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  1. Nicky Clark is free, available and looking for a new club. Just putting it out there!
  2. I fear it will be off along with a lot of others.I'd expect quite a few senior games to be off as well.
  3. You can smell the stench of sour grapes!
  4. Yes indeed, good luck to Mr O'Grady's team.
  5. Sad news indeed and will be missed by many in and out of football. RIP.
  6. Well I’m sure if anyone knows it’ll be you! If it wasn’t for the fact that City are at home on Saturday to another provincial team local to you, I could have been tempted to go down and watch this game. Anyway you enjoy the contest and hopefully your team will put in a plucky performance.
  7. City are through and await the viist of Buckie, end of.
  8. You'll also be hoping Danny is not fit to start and doesn't run riot against his old team. Looks as though your new players are not quite bedding and it's becoming a difficult season. I watched last Friday's game and for all it was a good point for you up at Falkirk it was an absolute stinker to witness.
  9. I do apologise, thought I'd attached the link. http://www.gretnafc2008.co.uk/
  10. Just noticed Gretna 2008 have a new website, quite impressed by it to be honest. Well done to whoever was/is involved.
  11. Interesting season ahead I think with everyone capable of taking points of each other.
  12. Well you were told you were getting probably the hardest working striker from last years Championship, not to mention a good goal scorer. Pleased for him.
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