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  1. Huge game for both teams, assuming Cove beat Annan, it makes things interesting for the winner of this game. Quite mental to think that just over a month ago, there was a real fear through some of our support that we were going to finish bottom, win this game and we are really in the mix for that 4th Play Off spot.
  2. I actually forgot Moses went to you. I wouldn’t say he was necessarily a cult figure, more a cult figure amongst the younger support due to his cockiness and swagger. I thought he was hopeless and an egotistical maniac. Where is he now.......working in Iceland in Stirling, working over time most Saturday’s. 1 - Mark Foden Foden came to the club, on loan from Ross County and was the man that was going to push a young Cammy Binnie for the First Team spot over the season, actually what happenes was he gifted opposition teams clanger after clanger. His worst nightmare happened in the Scottish Cup when he conceded 5 goals to Lothian Thistle and had an all round shocker. Dave Mackay said the fans were over critical of Foden, he clearly wasn’t watching him. 2 - Jamie Mills When you sign for a club like Stirling Albion from the youth policy of a club like Rangers, there’s a level of expectation that naturally comes with you, the minimum of that is that you can actually play your position, Mills just looked continually lost, continually gave the ball away, continually looked out of position. With his pace he should have been a sprinter rather than a football player. 3 - Phil Johnston One of the most frustrating players that I have ever seen. Another with pace in abundance, but actually failed to be a football player. Seemed to get new contracts with ease every season and I was never sure why. Looked like a player, played liked a haddie. 4 - Ross Smith It’s hard to believe he came through at Dundee United and was highly thought of at Peterhead. He had everything you didn’t want in a Centre Back, he was soft, couldn’t tackle, header cross balls and was sceptical of the odd Red Card. 5 - Craig Wedderburn If football players were known for being nice guys, then Craig would be too of the list, but as a footballer, he was awful. Well out of his depth in League 1 and was promptly shown the door when Stuart McLaren arrived. 6 - Darren Petrie Simply did nothing, absolutely nothing....but he did it well. 7- Moses Olanwerajy See above. 8 - Sean Dickson Stenny fans told us we’re were getting a baller, East Fife fans told us we were getting a bawbag.....for most of his time at the club, East Fife fans were right. He just seemed to moan and give the ball away repeatedly. We’ll never forget the 2-2 draw against Arbroath and the 2 worldies he scored, but sadly he’ll just be remembered for throwing his toys out of the pram on the pitch and on social media. 9 - Blair Henderson Berwick, Annan and Edinburgh seemed to see the best in Henderson, what we saw resembled a lump of wood stuck in the pitch, in fact a lump of wood would have been of more use. It was clear early on that Henderson didn’t want to play for the club, his attitude stunk and his effort levels were 0, a big disappointment. Whilst at Annan he said in the paper that he finished joint top goal scorer at the club so that proves he was a success, what he fails to say is that he scored 12 goals, of which 5 or 6 were penalties and the team finished 7th in the league. 10 - Issac Layne Was only on loan for about 5 games, so it’s maybe a bit harsh but one of the first things Dave Mackay did when he came in was send Layne back to Brechin. Ball greedy with no end product and blasting balls over the bar are never good signs of someone that’s going to be a hit. 11 - Eddie Ferns More famous for offering a “square go at the peek” to a supporter than anything he did on the pitch. He actually looked like a player in his first couple of games and there was an element of excitement about him, but then disappeared for the rest of his time at Forthbank.
  3. Delighted to read that Sean Heever has now signed a professional deal with the club. Like most supporters, I didn’t know what kind of deal he was on when he signed, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out he would be one of the lower paid first team players. It’s credit to the lad on how hard he has worked, that he has come in, ceased his opportunity and has become an important part of the first team. Hopefully this deal now brings him in line with other members of the squad (I’m sure it does) and from a supporters position it’s great to see, as there is no doubt he has impressed me when I have watched him this season. Well done Sean and hopefully it’s not the last professional contract you get at The Albion.
  4. Haven’t been able to make the last few games due to work but despite there being a long way to go, why not? After a poor start we appear to have turned the corner and if nothing else we’re hard to beat so if this continues over the coming months, then I wouldn’t write us off. Still think we’ll need to get a couple of players off the wage bill. Wouldn’t be shocked to see 1 of Hawke, Mackin or Wright leaving and will we ever see Rodger ever be seen in a Stirling strip?
  5. Came along as a neutral today, but expecting Falkirk to probably win the game, how wrong was I. I thought Clyde were excellent and how I longed to have a management team that could get Stirling playing the way they did. For as good as Clyde were, I thought Falkirk were as equally poor. It’s been said above but the substitution baffled me, even I could see the biggest impact going forward was Longridge and yet he was the man to make way, Falkirk did nothing going forward after that.....the less said about Sammon the better. Absolute worldy from Darren Smith, cracking strike from a cracking player. Well done Clyde [emoji1319]
  6. Could you not have stuck this in ‘The Albion Rovers Thread’?
  7. Peters has played well every time I have seen him, and he struck up a good partnership with Duffy prior to injury. The less said about Hawke the better, the lad has been a complete imposter this far.
  8. So we are into the hat for the next round draw, but the result flattered a pretty inept Strathspey. Had it not been for wonderful Goalkeeping and equally poor finishing, then the score line would have been vastly different. As has been mentioned above,Heaver was quite rightly voted MOTM and put in a hell of a shift. I have only seen him in the games against Stenhousemuir and today, but he looks like an exciting player. He was full of direct running and offered so much. Sure, he made mistakes but if he can keep up the standards he set today then he’s going to have a wonderful season. It’s hard to believe he’s 27 and never played in the league until now. The same can’t be said about the other Strikers though. I hate to be critical of our lads but once again Hawke looked out his depth and was rightly hooked at Half Time, Duffy missed a Hattrick of easy chances, whilst being ball greedy at other times and Max Wright looked totally ineffective, giving the ball away twice. Throw in Dylan Mackin, who looks to be out the picture and out of shape, you do wonder who’ll be the first to be offered some kind of deal to leave the club as ,Duffy aside, it does seem to be the same story on a weekly basis. Anyway, today was a day of positives and I thought there was a lot to take, but it’s like when you are judging Scotland v San Marino, due to the lack of opposition, it’s hard to judge how good we actually were. Most of what was good about our play today, came down the left hand side and through the trio of Creaney, Thomson and Heaver. in fact, it’s safe to say the 3 if them cruised the first half and ultimately won us the game. Like the Stricker’s, the rest of the squad were hit and miss but thankfully there were more hits than misses. Jardine showed flashes of brilliance and if he could just show a little bit more composure, could have scored. Nicol looked more like the player we saw at Clyde and the 2 Centre Backs, McLean & McGregor, strolled the little that they had to deal with. Currie pulled off a wonderful save before Strathspey had a good shout for a penalty, when the ball hit McGeachie’s arm, going by the new rules then it was a penalty, so it was a let off, but other than that, they didn’t really show much else. Although not the 5 that Pete Statement was demanding, it was still another positive result for KR and hopefully we can get a money spinner in the next round. Next weeks game is now cancelled, as Cowdenbeath face Broxburn in their reply, however, whatever happens with our next game, Heaver must be playing and hopef
  9. Wow, that really is staggering!
  10. It came up on the big screens at the end as 20,500 which all things considered is actually ok imho.
  11. On the bus back from Hampden, enjoyed tonight and was delighted to see more than the 10,000 fans that the Daily Record reported this morning. Thought the lads deserve a lot of credit for the way they handled the conditions and got the job done.
  12. Can’t help but think that over the years we just haven’t played our inform Strikers at the right time. Rhodes, Boyd, Griffiths, Fletcher, Ferguson (there are others) were overlooked for others whilst scoring for fun at club level. Then when given their chance, it was by and large too late.
  13. Story in today’s Sun stating that Stevie Clarke approaches Gunn after being appointed, and he has chosen England. Article reads: “Steve Clarke has failed in a bid to persuade Southampton keeper Angus Gunn to play for Scotland. Gunn’s dad Bryan won six caps for Scotland but his boy is committed to England after playing for them from under 16s through to under 21s. Bryan said “immediately after Stevie was appointed manager he contacted us asking if Angus would change his mind and play for Scotland in the future. Angus has been involved with England at different levels and decided that this was the course he wanted to stay on in the future. All the England Goalkeepers play in the Premier League”.
  14. I’m 39 years old, a fitness instructor, volunteer football coach, have a wife and 2 kids along with everything that comes with that and a full time job. Honestly think I have better things to be doing than coming on a football forum and typing up lies about a professional footballer.
  15. About 6 years ago, I met Declan Gallagher in Prison when he was a prisoner on remand and awaiting sentencing. Although it’s been mentioned in other posts, I can’t remember the ins and outs of the incident, but ultimately his contract at Livingston FC had been terminated and he found himself behind bars, which despite what the media tell us, is somewhere you really don’t want to be. I worked in the gym in this prison and one Saturday, after finishing a workout, Declan was sitting on the cross-trainer watching the scores come in via Sky Sports News. He was devastated and spoke of how his life was in ruins and that he had let so many people down and he didn’t know how what he was going to do. I’d heard sob stories a million times over the years, but I could see (and hear) that what this lad was saying was true, and from the heart. I remember saying to him that his life was now at a crossroads, he could go on to be another young footballer who flew with the crows and was shot with the crows and he could continually do that, or he could do the best that he possibly could, to stay out of all the nonsense that goes on within prison and do his best to get his life back on track when he got out, but ultimately, learn by his experience and never take the position that he was is in, prior to the incident, for granted. He already knew that, I didn’t tell him anything he hadn’t heard a million times before, or that he hadn’t already told himself a million times. Over his time on Remand, Declan did everything he possibly could, to show that he was sorry for what had happened and actually, for the time I knew him, came across as a really good young lad with his head screwed on. He went to court after about a month of being in Remand, maybe slightly longer, and from memory the judge gave him a suspended sentence of a few years. Upon returning to society he was re-signed by Livingston FC, who were hugely criticised on social media and in the national media at the time and 3 years later he has been called up to the Scotland squad and has arguably been the best Defender in Scotland so far this season. So what can we take from this story?? I would say that ultimately, from the individual point of view, never think your life is over. No matter how dark it is or how bad it gets. We all make mistakes, some are huge and seem like the end of the world, others are not so, however if you have the right attitude and show remorse and prove to people you are a good person, then things can work out. You may not get back what you lost, but you can still have a happy ending and doors will open for you. Furthermore, be remorseful. I know from what Declan had said over his weeks in prison that he was, and I know from media reports that he did everything he could to apologise and make it up to the victim, who will probably never forget what happened, but also, never give up showing people and proving to people that you have learned from your mistake. From a society perspective, give people a second chance, if they are working hard to show they are sorry then they deserve that. You know when someone is a good person. If the people at Livingston FC had never allowed him a second chance, or any other club in Scotland, how would his life have ended up? It could have been a downward spiral for the lad that could have ended horribly. Good luck to Declan, it’s great see that he was sincere in what he was saying during this time and it’s great to see that he has managed to put that behind him and hopefully his career doesn’t end here and he he goes on to get more caps for the nation and maybe even go onto bigger things at club level.
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