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  1. I’d say check out Algorand ... [emoji573] Has huge potential [emoji1597]
  2. “Dinnae film me , I’ve still no got a winners medal” [emoji83] Biscuit arsed lips [emoji3]
  3. [emoji1184][emoji1184][emoji1184] “ oh beardy I’m not your wierdo”
  4. It’s a starters for 10 scenario , I expect Hibs to at least get 3.5m from it , Any less is obscene for the future scottish captain [emoji848]
  5. It is with respect to all of Scottish fitbaw that the *** are our bitches Thank you N Good night
  6. It's all of that plus newco being in there first final and most of Scottish football fans saying well done [emoji1360] The best times ever on that cup final thread , aw fuckers mad for us (mostly) That galvanised our support like nothing else in the proceeding times n aw [emoji1598]
  7. So would most but it was different for us , just scenes [emoji6]
  8. Lennon , as much as you were universally hated , im Glad you became the manager of my club.[emoji1184][emoji471] He really doesn't give a f**k n quite rightly so [emoji1360]
  9. Apologies , was upside doon Masel [emoji1184][emoji87]
  10. Right, I've had the benefit of watching the game back , As much as an "indifferent performance" from the referee as it was , (he won't ref there again I guess on the back of it [emoji87]) the victory is much sweeter getting the opportunity to play with 12 men [emoji1360] Cheers Rod [emoji1363]
  11. What aboot the hook [emoji87] What a time to be a hibby [emoji1184][emoji1363][emoji1081] We're entering a golden era never seen before. [emoji87] Took a wedge off the bookies n aw , cheers my team I love you [emoji1184][emoji383][emoji1081]
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