change in attitude and style that has boosted confidence. It’s hard to explain, but we now look like a team and we now look like we are playing for each other. I couldn’t make the Clyde game, but against Edinburgh and Berwick, we were fighting for 2nd balls, looked steady defensively and there just seemed to be a good togetherness, something that has been lacking since the start of last season. The players have obviously bought into what he has been telling them, because it’s been almost instant. Players like Danny Jardine and Neil McLaughlin look invigorated, Dom Docherty actually looks like a football player and everyone around them just seems to have raised their game by a notch or two. I think we can, and have never given up hope that we will, although the way things were going under Mackay, there was honestly no chance of that happening. I think Edinburgh & Peterhead are not going to be caught, but if we beat Annan on Saturday then you’re only looking at 8 points and with the way these 10 team leagues are, a few wins and you’re in amongst it. I said before the season started that I didn’t think we were as strong as we were last season however we still have a good squad, If you don’t live in hope then what is the point of watching football at this level?
  9. Clyde v Stirling Albion

    And yet the ironic thing is, under Barry Ferguson, Clyde were the masters at this and I don’t remember you coming on here branding your own team disgusting.
  10. I’m only going by what I have seen over the last 3 weeks, and may regret this post in a couple of months time, however, I think losing a guy like KR is going to have some kind of impact to Annan. I don’t claim to know what your coaching team is like but a character like that is hard to replace.
  11. Time for Eck to go already!

    This is even more painful than the debacle last month, and the games are still over a week away. So, it’s irrelevant if you like them or not, the fact that 3 of our highest profile (in terms of the clubs they play at) players have publicly stated they don’t want to be considered for selection, we’ve had the Griffiths withdrawal under a shroud of smoke.....we’ve had the apathy of fans buying tickets for Hampden (I’ve been to his 4 home games but not going to Israel) and at the same time there has been nothing, absolutely nothing positive to take from the on field displays, and don’t get me started on the embarrassing press conferences........all this in only 3 competitive games. I’m 38 years old and NEVER wished for a Scotland defeat but I’m hoping something happens that the SFA will act, if that’s a defeat then so be it, this is torture and can not continue. At this moment in time I would take Malky Mackay over McLeish.
  12. I doubt it will be Aitken. I know the rumour mill is he turned down the Stirling Albion job but I’ve heard from within the club that’s not quite true. The club contacted Aitken to ask if he would like to apply for the job, however were told that due to his compensation package from Dumbarton, he couldn’t. I’m guessing this would be the same at Brechin and possibly now Stenny, but obviously don’t know for sure. As an outsider looking in, I’m in no position to say if this was deserved or not, however going by the posts by a couple of Stenny fans, it has certainly come as a surprise. There isn’t really an obvious candidate out there I would say, so many clubs have emptied managers at the same time, so the obvious pool is slightly shallow, which makes me wonder if you will go down the untested route again, as we did with KR.
  13. The Albion Rovers Thread

    Very interesting appointment by Albion Rovers. I used to watch Harper play for Portsmouth, many years back, and he was a cracking wee player, if he can get that into coaching then Albion Rovers have landed on their feet. Wish him the best of luck, you showed against us that you have a bunch of players that can battle their way out of this, and I would personally like to see you do it.
  14. Clyde v Stirling Albion

    The truth is probably somewhere in between mate. Far to soon to say we have turned the corner as football is full of teams who have had a lift when a new manager comes in, and although Berwick were poor on the day, they weren’t THAT bad that we just had to show up for the points. However, as I alluded to in my post above, early signs under KR are very impressive.
  15. Clyde v Stirling Albion

    Nah, I’m afraid we deserve to be exactly where we are in the league, because we’ve been honking for much of the season so far, HOWEVER, we do have a good core of a squad who are more than capable of getting us up the league and back pushing for a Play Off spot and, going by the two games since KR came in, we seem to have rediscovered the fight, the belief and the organisation that has been seriously lacking so far. I think it’s probably a game that Clyde will be favourites for, and quite rightly so, but if everyone can hit the same levels they did against Berwick then they’ll be in for a game, after that, who knows what will happen. Certainly a wave of optimism sweeping through Forthbank at the moment.